CNA Training in Alaska

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Alaska is currently facing the shortage of CNA professionals in the state. This has made the nursing assistant’s pay in Alaska high along with providing them many job benefits. As surveyed by the candidates, who have done their CNA trainings from Alaska, have rated the program at quite high in standards. It is a great choice for those, who would like to follow this training from Alaska, as it will aid you to establish a healthy career and meet excellent opportunities.

Just like any other states, if you want to get an employment in Alaska, then you need to get enrolled in the state’s recognized training program. Additionally, you must acquire a high school certification or a General Education Development (GED), before you opt for any CNA training course.

After you enrolment, you may find many private, local district colleges, government organizations, and the State Board of Nursing institutions offering scholarship facility and CNA training for free to the promising candidates. If you want to collect detailed information about this kind of CNA trainings facilities, then you can contact any nearby local office of ‘Alaska Job Corps’.

While, including both, practical and theoretical structure of study, the CNA training programs in Alaska gives you a comprehensive knowledge of this field. Comprising of 140 hours of total duration, in classroom learning the students are taught, how to pay proper attention to the patients and the use of medical equipments. Wherein, in practical classes, they are given the opportunity to practise the various clinical operations, under the command of veteran medical professionals. You may also come across some of the clinics, which agrees to pay for the work done by the learners during such practical sessions.

Among a number of free or low cost CNA training programmes in the state of Alaska, there are also many employers, who can give you CNA training for free. However, to obtain that, you have to get employed for them for a definite period. It is quite possible that you may stumble upon an employer- sponsored program for nursing assistants training, which is carried out by different hospitals or nursing care services. There are also several nursing homes and residential fitness centres offering low-priced or free of charge training for CNAs. For such training programs, you can get your enrolment done by the fitness providers, who are certified by Medicare or Medicaid.

Technical schools, community centres and universities in Alaska, offering such programs also provide college credits for the completion of the training. To avail scholarship facility or any other financial assistance, you can make contact with the financial help department.

‘The Department of Labor and Workforce Development’ of U.S.A. helps in context to the students who cannot afford to pursue such training programs, in collaboration with the technical schools of Alaska. Once, you have completed your training, then, it is mandatory to have a license issued in Alaska, before you begin with a profession in this area. Afterwards, you can get employment at various settings, like clinics, nursing agencies, hospitals and health care services.

Have a look to the list of centres that might provide free CNA training in Alaska:

  • Sitka Community Hospital Ltc.
    Address: –209, Moller Avenue, Sitka, Alaska- 99835
    Contact Number: (907)747-3241
    Fax: (907) 747-1760
    Email id:
  • Nursing Homes Alaska
    Address: –14, Other Communities, Alaska
  • Denali Center
    Address: –1510, 19th Avenue, Fairbanks, Alaska- 99701
    Contact Number: (907) 458-5100
    Fax: (907) 458-5151
  • Heritage Place
    Address: – 232, Rockwell Avenue, Soldotna, Alaska- 99669
    Contact Number: (907) 262-2545
    Fax: (907) 260-4590
  • Mary Conrad Center
    Contact Number: (907) 333-8100
    Address: –9100, Centennial Drive, Anchorage, Alaska- 99504
    Fax: (907) 338-6789
  • Wrangell Medical Center Ltc.
    Address: – P.O. Box- 1081, Wrangell, Alaska- 99929
    Contact Number: (907) 874-7000
    Fax: (907) 874-7122
    Email id: 
  • Petersburg Medical Center Ltc.
    Contact Number: (907) 772-4291
    Address: – P.O. Box No. – 589, Petersburg, Alaska- 99833
    Fax: (907) 772-3085
  • Wildflower Court
    Address: – 2000, Salmon Creek Lane, Juneau, Alaska- 99801
    Contact Number: (907) 463-8700
    Fax: (907) 463-8743
    Official Website: 
  • Quyanna Care Center
    Contact Number: (907) 443-3331
    Address: – P.O. Box No. -966   Nome, Alaska- 99762 
  • Cordova Community Medical Center Ltc.
    Address: – P.O. Box- 160, Cordova, Alaska- 99574
    Contact Number: (907) 424-8000
    Fax: (907) 424-8116
    Official Website:
  • Ketchikan General Hospital Ltc.
    Address: – 3100, Tongass Avenue, Ketchikan, Alaska- 99901
    Contact Number: (888) 786-2513 
  • South Peninsula Hospital Ltc.
    Address: – 4300, Bartlett Street, Homer, Alaska- 99603
    Contact Number: (907) 235-0231
    URL Link: