CNA Training in Michigan

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To work as a certified nursing assistant is not only a good alternative for earning money in Michigan, but also gives you ample job opportunities. The state hires around 1400 or above fresh nursing assistants per year. Those, who all are looking forward for a rewarding CNA career, can explore about various CNA training programs in the state. The department of state health has also approved many inexpensive or free of cost CNA programs for the potential candidates.

Besides, the usual requirements including medical and criminal background verification; a GED or high school certification is also a must. The total training hours comprises 75 hours, form which 16 hours are prearranged for clinical practice in Michigan. Michigan comes under among those few states that have determined the continuing education for working nursing assistants. To avail the benefits of continuing education, every employed nurse aides have to attend 12 credits of teaching every year. This education will be provided them by their companies considering it as on-the-job instruction. The major purpose behind providing this continuing study is to keep the nursing aides updated and well-trained with the advancement in the field.

It is also mandatory to get your CNA licence renewed from time to time. For renewal, you have to keep yourself involved in this education program. You have also to keep a practice record of minimum eight hours within two years. A clear background and a thorough medical test reports are also required for the state approved training program.
Students, who are striving hard to participate in ‘The Red Cross CNA Programs’ can also apply for that in Michigan. These programs are free of cost and proceed for 6 to 8 weeks. The Red Cross Society not all alone conduct such programs, in fact, other states also coordinate with the requirements of the students in these programs. After, completing this program from one state, the nursing assistant licence can be obtained from other states as well, due to their cooperation.

Though, the CNA training courses, are offered by a number of nursing facilities, hospitals, and medical facilities in Michigan, yet hospitals are the key providers for excellent clinical training and job opportunities. The other benefit of hospital CNA courses is that they may also give you employment for free later on, on an agreement of six to twelve months. This clarifies that neither you have to splurge money on the training course, nor you need to be bothered about the job after gaining the licence in the state. To gain more information on this, you may speak to the hospital administration for providing such CNA programs.

One of the institutions is the ‘Goodwill Industries of Greater Grand Rapids’, which has helped the potential candidates, who have applied for free of charge CNA training. The ‘Porter Hills Village’ has collaborated with this educational body and provided this exceptional training program in Michigan. The establishment has supported many people to get jobs also, as a certified nursing assistant, after the completion of their training program. Normally, they charge a good amount of fees; however, they also provide financial assistance to those, who necessitate.

There are also various job placement bureaus and employment offices available nearby your locality, which can help you to reach organizations that, conduct CNA training at no cost or can give financial assistance to complete it. To receive welfare benefits for commencing the CNA training, you may also reach the income assistant bureau of Michigan.
You can also avail the free of charge CNA training at your home, through internet study option. Many colleges in the state can also assist you with these online training programs, if you will enquire about them. However, only theoretical portion can be availed via online study, the practical part cannot be acquired here. To attend the practical classes, you need to get registered in an institute or any nursing facility.

If you are currently in employment as a non-medical professional, under any assisted living facility, hospital or nursing home; then you can ask for free CNA training programs from your employer. Many employers reimburse your training, if you get a job within one year of your training. Some of the employers also consider passionate and hard-working staffs to be eligible for offering, either CNA training for free or to get the entire training reimbursement.

Here, is the list of nursing facilities in Michigan that might present CNA training without taking any charge:

  • Arnold Home
    Contact Number: (313) 531-4001
    Address: – 18520, West Seven Mile Road, Detroit, Michigan-48219
    Fax: (313) 531-1477
  • Ashley Care Center
    Contact Number: (989) 847-2011
    Address: – P.O. Box No. – 127, Ashley, Michigan- 48806
    Fax: (989) 847-3422
    Email Id:
    Official Website:
  • Ausable Valley Community 
    Contact Number: (989) 848-2241
    Address: – 1390, Maple Drive, Box- 9, Fairview, Michigan- 48621
    Fax: (989) 848-5526
    Email Id:
  • Autumn Woods Residential Health
    Contact Number: (586) 574-3444
    Address: – 29800, Hoover Road, Warren, Michigan- 48093
    Fax: (586) 574-0015
    Official Website:
  • Autumnwood, Deckerville
    Contact Number: (810) 376-2145
    Address: – 3387, Ella Street, Deckerville, Michigan- 48427
    Fax: (810) 376-4093
  • Beverly Hills Nursing Center
    Contact Number: (248) 288-6610
    Address: – 3030, Greenfield Avenue, Royal Oak, Michigan- 48073
    Fax: (248) 288-3910
  • Birchwood Nursing Center
    Contact Number: (231) 947-0506
    Address: – 2950, Lafranier Road, Traverse City, Michigan- 49684
    Fax: (231) 947-0744
    Email Id:
    Official Website:
  • Bishop Noa Home for Senior Citizens
    Contact Number: (906) 786-5810
    Address: – 2900, Third Avenue South, EsCNAaba, Michigan- 49829
    Email Id:
    Official Website:
  • Bloomfield Hills Nursing Center
    Contact Number: (248) 338-0345
    Address: – 50, West Square Lake Road, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan- 48302
    Fax: (248) 338-0744
  • Lake Orion Nursing Center
    Contact Number: (248) 693-0505
    Address: – 585, East Flint Street, P.O. Box No. – 129, Lake Orion, Michigan- 48361
    Fax: (248) 693-6071
  • Lakeland Center
    Contact Number: (248) 350-8070
    Address: – 26900, Franklin Road, Southfield, Michigan- 48034
    Fax: (248) 350-8078
  • Lakeland Continuing Care Center, Saint Joseph
    Contact Number: (269) 983-6501
    Address: – 3425, Lake Shore Dr, Saint Joseph, Michigan- 49085
    Fax: (616) 983-0807
    Email Id:
    Official Website:
  • Lakeland Specialty Hospital
    Contact Number: (269) 471-7761
    Address: – 6418, Deans Hill Road, Berrien Center, Michigan- 49102
    Email Id:
    Official Website:
  • Lakepointe Villa
    Contact Number: (810) 468-0827
    Address: – 37700, Harper Avenue, Clinton Township, Michigan- 48036
    Fax: (586) 468-8084
    Official Website:
  • Northfield Place
    Contact Number: (734) 449-4431
    Address: – 8633, North Main Street, Whitmore Lake, Michigan- 48189
    Fax: (734) 449-5505
  • Northland Nursing Center
    Contact Number: (313) 534-8400
    Address: – 21630, Hessel, Detroit, Michigan- 48219
    Fax: (313) 534-9839
  • Northwest Continuing Care Center
    Contact Number: (313) 273-8764
    Address: – 16181, Hubbell Street, Detroit, Michigan- 48235
    Fax: (313) 273-6283
  • Oakland City Medical Care Facility
    Contact Number: 248-858-1745, (248) 858-1415
    Address: – 1200, North Telegraph Road, Dept. 469, Pontiac, Michigan- 48341
    Fax: (248) 858-4026
  • Oakpointe Villa Nursing Centre
    Contact Number: (313) 864-8481
    Address: – 18901, Meyers Road, Detroit, Michigan- 48235
    Fax: (313) 864-8810
  • Oakview Medical Care Facility
    Contact Number: (231)845-5185
    Address: – 1000, Diana St, Ludington, Michigan- 49431
    Fax: (231) 845-7957
    Email Id:
    Official Website:
  • Tendercare Midland
    Contact Number: (989) 631-9670
    Address: – 4900, Hedgewood Dr, Midland, Michigan- 48640
    Email Id:
    Official Website:
  • Tendercare Mt Pleasant
    Contact Number: (989) 772-2967
    Address: – 1524, Portabella Road, Mount Pleasant, Michigan- 48858
    Fax: (989) 779-9060
    Email Id:
    Official Website:
  • Tendercare, Ludington
    Contact Number: (231) 845-6291
    Address: – 1000, East Tinkham Avenue, Ludington, Michigan- 49431
    Fax: (231) 843-4121
    Email Id:
    Official Website: