How to Become a CNA Instructor

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The job duties of a CNA are vital in any long term care facility, hospitals and nursing homes and other health care centers. The reason being CNAs are very important part of a medical team of any health care center. The quality and competent everyday care to patients are also their duties. Even OBRA -87 passed by the congress has stipulated that every state must see that that the training programs and certification test of every state must impart the training, which can prepare a student to provide safe and compassionate care to ailing patients. Therefore, CNA Instructor must be well proficient, skilled and knowledgeable in preparing these CNAs for the health care facility duties.

How to become a CNA Instructor?

Such question might be intriguing you and the answer can be best understood through following details:

The basic requirements for becoming a CNA instructor include:

Become a RN or LPN

All states have made it necessary that a CNA instructor must be a RN or LPN, holding valid Registered Nurse (RN) credential. You can complete a 2-year associate’s degree in nursing or 4-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program to earn this credential.

Get LPN Licensure

A CNA instructor must pass National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN) by graduating from an accredited nursing school in order to practice. And the license thus obtained must be in good standing.

Practical Working Experience

It is essential that a job experience of minimum 2 years are essential, which specifically includes experience in caring of elderly or chronically ill in a long-term care facility. Further working experience can be obtained through doctor’s offices, hospitals, schools, emergent care facilities and other approved health care centers.

Current Teaching Certificate

Obtain current teaching certificate by completing the application form with relevant facts and proofs.
Train-the-Trainer Certification Course

Get enrolled for the 15-25 hours in length Train-the-Trainer Certification course, as per specific state requirements, which are prepared to meet federal requirements for CNA training programs, where special emphasis is put on the Principles of adult learning.

By completing above requirements, you can start teaching as a CNA instructors, as there are heavy demands for the instructors in different nursing schools, municipal health departments, nursing care facilities, community colleges, trade schools,  high schools and vocational-technical centers.