CNA Training in Mississippi

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Most of the state approved CNA courses are mainly offered by the community colleges or vocational schools in Mississippi. Even so, there are also a number of nursing care facilities and patient care services available that provide free of cost CNA training to the new comers in the state. A variety of clinics and hospitals always hold an enormous demand of nursing professionals nowadays in Mississippi.

The responsibilities of a certified nursing assistant are comprised of lots of challenges on a daily basis. This may include various tasks to serve the people by assisting them, when they are unwell or old. Employer, who hire CNAs these days look for various qualities in candidates, like compassion, caring attitude, physical strength, tolerance, flexibility, etc. Attending a state recognized CNA training program in Mississippi is a must, to get appointed as CNA by any company. You also have to qualify the competency examination in order to receive CNA diploma, so that you get better opportunities in the future.

To obtain CNA training, you may travel to vocational schools, community colleges and nurse care centres. There are various fee structures for various training programs in Mississippi. Those, who are going through a serious financial crisis, but they still desire to be a Certified Nursing Assistant; can find many low-cost or discounted programs in the state. In order to obtain this facility, you need to give some time and effort to search for a better, free of cost CNA training option, in the state.

After, you have joined the training program; you will undergo two sections of it. First one is the classroom session, which includes providing nutritional assistance, personal hygiene care, giving injections and feeding the patients, etc. The other one is the clinical part, which contains thorough hands-on exercises. This way they get to learn various methods under the direction of knowledgeable medical professionals. The entire training program prepares you thoroughly for the upcoming medical tasks of a CNA.

Mississippi has also opened the provision to get financial assistance for those, who are unemployed and wish to begin a new career. The local income assistance administrative centre may support to seek financial assistance. Mississippi State Board of Nursing is also there, to provide you details regarding free of charge CNA training to the approaching candidates. You will speak to the board representatives at this place, who will guide you with suitable agencies that can sponsor CNA training programs, for nothing to the aspirants. Job corps is another institution that can direct you to come across various ways, which might get you free of charge CNA training in the state.

The scarcity of able CNAs in the state has made several nursing employers offer CNA training at no cost to their proficient staffs. However, they put the condition in front of them to join the company for a fixed time-period, when they would have qualified the training program. Some employers get ready to shell out on them throughout the training period; while some prefer to refund the training fees to the employees, after they have finished their entire training course. In order to receive the complete reimbursement of the training, it is vital for you to preserve all the documents and fee receipts carefully with you.

You may also find many health care facilities in Mississippi that provides internships to the learners. This internship will cover all your expenditure of the CNA training program. Those, who have got a chance to provide some services in the military, can also get a reduction in the training charges.

Travelling and speaking to financial assistance branches of different institutions and universities, can also solve many of your fee related issues. However, to avail the financial support, it would be necessary to meet the specified criteria of these colleges. Depending on the availability, you may get the help either in the form of grants or as scholarships, which will be sufficient to cover the entire training costs.

Internet is again an extremely prevalent option for those, who cannot have enough money for this training course. The State Board of Nursing in Mississippi has permitted several schools and educational divisions to make available free of charge CNA training through online to the prospective candidates. Since, it will be entirely at home study, so you would be able to gain only the theoretical part via online training facility. Nonetheless, you may get the practical portion by joining any other institution and spending some money on that.

Now, we propose you some major names of the nursing facilities that might willingly provide you CNA training in the state for free:

  • Brookwood Manor Nursing Center
    Contact Number: (601) 394-2331
    Address: – Mcleod Avenue, Leakesville, Mississippi-39451
    Fax: (601) 394-2337
  • Bruce Nursing Center Inc.
    Contact Number: (662) 412-5100
    Address: – Highway- 9, South Box No. – 1280, Bruce, Mississippi-38915
    Fax: (662) 412-5122
  • Care Center, Aberdeen
    Contact Number: (662) 369-6431
    Address: – 505, Jackson Street, Aberdeen, Mississippi-39730
    Fax: (662) 369-6473
  • Care Center, Clinton
    Contact Number: (601) 924-2996
    Address: – 1251, Pinehaven Road, Clinton, Mississippi- 39056
    Fax: (601) 924-6447
  • Care Center, Laurel
    Contact Number: (601) 649-8006
    Address: – 935, West Dr, Laurel, Mississippi-39440
    Fax: (601) 426-3823
    Email Id:
  • Care Center, Louisville
    Contact Number: (662) 773-8047
    Address: – 543, East Main Street, Louisville, Mississippi-39339
    Fax: (662) 773-2530
  • Carrington Nursing Center
    Contact Number: (662) 615-2015
    Address: – 307, Reed Road, Starkville, Mississippi-39760
    Fax: (662) 323-2414
  • Carthage Health Care Center
    Contact Number: (601) 267-4551
    Address: – 1101, East Franklin Street, Carthage, Mississippi-39051
    Fax: (601) 267-7242
  • Heritage Manor, Rolling Fork
    Contact Number: (662) 873-6218
    Address: – 431, West Race Street, Rolling Fork, Mississippi-39159
    Fax: (662) 873-6050
  • Highland Home
    Contact Number: (601) 853-0415
    Address: – 638, Highland Colony Parkway, Ridgeland, Mississippi-39157
  • Hilltop Manor Inc.
    Contact Number: (601) 774-8233
    Address: – 101, Kirkland Street, Union, Mississippi-39365
    Fax: (601) 774-5177
  • Hinds County Nursing and Rehabilitation
    Contact Number: (601) 362-5394
    Address: – 3454, Albermarle Road, Jackson, Mississippi-39213
    Fax: (601) 366-9276
  • Holly Springs Health and Rehabilitation Center
    Contact Number: (662) 252-1141
    Address: – 960, Highway 4 East, Holly Springs, Mississippi- 38635
    Fax: (662) 252-4936
  • Landmark Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
    Contact Number: (662) 720-0972
    Address: – 100, Lauren Drive, Booneville, Mississippi-38829
    Fax: (662) 720-0977
  • Landmark, Desoto
    Contact Number: (662) 280-1219
    Address: – 3068, Nail Road West, Horn Lake, Mississippi- 38637
    Fax: (662) 280-4668
  • Laurelwood Community Living Center
    Contact Number: (601) 425-3191
    Address: – 1036, West Drive, Laurel, Mississippi- 39440
    Fax: (601) 428-1164
  • Lawrence Co Nursing Center
    Contact Number: (601) 587-5352
    Address: – 700, Jefferson Street, Monticello, Mississippi-39654
    Fax: (601) 587-5352
  • The Nichols Center
    Contact Number: (601) 853-4343
    Address: – 7521, Old CNAton Road, Madison, Mississippi-39110
  • The Windsor Place
    Contact Number: (662) 241-5518
    Address: – 81, Windsor Boulevard, Columbus, Mississippi-39702
    Fax: (662) 241-5590
    Email Id: