Pennsylvania Nursing Degree Programs

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A lot of hospitals and health care centers in Pennsylvania are in need of skilled and trained professionals who can assist the doctors and other physicians in the best possible way. Education can be obtained from the community colleges and other such related places.

The schools and universities that have the responsibility of providing nursing training to the individuals are guided by the board of health education regarding curriculum and various similar details.

Some of the salient features of the nursing institutes in Pennsylvania are given below:

  • Live training sessions are provided by the schools along with academic syllabus so that the students get a glimpse of the professional lives of nursing assistants
  • Moreover, the schools also make sure that the applicants are instructed by expert faculty members and trained professionals who have complete knowledge of the subjects
  • The students are required to attain the classes regularly and punctually in order to grasp maximum skills possible
  • Internship opportunities are also provided by the nursing degree programs of Pennsylvania
  • Students who are hard working and dedicated can get the chance of employment as well in big hospitals or health care centers

The nursing training programs are helpful in providing complete education so that the candidates can pass the certification exam and become certified nursing assistants.

Following are some of the crucial points about the certificate examination for nursing assistants in Pennsylvania:

  • Exam consists of two phases, a written test followed by a skill test
  • The written test is used to analyze the basic understanding of individuals while the skill test is used to evaluate the candidates on the specific topics.
  • Duration of the complete test is almost 5-6 hours
  • Both exams must be passed in order to become certified
  • A minimum score of 80% is required to pass the examination.

The certified nursing assistants are supposed to renew their certification after every two years for continuing in the job.

After the completion of training and certification, the certified nursing assistants are hired by various hospitals and private clinics in Pennsylvania at considerable amounts.

Some of the duties performed by the professionals are given below:

  • Assisting doctors during operations
  • Providing assistance to ailing individuals in grooming, bathing, exercising and so on
  • Monitoring and recording vital signs like body temperature and blood pressure.
  • Keeping hygienic environmental conditions around the patients
  • Maintaining health record of patients and updating them as and when needed
  • Performing administrative works such as answering telephone calls, filling up the insurance forms and preparing case studies of patients.

All these are the duties of nursing aides. The Pennsylvania Nursing Degree Programs also provide degrees for becoming registered nurses and licensed practical nurses. All these require higher studies as well as immense dedication and passion for the profession of nursing.

The salary of the nursing assistants is dependent on a number of factors.

The important points affecting the amount earned by the professionals are given below:

  • Experience possessed by the applicants in the profession of nursing
  • Education attained by the individuals along with the amount and quality of degrees obtained
  • Certification and licensure gained by the candidates by passing the examinations
  • Renewal as well as verification performed by the individuals.

All these points prove that earning huge salaries is not so difficult for the nursing assistants, only a little hard work and determination is needed and then the applicants can do wonders as nursing aides thereby securing for themselves as well as their families, a safe and reliable future ahead.