CNA Training in Nevada

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CNAs are required in every state, to assist the doctors, while they are doing the patient’s treatment. A certified nursing assistant has to perform various functions within the medical settings, which include giving medicines to the ailing on time, conducting regular check-ups for them, providing intensive care and affection and etc. On the whole, CNAs are in charge for the hale and hearty recoveries of the patients.

Since, CNA training is an essential part to become a CNA in the state, Nevada also offers you 75 hours of rigorous training regimen to undertake. After attending the 60 hours of classroom sessions and the residual 15 hours of practical exercises, you will have to sit in the competency examination, to obtain a CNA certification. Once you get the certification, you can easily apply for a job to any renowned medical setting.

Some of the essentials for applying this training course are a high school certification or a GED, and adroitness in English language as a whole. Before you will get enrolled for this CNA training program, the state will also check your criminal record verification documents.

You can apply for a great amount of financial aid in Nevada. However, for that you have to search for a appropriate vocational college or university that offers financial assistance to the promising students. To cover your training costs, you will receive the financial assistance either in the form of scholarships or as, grants.

The ‘Board of Nursing’ in Nevada acknowledges the CNA training programs for the prospective students. Making direct contact with the board will be the best way for gathering information regarding an economical or without any charge CNA training programs in Nevada. You will talk to the representatives of the board, who will recommend you the names of various institutes that conduct such programs for the underprivileged candidates.

The scarceness of CNAs in these states gives a continuous boost to their demands in a variety of assisted living facilities. This makes nursing homes and other health related facilities provide free of charge CNA training to the expectant candidates. However, these service providers can ask you to work for them for a certain time, even after you have completed the training program. Most of the times, you have to sign a bond with such training providing companies for an aforementioned time-period.

Unemployed individuals can also apply to get welfare benefits in Nevada. They can get in touch with the financial assistance office in their locality, in order to obtain the financial support.

Those, who are already getting unemployment benefits or income safeguarding by the government, then they are entitled to receive the financial support for getting the CNA training, as well.

The employers providing on the job training can also support the CNA trainees by keeping them as permanent employees in their companies. Many health care centres or nursing homes might also grant you without any charge training or spend for the fees of your CNA training, if you have showed your hard work and dedication towards them.

Some of the popular Nursing homes of Nevada that might provide CNA training at no cost to the aspirants:

  • Carson Convalescent Center
    Contact Number: (775) 882-3301
    Address: – 2898, Highway 50 East, Carson City, Nevada-89701
    Fax: (775) 883-9468
  • Cheyenne Care Center
    Contact Number: (702) 644-1888
    Address: – 2856, E. Cheyenne Avenue, North Las Vegas, Nevada-89030
    Fax: (702) 644-2404
  • Delmar Gardens, Green Valley
    Contact Number: (702) 361-6111
    Address: – 100, Delmar Gardens Drive, Henderson, Nevada-89014
    Fax: (702) 361-2508
    Official Website:
  • Evergreen at Pahrump Health
    Contact Number: (775) 751-6600
    Address: – 4501, North Blagg Road, Pahrump, Nevada-89048
    Fax: (775) 751-6644
    Email Id:
    Official Website:
  • Grover C. Dils Medical Center Snf.
    Contact Number: (775) 726-3171
    Address: – 700, North Spring Street, Box 1010-C-Adm Bldg, Caliente, Nevada-89008
    Fax: (775) 726-3797
    Email Id:
    Official Website:
  • Harmony Manor Hgh Snf.
    Contact Number: (775) 623-5222
    Address: – 118, East Haskell Street, Winnemucca, Nevada-89445
    Official Website:
  • Hearthstone, Northern Nevada
    Contact Number: (775) 626-2224
    Address: – 1950, Baring Boulevard, Sparks, Nevada-89434
    Email Id:
    Official Website:
  • Manor Care Health Services
    Contact Number: (775) 829-7220
    Address: – 3101, Plumas, Reno, Nevada-89509
    Fax: (775) 829-0410
    Official Website:
  • Mountainview Care Center, Boulder City
    Contact Number: (702) 293-5151
    Address: – 601, Adams Boulevard, Boulder City, Nevada-89005
    Fax: (702) 293-5782
    Official Website:
  • Nevada Veteran’s Nursing Home
    Contact Number: (702) 332-6784
    Address: – 100, Veterans Memorial Dr, Boulder City, Nevada-89005
    Fax: (702) 332-6762
    Official Website:
  • North Las Vegas Care Center
    Contact Number: (702) 649-7800
    Address: – 3215, East Cheyenne Avenue, North Las Vegas, Nevada-89030
    Fax: (702) 649-2144
  • Nye Regional Medical Center Snf.
    Contact Number: (775) 482-6233
    Address: – 825, Erie Main, P.O. Box No-391, Tonopah, Nevada-89049
    Fax: (775) 482-6155
    Official Website:
  • Tlc Care Center
    Contact Number: (702) 547-6700
    Address: – 1500, West Warm Springs Road, Henderson, Nevada-89014
    Fax: (702) 547-9191
    Email Id:
    Official Website:
  • Torrey Pines Care Center
    Contact Number: (702) 871-0005
    Address: – 1701, South Torrey Pines Drive, Las Vegas, Nevada-89146
    Fax: (702) 871-0494
  • Washoe Progressive Care Center
    Contact Number: (775) 982-5140
    Address: – 1835, Oddie Boulevard, Sparks, Nevada-89431
    Fax: (775) 982-5141