CNA Salary in Utah

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How much does a Certified Nursing Assistant earn in Utah?

The average Certified Nursing Assistant salary in Utah is $29,850 as of January 16, 2019, but the range typically falls between $27,051 and $33,209.

Certified nursing assistant employed in the entire U.S. have to avail the pay scale, according to the rate of living in that particular part of the state. This pay range can also be further influenced by the locations where a nursing aide will work, the employer of the CNA and by the relevant work expertise a CNA owns. To a greater extent, this fluctuation in their pay packets also aids in making better negotiations by switching the jobs or locations in the same state. Moreover, the good thing is the need for proficient healthcare professionals remain in demand all times throughout the country as well as in Utah.

To obtain a whopping pay scale is also quite much dependent on the variety of hands-on skills and 100% dedication for patient care, a CNA has. To get a good practice of this, most of the entry level aides work in nursing homes, hospitals or schools. CNAs in Utah are also offered professional trainings to provide a high level of concern to the patient.

Advantages of Being an Experienced CNA

CNAs in Utah are also judged, on the basis of their period of related work experience, in this field to obtain a good pay packet. A newbie willing to join this area can’t expect a high level of pay scale in the beginning of his/her career, and a fresher has to be satisfied with the lower pay range as a CNA. Employers prefer to provide higher pay packets and various job profits only to seasoned nursing aides in this state.

The benefits provided by employers to the veteran aides include paid vacations, sick days, insurance facilities, retirement plans, etc. Some of the companies also offer overtime to the CNAs, if they agree to work beyond their allotted shift hours. As we all know, beginners are paid less amount, when they just join in the facility. However, once they earn the appropriate work experience, they easily progress for higher paying positions. Moreover, experienced nursing aides are benefitted at every work place, so this makes their tasks to get higher pay easily.


The ‘United States Census Bureau’ estimated that Utah is one of the rapid growing states in the entire United States. Utah’s beautiful locations attract people from across the corners to come and work there.

Employment sectors in Utah are comprised of various settings for a certified nursing aides including nursing homes, hospices, assisted living facility, long-term care services, hospitals, psychiatric treatment centres, clinics, medical office for practice, substance abuse sickbays, etc. These sectors aid get jobs to LPN, RN or Supervised licensed nurse and those who are functioning inside nursing or other related services, within these areas. There are also some of the medicinal services that regularly offers job openings to nursing assistants in Utah, like ‘The Intermountain Medical Centre’, ‘University of Utah Health Care’, ‘Saint Mark’s Hospital’, ‘Utah Valley Regional Medical Centre’ etc.

Impact of the Job location in Utah

The differences in the pay packets in the location, where a CNA works are mostly due to the distributed costs in the state. Normally, living in towns and metropolitans costs a person more than living in small rural parts of the state. This is majorly owing to the standards of living, in a particular part of that state. Salaries also reflect these differences, as nursing aides working in a nursing home or a hospital situated in Salt Lake, receive a better pay, as compared to the aides, who work in the smaller and rural areas.  You will see the differences in pay scale of the same kind of settings, as hospitals located in a town will offer their employees more, than those, which are located in a small towns or areas.

Average Pay for CNAs in Utah

The median pay range for nurse aides is about $29,000 annually in Utah; however, the salary here ranges in between $25,000 to $34,000 per year. The data recently provided by the by the ‘Bureau of Labor Statistics’, mentioned that more or less 10,150 CNAs have got employment inside the state. Per hour income of these nursing professionals also reaches from $8.50 up to $14. Even though, these certified nursing assistants can earn an average of about $11 per hour as their income in Utah.

Certified nursing aides in Utah have been earning a reasonable pay, even after they begin with a minimum paying. Many nursing assistants progress their professions, as registered nurses in order to receive higher payment through attaining higher education in this field. Apart from, earning an even-handed pay roll, nursing aides also gains several other benefits, which includes medical facilities, bonuses and incentives.

‘’ has revealed extracted information via its  salary index about more than 50 million job redeployments within the last 12 months in the country, wherein the median annual pay for the certified nurse aides in Utah was $27,000 per year. Some other main cities of the state, which provides decent pay packets, are West Valley that offers $30,000 per year; Provo gives $24,000 to its aides, while West Jordon provides $33,000 per year.

CNA Salary in the Metropolis of Utah

Name of the Metropolis Average Yearly Income
Springdale $26,000
Salt Lake City $31,000
Green river $25,000
Logan $23,000
Ogden $29,000
Sandy $25,000

CNA Salary in Various Backgrounds

Name of the Professional Settings Average Yearly Income
Home Care $22,000
Nursing Home $19,000
Hospital $30,000

Average Salary with Related Professional Titles

CNA in Utah $20,000
Home Health Care Aide in Utah $20,000
Resident Care Specialist CNA in Utah $21,000
CNA And HHA in Utah $20,000
CNA HHA in Utah $19,000
Caregiver CNA in Utah $19,000
CNA Live in Utah $28,000
Hospital CNA in Utah $29,000
Hiring CNA in Utah $15,000
Patient Care Technician N in Utah $24,000
Uchc Technician in Utah $19,000
Caregiver Companion CNA in Utah $15,000
CNA Caregiver in Utah $18,000
Cna’ in Utah $23,000
Client Care Aide in Utah $28,000

CNA Job Outlook in Utah

As per the BLS prediction the employment rate of the nursing aides, attendants and orderlies will be increasing by 20% within 2010 to 2020 nationwide, more rapidly than the average for all occupations. In 2011, about 10,190 nurse aides, attendants and orderlies have been recorded in Utah, who made a median mean income of $23,000 annually.

The ‘Utah Department of Workforce Services’ has also expected an enormous rise of 37% for CNAs from now to the year 2016, and so the employment opportunities are abundant.

The state also acts in accordance with the federal laws concerning the reimbursements for studies, of a nursing aide. Additionally, if you got a job during the 12 months of the training period, you may avail full or half compensation cost, which you’ve spent on your studies. And, this makes it clear that why most of the candidates want to join this career field nowadays.

The opportunity to avail free CNA trainings in Utah gives a brilliant chance to go into the nursing field. The growing elderly population of Utah has also increased the demands to fulfil the extensive shortage of accomplished nursing personnel. This means that the place has many upcoming opportunities for services for Certified Nursing Assistants.

Medical Assisting is also one of the popular health care professions, which is expecting a job rise of around 37% in Utah.