Michigan Nursing Degree Programs

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Michigan Nursing Degree Easy Finance Options

The state of Michigan has introduced the concept of providing free or cheap nursing education to the candidates who are unable to afford the training provided by the expensive institutes in the state.

Various innovative and beneficial techniques have been used in order to accomplish the dream of easy educational opportunities in the field of nursing for the candidates. Some of the methods used are given below:

  • Providing free nursing training to the candidates with the help of several scholarships and financial grants
  • Encouraging the establishment of more and more hospitals that provide the facility of offering free nursing education to the candidates in the field of nursing in return of some contract of working for the hospital for a certain period of time

Also, the candidates can join the government schemes for financial helps for the attainment of education

The option of providing easy financial assistance to individuals is helpful in encouraging more and more individuals in the profession of nursing.

The training programs that provide inexpensive nursing classes to the aspiring candidates have the following features:

  • Curriculum followed is in accordance with the instructions and guidelines set by the Michigan nursing education board
  • Courses covered include basics of nursing, managerial skills like answering telephone calls, filling up the insurance forms and so on, monitoring vital signs of patients like body temperature and blood pressure, grooming patients and maintaining hygienic and healthy environment for them.
  • Faculty members are skilled and trained
  • Live training sessions are provided to the applicants for preparing them for the forthcoming life

The candidates are required to obtain certification after the completion of their training and education.

Following are some of the relevant points regarding the certification examination:

  • Duration of the complete exam is approximately about 5-6 hours
  • Comprises of 2 tests, a written exam followed by a skill test
  • Written exam is conducted for analyzing the general understanding of individuals on nursing
  • Skill test is meant for checking and evaluating the specific knowledge of the candidates on nursing topics
  • Both tests must be passed in order to become certified
  • Results are declared on the same day

The certified individuals are called as certified nursing assistants and obtain nursing degree for working as professionals in the hospitals, private clinics and personal health care centers of Michigan. The duties that are to be performed by the candidates are dependent on the skills and training attained by them during their qualification period.

The certified individuals are supposed to renew their certification after every two years in order to remain in the profession.

Below given procedure can be followed for the renewal process:

  • First of all, the applicants are required to obtain the application form either from the state health office or from the official website of the Michigan nursing board
  • After that, the candidates are required to fill the form with complete care and along with valid proofs regarding date of birth, social security number, place of employment and so on
  • Completed form is to be submitted at the state office for verification and renewal
  • Renewal process is quite essential for leading a safe and secured professional life as a nursing assistant.

The job of a nursing assistant is quite challenging and requires a lot of patience and dedication towards the work. The individuals are required to attain full education by selecting any of the free training schemes of Michigan according to suitability in order to provide superior quality health services to the ailing individuals.