CNA Training in Montana

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Like other states, free CNA training in Montana imparts the knowledge to the candidates in two sections- theoretical and practical. The theoretical knowledge is provided in the classrooms, and the practical sessions are held in clinics or hospitals. The basic course of this CNA training programs gives students the knowledge about physiology, infection control, body mechanics, anatomy and nutrition, etc.

Obtaining a high school diploma certification or a General Education Development certificate is compulsory in every state, before you enrol yourself for any further academic program. The state also checks your proficiency in English language, whether you are efficient in reading, speaking, writing or not. Apart from these, your criminal record will also be verified by the administrative section.

Various inexpensive and free CNA training programs are available in Montana for those students, who are incapable of becoming a CNA due to being deprived of money. Such aspirants should try to explore about different low cost training options, at first, in their local areas. Every candidate must also inquire about the authenticity of these programs before enrolment, whether these are acknowledged by the state or not.

For more help in this aspect, you must also contact to different nursing homes, long term medical amenities, community and vocational colleges, rehabilitation centres, clinics, etc. These institutions can offer you scholarships and grants, if you meet their set criteria.

The state has also provided this facility to the displaced homemakers. Those, who have become deprived of money due to closing or declining of business, spouse’s disability, spouse’s death, divorce, etc., are also allowed to sign up for free or discounted CNA training programs. For more information regarding this program, you can follow the given Website:

There are also different nursing homes and health service providers in Montana that offer free of cost CNA training to those, who agree to work hard for them for a definite period. On the contract basis, you might have to work as their employee for around six months to one year. Once your duration is completed, you are free to work with some other employer.

Individuals, who are interested in becoming a CNA and are working as a non-medical professional at a nursing home or any other medical facility, can talk about this matter with their employers. Hard working and enthusiastic employees will certainly get a chance to get free of cost CNA training, sponsored by their respective organisations.

As per the guidelines of the federal government, trainees can receive all their CNA training related expenses, once they get their certification and get employed by the Medicare or Medicaid certified facilities in the state.

Here, we have mentioned the contact details of some of the nursing facilities, which might offer you low cost or free CNA training programs in Montana.

  • The Living Center
    Contact Number: (406) 777-5411
    Address: – 63, Main, Stevensville, Montana-59870
    Official Website:
  • Kalispell Regional Healthcare
    Contact Number: (406) 751-6500
    Address: – Brendan House, 350, Conway Drive, Kalispell, Montana- 59901
    Official Website:
  • Broadwater Health Center
    Contact Number: (406) 266-3186
    Address: – 110, North Oak Street, Townsend, Montana- 59644
    Fax: (406) 266-3180
    Official Website:
  • Dahl Memorial Nursing Home
    Contact Number: (406) 775-8739, (406) 775-8730
    Address: – P.O. Box No. – 46, 215, Sandy Street, Ekalaka, Montana- 59324
    Official Website:
  • Daniels Memorial Healthcare Center
    Contact Number: (406) 487-2296
    Address: – 105, 5th Avenue, East Scobey, Montana- 59263
    Official Website:
  • Glendive Medical Center
    Contact Number: (406) 345-3306
    Address: – 202, Prospect Drive, Glendive, Montana- 59330
    Official Website:
  • Fallon Medical Complex 
    Contact Number: (406) 778-3331
    Address: – 202 S., 4th Street West, P.O. Box No. – 820, Baker, Montana- 59313
    Official Website:
  • Marias Medical Center
    Contact Number: (406) 434-3200
    Address: – 640, Park Avenue, P.O. Box- 915, Shelby, Montana- 59474
    Official Website:
  • Mineral Community Hospital
    Contact Number: (406) 822-4841, (406) 822-4278
    Address: – 1208, 6th Avenue East, P.O. Box- 66, Superior, Montana- 59872
    Official Website:
  • Missouri River Medical Center and Benton Medical Center
    Missouri River Medical Center
    Contact Number: (406) 622-3331
    Address: 1501, Street Charles, Fort Benton, Montana- 59442
    Official Website:
  • Benton Medical Center
    Contact Number: (406) 622-5485
    Address: 1203, 15th Street, Fort Benton, Montana- 59442
    Official Website: