CNA Salary in Wisconsin

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How much does a Certified Nursing Assistant earn in Wisconsin?

The average Certified Nursing Assistant salary in Wisconsin is $30,964 as of January 16, 2019, but the range typically falls between $28,060 and $34,448. However, a certified nursing assistant can make well or more than the average figure, if he/she owns some years of experience.

The annual pay packet is decided by including several factors, like the companies, education, locations and experience. If you would like to turn out to be a certified nurse assistant in Wisconsin, you avail the online programs facilities through mail order curriculum and technical schools. Apart from gaining certification programs, it is mandatory for a CNA to have the relevant hands on experience.

Advantages of Being an Experienced CNA

Along with other states of U.S., Wisconsin also gives weightage to the seasoned nursing aides.These nursing assistants obtain various types of benefits like, paid sick leaves, holidays, insurance facilities, retirement plans, etc. The veteran aides are also able to opt for work places according to their own terms and conditions, as they are considered as more valuable employees in the state.


An organisation, which a nursing assistant chooses to work with also, influences the pay scale a lot in this state. For instance, those who like work for in home health would most probably make much more, than those who prefer functioning within a nursing home for elderly patients. You can also see the difference, when a CNA employed by a nursing home owned by a personal company receives less, than the one who’s doing the same job within a nursing home possessed by a hospital makes more. This is majorly due to the differences in the employer’s financial capability and the job responsibilities held by the CNAs.

Many CNAs enjoys the benefits of paid sick leaves and one week of paid vacation, apart from the standard pay packet provided by employers. However, these advantages may considerably vary depending on the employers. Like, many nursing aides achieve relevant work experience in a nursing home, but they do not get any paid vacation or any other facilities. On the other hand, after gaining years of expertise in these firms these nurse aides, when join in the government service; enjoy not only higher pay scale, but also several better benefits. You may also come across quite a few companies, which gives you the opportunity to do overtime work for them and earn good amount of money. After seeing these benefits, nursing homes and hospitals have become admired employers for the CNAs, in Wisconsin. Some other accepted employers of the state are rehabilitation centres, long-term nursing amenities, home healthcare groups and etc.

Impact of the job location in Wisconsin

Relying upon various factors, like the geographic location, nearby locality, etc; the salaries of a CNA can also vary. Standards of living in various areas have a large deal of impact on the pay brackets in Wisconsin. Rural areas pay less and urban areas hold the capacity to give higher pay scale to the aides, is almost quite similar to other states.

Average CNA pay in Wisconsin

Starting from an annual income of $19,500, the median pay for CNAs can reach up to $34,000 per year, as well. The median pay found out here is $24,000 on a yearly basis. Many nursing aides get self-employed, as this makes their chances of earning more money pretty fair. Individuals who work as self-employed aides are mostly hired by the residents on per hour basis. Hourly wages in Wisconsin lie within the range of $9.50 up to $16. The standard per hour income of the state for nurse aides is about $12.

CNA Salary in Various Metropolis of Wisconsin

Name of the Metropolis Average Yearly Income
Racine $23,000
Milwaukee $21,000
Appleton $23,000
Green Bay $23,000
Madison $25,000
La Crosse $25,000

CNA Salary in Various Backgrounds

Name of the Professional Settings Average Yearly Income
Home Health Agencies $26,000
Self Employed $41,000
Hospital $27,000
Home Care $20,000
Nursing Home $21,000

Average Salary with Related Professional Titles

Nurse Aide $13,000
Certified Nurse Assistant $15,000
Registered Nurse $47,000
Care Giver $15,000
Patient Care Assistant $25,000
Home Health Aide $16,000
Certified Nurse Aide $17,000
Nursing Assistant $25,000
Certified Nursing Assistant Cna $21,000
Certified Nursing Assistant $22,000
Cna – Pca $13,000
Caregiver $15,000

As per the facts, provided by the ‘Bureau of Labor Statistics’, nearly 38,000 CNAs are employed in Wisconsin and work on various CNA jobs. The mounting demands for CNAs in this state also display the opportunity to get many CNA job opportunities in the coming future.