CNA Training in Louisiana

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The services for elderly persons also increase, with their growing age. This makes the demands for healthcare providers and nursing staffs go higher. When lots of people require care and treatments, they will get admitted to several nursing facilities, including hospitals and rehabilitation centres, etc. This increases the manpower requirements in the state. And then, the certified nursing assistants, who are focussed to make their career in the medical sphere, got the opportunity to prove their abilities.

CNAs in Louisiana learn how to help the patients in getting better quickly by working under the supervision of registered doctors or nurses and other health-check professionals. Louisiana also runs many state approved training programs for the CNAs. You have to attend the training and then, qualify the related exams to receive a CNA certification. If you have the intention to work as a CNA in the state, you need to maintain a clean criminal background. The state will also request you to provide a criminal record verification credential and fingerprint report, so that you may sit in the clinical training. Having knowledge of English language is a mandatory requirement for this training.

The training can be extended from few weeks to 6 or above month. To get a CNA certification in Louisiana, you need to undergo 80 hours of CNA training program in the state. 40 hours of the entire training are given to the classroom lectures and the left forty hours to the clinical practices. In the theoretical portion, you will learn about composition and functions of the human body, infection control, body mechanics, general patient care practices, basic anatomy, etc. The clinical practices involve the opportunity to rehearse inside the clinics and hospitals, under the commands of experienced medical staffs.

Those, who wanted to avail this training program, but do not have adequate money to pay the fees, can search for various free of cost programs in Louisiana. Training programs for certified nursing aides are conducted by different hospitals, long-term care amenities, technical colleges and nursing homes. Contacting these health settings can give you detailed information regarding CNA training programs in the state for free.

You can also try to get in touch with employers that can give you on the job paid CNA trainings. However, such employers demand you to sign a bond to work for a mentioned time-period. This has been beneficial for employers and employees, both. The trainees get the chance to obtain free of cost CNA training by the company, and in turn, the organisation to get a worker for a certain time. Most of the organisation does this, as this benefits them to train the candidates, who can assist them for various operations in the future as their proficient CNAs.

The local employment administrative centres can also guide you with scholarship grant details. The state normally spread awareness regarding such information to reach it to the large majority of people. Those, who have come from a financially weak family background, are unemployed or belong to a military family; the state is ready to support them to get such training at no cost. This is most often prevalent in Louisiana. So those, who belong from such conditions, can contact the nearby offices ASAP.

Online education is also a form of obtaining such free trainings in the state. Various online schools are quite prevalent for providing CNA training at no charge. However, before joining such programs, you must make sure that they should also have established reputation approved by an authoritative body.

The state of Louisiana has various local community centres and job placement bureaus to find out detailed knowledge regarding free of charge CNA training. The financial aid units of various colleges and universities can also direct you, whether you can obtain the financial aid packages or not. These packages will be given to you, either as scholarship or as grants to avail the CNA training for free.

You might also come across various local organizations or businesses that can sponsor free CNA training programs in Louisiana. Some of the companies hire non-certified candidates, after seeing the scarcity of certified nursing assistants in the state. These employers offer free of cost CNA training to such employees. Sometimes, they also get ready to pay for their entire training expenses.

Those, who have already got a CNA certification in Louisiana, can try to get employed with Medicaid or Medicare facilities. If they get selected by these employers within a year, then they can apply to get their entire expenditure of the CNA training course. Louisiana has enormous future prospects for CNAs to work there in various settings.

  • Avoyelles Manor Nursing Home
    Contact Number: (318) 922-3404
    Address: – 5682, Highway 107 South, Dupont, Louisiana-71329
    Fax: (318) 922-3680
    E-mail ID:
    Official Website:
  • Azalea Villa Nursing & Rehabilitation
    Contact Number: (337) 364-5472
    Address: – 1306, West Admiral Doyle Dr, New Iberia, Louisiana-70560
  • Baptist Retirement Center
    Contact Number: (318) 263-9581
    Address: – 1355, Sixth Street, Arcadia, Louisiana-71001
    Fax: (318) 263-8784
  • Basile Care Center
    Contact Number: (337) 432-6663
    Address: – 2907, East Schambers, Basile, Louisiana-70515
    Fax: (337) 432-6664
  • Baton Rouge Health Care Center
    Contact Number: (225) 774-2141
    Address: – 5550 Thomas Road, Baton Rouge, Louisiana-70811
    Fax: (225) 774-2143
    E-mail ID:
    Official Website:
  • Eden Gardens Nursing Center
    Contact Number: (318) 865-0261
    Address: – 7923, Line Avenue, Shreveport, Louisiana-71106
    Fax: (318) 865-5758
  • Eunice Manor
    Contact Number: (337) 457-2681
    Address: – 3859, Highway 190, Eunice, Louisiana-70535
    Fax: (337) 457-0728
    Official Website:
  • Evangeline Oaks Guest House
    Contact Number: (337) 896-9227
    Address: – 240, Arceneaux Road, Carencro, Louisiana-70520
    Fax: (337) 896-0801
    E-mail ID:
    Official Website:
  • Fair Oaks Nursing & Rehabilitation
    Contact Number: (318) 793-2368
    Address: – 1818, Highway 121, Hineston, Louisiana-71438
    Fax: (318) 793-2039
  • Fernandez Nursing Home
    Contact Number: (504)682-0131
    Address: – 2725, Bayou Road, St. Bernard, Louisiana-70085
  • Louisiana Guest House, Baton
    Contact Number: (225) 356-0644
    Address: – 7414, Sumrall Drive, Baton Rouge, Louisiana-70812
  • Luling Living Center
    Contact Number: (985) 785-8271
    Address: – 1125, Paul Maillard Road, Luling, Louisiana-70070
    Fax: (985) 785-9944
  • Lutheran Home, New Orleans
    Contact Number: (504) 246-7900
    Address: – 6400, Hayne Boulevard, New Orleans, Louisiana-70126
    Fax: (504) 246-6570
  • M.Mcgregor Jones Health Center
    Contact Number: (504) 486-1235
    Address: – 3316, Pine Street, New Orleans, Louisiana-70125
  • Madison Parish Home for Aged
    Contact Number: (318) 574-1541
    Address: – 701, North Chestnut Street, Tallulah, Louisiana-71282
    Fax: (318) 574-0554
  • Magnolia Estates
    Contact Number: (337) 216-0950
    Address: – 1511, Dulles Drive, Lafayette, Louisiana-70506
    Fax: (337) 216-0944
  • Magnolia Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation
    Contact Number: (318) 868-4421
    Address: – 1411, Claiborne Avenue, Shreveport, Louisiana- 71103
    Fax: (318) 868-4431
  • Olive Branch Senior Care
    Contact Number: (318) 574-8111
    Address: – 32, Crothers Drive, Tallulah, Louisiana-71282
  • Ollie Steele Burden Manor
    Contact Number: (225) 926-0091
    Address: – 4200, Essen Lane, Baton Rouge, Louisiana-70809
  • Opelousas General Hospital Snf.
    Contact Number: (337) 948-3011
    Address: – 520, Prudhomme Lane, Opelousas, Louisiana-70570
  • Ormond Nursing and Care Center
    Contact Number: (985) 764-1793
    Address: – 22, Plantation Road, Destrehan, Louisiana-70047
    Fax: (985) 764-1374
    E-mail ID:
    Official Website:
  • Our Lady of Lourdes Med Center Sn.
    Contact Number: (337) 289-2000, (337) 232-1480
    Address: – 611, St. Landry Street, Lafayette, Louisiana-70506
  • Our Lady of Prompt Succor Nf.
    Contact Number: (337) 948-3634
    Address: – 954, East Prudhomme Lane, Opelousas, Louisiana-70570
    Official Website: