CNA Training in Maine

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The timing involved in the CNA training within Maine takes a bit more than other states of U.S. The candidates are provided 180 hours of training programme in Maine. CNA training imparts knowledge associated to ethical and legal compliance, reporting and documentation, treatment procedure and basic care of the ailing persons. Other topics of this training comprises body mechanics, infection control, human behaviour, nutritional diet standards, human anatomy, daily living activities, etc.

Under this training program, students have to undergo seventy hours of clinical sessions to gain hands on exposure. The classroom lectures are comprised of 90 hours of theoretical studies. The left-behind 20 hours are programmed for laboratory studies. The training centres, schools, colleges and institutions of Maine are quite popular for their valuable learning programs.

Minimum requirement to get enrolled in this training programme is a high school credential, or a GED ‘General Education Development’ certification. Reading, writing and ability in speaking English is also a mandatory criterion for this training. The state also verifies your criminal record and fingerprint reports. Criminal background check is an essential requirement to sit in the clinical training.

The ‘State Department of Health’ in Maine is quite authoritarian with the quality and features of training offered by the different CNA training institutes. The minimum age fixed for this training is 16 years, for the potential candidates.

The state also keeps an eye on the physical condition of the potential CNAs and sends them for complete physical check up; so that, patients do not become more unwell, when they in get their contact. The procedure is imperative for all the potential candidates, who wish to be a certified nursing assistant in Maine.

The CNA training program might cost you around $450 or above in this state. However, the good thing is that there are also many free of cost training programs available in Maine for individuals, who are not able to pay for the training fees. For that, you need to explore a bit regarding such free CNA training opportunities. People, who are employed with a nursing home or any health care centre as a non-medical staff, can enquire from their employers about the provision of CNA training. Passionate and dedicated employees are always considered for getting such benefits. Your employer might also get ready to give you, the CNA training for free of charge or bear the entire disbursement.

Those, who successfully get employment as a CNA, within one year of receiving a CNA certification, they can receive all their training expenses back in some time. It is imperative to keep all the receipts and training related documents carefully, if they want the reimbursement. There are also some ‘Medical Centers’ in Maine that conduct free of charge CNA training courses in the state. The Medical Centers, which are in association with ‘Portland Adult Education’, provides 200 hours of CNA training at no cost. The training program in Maine comprises classroom studies, lab studies and clinical studies. Those, who wanted to undergo this training, they have to meet the requirements of the entrance test and qualify the interview. The ‘Medical Center’ also gives the job opportunity to its few trainees, once they complete the CNA training program. The financial aid department of any college or university is always ready to help you. You just need to make contact to them to inquire about scholarship facility or any other financial aid for the training. Maine also has several colleges that offer grants and scholarships to the needy candidates.

There are also various residential health areas and nursing homes in Maine, which carries many free of charge or inexpensive CNA programs. Upon completion, several sectors of these organizations will offer jobs to the beginners. The nursing companies are considered, as one of the best to offer free of cost CNA training to their workers. They also pay their trainees throughout their training period, in the company. However, for that you have to be associated with that organization for an abovementioned period as agreed in the contract.
Online education alternative is also available in this state. Various colleges are offering this training via online facility to those, who cannot afford to attend classes. Online training institutes are mostly considered, as free learning option in U.S.A.  In this kind of study, the theoretical information can be gained at home, however, for gaining practical skills; you need to join an educational institution.

Job prospects are numerous for those, who have qualified this training program in Maine. Qualified CNAs can apply for jobs in various settings, which include private and public clinics, nursing homes, long-term rehabilitation centres, adult care-centres, etc.

The details of various Nursing settings that might offer you without any charge CNA training in Maine.

  • Birch Grove Rehabilitation and Living Center
    Contact Number: (207) 487-3182
    Address: – 18, Leighton Street, Pittsfield, Maine- 04967
  • Borderview Rehabilitation and Living Center
    Contact Number: 207-868-5211
    Address: – 90, State Street, Van Buren, Maine-04785
  • Brentwood Rehabilitation and Nursing Center
    Contact Number: (207) 846-9021
    Address: – 370, Portland Street, Yarmouth, Maine-04096
    Fax: (207) 846-1497
  • Brewer Rehabilitation & Living
    Contact Number: (207) 989-7300
    Address: – 74, Parkway South, Brewer, Maine-04412
  • Colonial Health Care
    Contact Number: (207) 794-6534
    Address: – Workman Terrace, Lincoln, Maine-04457
    Fax: (207) 794-2173
    Official Website:
  • Country Manor Nursing Home
    Contact Number: (207) 549-7471
    Address: – 132, Main Street, Coopers Mills, Maine- 04341
    Fax: (207) 549-3617
  • Courtland Rehabilitation and Living Center
    Contact Number: (207) 667-9036
    Address: – 42, Bucksport Road, Ellsworth, Maine-04605
    Fax: (207) 667-3681
  • Evergreen Manor
    Contact Number: (207) 282-5161
    Address: – 328, North Street, Saco, Maine- 04072
  • Falmouth by the Sea
    Contact Number: (207) 781-4714
    Address: – 191, Foreside Road, Falmouth, Maine-04105
    Fax: (207) 781-7356
    E-mail ID:
    Official Website:
  • Fieldcrest Manor
    Contact Number: (207) 832-5343
    Address: – 126, Depot Street, Waldoboro, Maine-04572
    Fax: (207) 832-4757
  • Forest Hill Manor
    Contact Number: (207) 834-3915
    Address: – 25, Bolduc Avenue, Fort Kent, Maine-04743
  • Freeport Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
    Contact Number: (207) 865-4713
    Address: – 3, East Street, Freeport, Maine-04032
  • Fryeburg Health Care Center
    Contact Number: (207) 935-3351
    Address: – 77, Fairview Dr, Fryeburg, Maine-04037
    Fax: (207) 935-2454
  • Gardiner Health Care Facility
    Contact Number: (207) 532-6085, (207) 532-3323, (207) 532-1560
    Address: – 8, Holland Street, Houlton, Maine-04730
  • Gorham House
    Contact Number: (207) 839-5757
    Address: – 50, New Portland Road, Gorham, Maine-04038
    Fax: (207) 839-8263
    E-mail ID:
    Official Website:
  • Maplecrest Rehabilitation and Living Center
    Contact Number: (207) 696-8225
    Address: – 174, Main Street, Madison, Maine-04950
  • Market Square Health Care Center
    Contact Number: (207) 743-7086
    Address: – 3, Market Square, South Paris, Maine-04281
    Fax: (207) 743-2395
  • Marshall Health Care & Rehabilitation 
    Contact Number: (207) 255-3387
    Address: – High Street Ext B, Machias, Maine-04654
  • Marshwood Center for Healthcare
    Contact Number: (207) 784-0108
    Address: – 33, Roger Street, Lewiston, Maine-04240
    Fax: (207) 784-0752
  • Presque Isle Nursing Home
    Contact Number: (207) 764-0145
    Address: – 162, Academy Street, Presque Isle, Maine-04769
  • Riverridge
    Contact Number: (207) 985-3030
    Address: – 79, Cat Mousam Road, Kennebunk, Maine-04043
    Fax: (207) 985-6428
  • Robinsons Health Care Facility
    Contact Number: (207) 582-6250
    Address: – 284, Brunswick Avenue, Gardiner, Maine- 04345
    Fax: (207) 582-6008
  • Ross Manor
    Contact Number: (207) 941-8400
    Address: – 758, Broadway, Bangor, Maine-04401
    Email ID:
    Official Website:
  • Rumford Community Home
    Contact Number: (207) 364-7863
    Address: Sunnyside Terrace, Rumford, Maine-04276