CNA Training in Kansas

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After being a Certified Nursing Assistant, you get the opportunity to serve the sick persons with all your care and dedication. CNA workers in Kansas not only work for patients, but they also got the chance to learn various new things from medical professionals. A thorough and certified training is required in every state, to become a proficient CNA. In Kansas also, you can enrol yourself for a state approved training program for CNAs.

One of the essential requirements of this training program needs you to be of at least 18 years of age at the time of enrolment. The state will also check your criminal record and background verification documents. Your fingerprints report will also be required for allowing you to sit in the clinical portion of the training. Expertise in speaking, reading and writing English is a mandatory criterion for enrolment.

The students of CNA classes can undergo a minimum of 90 hours of thorough training sessions. The training is separated into classroom lectures of 45 hours and practical sessions of at least 40-45 hours. The ‘Kansas Department of Health and Environment Office’ approved this program in order to authenticate it. The theoretical part prepared the trainees to learn about the use of different medical equipments and first-aid. The theory also covers the way to dispose contaminated needles and syringes, along with protecting patients and others from infection.

CNA classes are most often proposed by adult-care homes, post-secondary schools, long-term divisions of hospitals and long-term care services in Kansas.

Individuals interested in going for online option for this training can also apply for it in Kansas. To avail the online option for CNA training program in Kansas, you need to meet the specified standards of this training. The ‘Kansas Department of Health and Environment’, can also help you to get more information, about such online CNA programs in the state. Online instruction is mostly free of cost; however, it lacks the real medical knowledge. Online option cannot give you the practical knowledge of the CNA training, which is an essential segment of this. You can apply to a community college to get this part of the study.

In order to obtain the clinical part; interested candidate can apply at long-term care conveniences, adult home-care, long-term units at hospices, simulated laboratories, etc.

There are publicly financed courses also available in the state that is collaborated with home health aide and CNA. These courses are widely offered by several job training institutes in Kansas. The state agency also associates with such corporations to keep the public’s health in consideration.

The personnel employed in the military and their partners are appropriately trained a similar health course for free, the way nursing assistants are taught. No outsider can apply for this course, even though; the US government always aid the jobless persons of the state. The government can allow you to obtain the CNA training for free with these facilities, when you submit all the required documents. They provide educational financing to the jobless people and even, pay for your unemployment.

The ‘Dodge City Community College’ comes under one of the biggest training schools in Kansas for certified nursing assistants. Students get the option to choose from various courses available for the nursing assistants, among the ‘Basic Nurse Aide Course’ and the ‘Geriatric Nurse Aide Course’, etc. The classes involved in this training have five credit hours, which can be easily completed in a less amount of time. These courses prepare students to qualify the CNA certification examination in Kansas. Those, who are of 18 years or above in age, are eligible for this free training course in the state. These programs are state recognized and meet all the training standards of the State Board of Nursing of Kansas.

Candidates, who are interested in this training program, can get in touch with ‘Nursing Paraprofessional Department’ to gain more details. This will help them to get register for free CNA training program at the Dodge City Community College. The state also offers financial assistance to those, who are appropriate and apply for it. The state will also guide and assist you to find the appropriate training courses or programs for you.

The charges of a CNA training course may fluctuate from $500 to $1,000 in the state. Even though, the charges of CNA courses are quite affordable as compared to others in the health care sector. Still, some candidates are not able to apply for the training program, because they lack enough funds. To such candidates, the state offers them several low and free of cost CNA training program. You may explore a bit to find out about such programs at your nearby agencies.

Although, the private schools, institutes and colleges do not volunteer free of cost training courses but, the entire training cost is kept low. Many candidates also agree to work with an employer, who is ready to give them free of cost CNA training. Those, who are working in the nursing homes, are entitled for the reimbursements by their employer, when they finish their training within one year. You also need to preserve the copies of fee receipts and other training related document with care.

After completing your CNA training, you should try to get a job in an accredited healthcare setting, so that, you may get your training fees reimbursed. You may receive the training reimbursement amount by the setting you are working at, either in a number of instalments or as lump-sum amounts.

These are some of the community colleges that might offer you free of charge CNA training in the state:

  • Dodge City Community College
    Contact Number: (620) 225-1321
    Address: – 2501 N. 14th Avenue, Dodge City, Kansas 67801
    E-mail ID:
  • Hutchinson Community College
    Contact Number: (620) 665-3500
    Address: – 1300 North Plum, Hutchinson, KS 67501
    E-mail ID:
    Official Website:
  • Independence Community College
    Contact Number: (620) 331-4100, (620) 332-5636
    Address: – 1057 W. College Ave. Independence, KS 67301
    E-mail ID:
    Official Website:
  • Kansas City KS Community College
    Contact Number: (913) 334-1100
    Address: – 7250 State Avenue, Kansas City, Kansas 66112
    Official Website:
  • Barton County Community College
    Contact Number: (785) 238-8550
    Fax: (785) 238-8593
    Address: – 245 NE 30 RD, Great Bend, KS 67530
    Official Website:
  • Cherry Village, Great Bend
    Contact Number: (316) 792-2165
    Fax: (316) 793-6341
    Address: – 1401 Cherry Ln Great Bend, KS 67530 
  • Neosho County Community College
    Contact Number: (620) 431-2820
    Address: – 800 W. 14th Street, Chanute, KS 66720
    Fax: (620) 431-0082
    Official Website:
  • Andover Health Care Center
    Contact Number: (316) 733-1349
    Address: – 621, West 21st P.O. Box No– 100, Andover, Kansas- 67002
    Fax: (316) 733-0919
  •  Anthony Community Care Center
    Contact Number: 620-842-5187
    Address: – 212, North 5th Avenue, Anthony, Kansas- 67003
    Fax: (620) 842-590
    Official Website:
  • Apostolic Christian Home
    Contact Number: (785) 284-3471
    Address: – 511, Paramount Street, Sabetha, Kansas- 66534
    Fax: (785) 284-3697
    Official Website: 
  • Arbor Woods, Overland Park
    Contact Number: (913) 648-4500
    Address: – 3501, West 95th Street, Overland Park, Kansas- 66206
    Fax: (913) 648-6144
    Official Website:
  • Arkansas City Presbyterian Manor
    Contact Number: (620) 442-8700
    Address: – 1711, North Fourth, Arkansas City, Kansas- 67005
    Fax: (620) 442-8224
    Official Website:
  • Arma Care Center
    Contact Number: (620) 347-4103
    Address: – 3rd & Melvin P.O. Box No. – 789, Arma, Kansas- 66712
    Fax: (620) 347-4018
  • Ashland Health Center, Ltcu
    Contact Number: (620) 635-2241
    Address: – 709, Oak P.O. Box No. -188, Ashland, Kansas- 67831
    Fax: (620) 635-2229
    E-mail ID:
    Official Website:
  • Atchison Hospital Snf/Nf
    Contact Number: (913) 367-6600
    Address: – 1301, North 2nd Street, Atchison, Kansas- 66002
  • Atchison Senior Village
    Contact Number: (913) 367-1905
    Address: – 1419, North 6th Street, Atchison, Kansas- 66002
    Fax: (913) 367-7679
    E-mail ID:
    Official Website:
  • Elk Manor Home
    Contact Number: (316) 647-3235
    Address: – 320, North Walnut, Moline, Kansas- 67353
  • Ellis Good Samaritan Center
    Contact Number: (785) 726-3101
    Address: – 1101, Spruce Street, Ellis, Kansas- 67637
    Fax: (785) 726-4114
  • Ellsworth Good Sam Rt Village
    Contact Number: (785) 472-3167
    Address: – 1156, Highway 14, Ellsworth, Kansas- 67439
  • Elmhaven East
    Contact Number: (316) 421-1430
    Address: – 1400, South 15th Street, Parsons, Kansas- 67357
    Fax: (316) 421-1437
  • Elmhaven West Nursing Home
    Contact Number: (620) 421-1320
    Address: – 1315, South 15th Street, Parsons, Kansas- 67357
    Fax: (316) 421-2975
  • Emerald Pointe Health and Rehabilitation
    Contact Number: (620) 783-2755
    Address: – 109, West Empire, Galena, Kansas- 66739
  • Emporia Presbyterian Manor
    Contact Number: (620) 343-2613
    Address: – 2300, Industrial Road, Emporia, Kansas- 66801
    Fax: (620) 343-9195
    Official Website:
  • Emporia Rehabilitation Center
    Contact Number: (620) 342-4212
    Address: – 221, West Logan Avenue, Emporia, Kansas- 66801
    Fax: (316) 342-6523
  • Enterprise Estates Nursing Center
    Contact Number: (785) 263-8278
    Address: – 502, Crestview Dr, Enterprise, Kansas 67441
    E-mail ID:
    Official Website:
  • Eudora Nursing Center
    Contact Number: (785) 542-2176
    Address: – 1415, Maple, Eudora, Kansas- 66025
    Fax: (785) 542-1067
    Official Website:
  • Medicalodge East Healthcare Center
    Contact Number: (620) 442-9300
    Address: – 203, East Osage Avenue, Arkansas City, Kansas- 67005
    Official Website:
  • Medicalodge East, Kansas City
    Contact Number: (913) 299-9722
    Address: – 6261, Leavenworth Road, Kansas City, Kansas- 66104
    Fax: (913) 299-4652
    Toll Free: (800) 782-0120
    Official Website:
  • Medicalodge North, Pittsburg
    Contact Number: (316) 231-3970, (620) 231-3970
    Address: – 2614, North Joplin Street, Pittsburg, Kansas- 66762
    Fax: (620) 231-3994
  • Medicalodge, Atchison
    Contact Number: (913) 367-6066
    Address: – 1637, Riley Street, Atchison, Kansas- 66002
    Fax: (913) 367-4327
    Toll Free: (800) 782-0120
  • Medicalodge, Clay Center
    Contact Number: (785) 632-5696
    Address: – 715, Liberty P.O. Box No. – 517, Clay Center, Kansas- 67432
    Fax: (785) 632-2855
    Toll Free: (800) 782-0120
  • The Alzheimers Center, Kansas City
    Contact Number: (913) 334-5252
    Address: – 6501, Greeley Avenue, Kansas City, Kansas- 66104
    Fax: (913) 334-2935
  • The Cedars
    Contact Number: 620-241-0919
    Address: – 1021, Cedars Dr, Mcpherson, Kansas- 67460
    Official Website:
    Fax: (316) 241-0254
  • The Centennial Homestead
    Contact Number: (785) 325-2361
    Address: – 311, East 2nd Street, Washington, Kansas- 66968
    Fax: (785) 325-2870
  • The Heritage
    Contact Number: (620) 724-8288
    Address: – 511, North Western P.O. Box No. – 66, Girard, Kansas- 66743
    Fax: (620) 724-4713
  • The Lutheran Home, Wakeeney
    Contact Number: (785) 743-5787
    Address: – 320, South Avenue, Wakeeney, Kansas- 67672
    Fax: (785) 743-5364
  • The Manor, Kansas City
    Contact Number: (913) 299-1770
    Address: –3231, North 61st St, Kansas City, Kansas- 66104
    Fax: (913) 299-9738