Arizona Nursing Degree Programs

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Arizona has large state and federal owned protected land, which mostly contains desert land. The basing nursing program is more concentrated to rural patients and Native American population, where these programs try to meet nursing education and clinics needs of Native American people.

Nursing Program Description

Though nursing education is provided by many schools and colleges through campus and online, but the Nursing Programs of Arizona University are much in demand for all level nurses, whether they are entry level or advanced practicing nurse.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

This undergraduate course can be completed in 16 to 24 months, provided the student opts for traditional program of 16 months. The course includes theory and practical training programs. After completion of BSN course the nursing student can sit for RN exam.

HRSA Graduate Certificate in Geriatric Nursing

This program is for BSN degree holders and offers education on mental and physical effects of aging on human beings. The duration of course is 15 hours long and includes 5 courses.

Nurse Education – Graduate Certificate

This course is for students holding bachelors degree in nursing and course includes learning in tutorial field such as academic teaching and practice and development of curriculum. The course duration is 15 hours certification program.

Nurse Educator- Master of Science

The nursing student has the option of choosing from different subjects such as family psych mental health, family health, women’s health, pediatrics etc. The course duration is for 38 hours.

Other Nursing Degrees offered includes:

  • Nurse Practitioner Graduate Certificate for Child and Family Mental Health, an online course for MS degree Holders. The training program is for 29 credit and585 clinical hours.
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice, which is post-baccalaureate or post-master’s degree. The course duration is 1170 or 540 hours respectively.
  • Ph. D In Nursing and Healthcare Innovation is for BSN and MSN, where BSN holders needs to enroll in five years course duration and complete 84 credit hours learning, whereas, MS degree holders can join for 4 year duration course and should complete 54 credit hours learning.