CNA Training in Kentucky

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Certified nursing assistants play a vital role in the medical facility, which includes the time of emergency as well. Training is an essential part to prepare a candidate a proficient CNA. When your training program will be completed, then you need to qualify a state approved examination to obtain a CNA qualification.

A diploma in high school or a ‘General Education Development’ qualification certification is a mandatory requisite, before you get enrolled for this CNA training program. Applicants must maintain a clean criminal background. For that, they need to provide criminal background documentations and fingerprint report. This is required to let you sit in the clinical section of the training program. Proficiency in English writing, reading and speaking is a compulsory requirement. The training program has classroom lectures and clinical practices both; which give students the knowledge about nutritional assistance, personal hygiene and care of the patients, feeding the patients, giving injections, etc.

Normally, the training charges of CNA in Kentucky range in between $600 to $1000. However, if you cannot manage to pay the training fees; then you can search other ways to obtain a free CNA training in the state. Kentucky gives you various options to find out about free CNA classes in the state. You can travel to NIA Center, which is located in Louisville, and it’s a vast resource for providing paid and free of cost trainings. The state’s Works Program is again another alternative in Kentucky that can give you a detailed list of CNA education. The program also supports you with enough funds to cover all your expenditures.

Some of the health care settings, like ‘Scottsville Medical Centre’ also offers free of cost CNA classes that continue for one or two weeks. Though, they mostly select only to those candidates, who demonstrate substantial competence in becoming a capable nursing assistant. Apart from hospitals, you can gather information from state-acknowledged hospices, nursing homes, rehabs, long-term care amenities, etc. Some of the common places you can try at are ‘Berea Health Care Center’, ‘Lourdes Hospital’, ‘Beverly Health and Rehab’ Frankfort and ‘Georgetown Manor and Health Care Center’.

Along with various medical establishments, several online schools are also acknowledged for proposing free CNA courses in the state. The actual goal of offering free classes to the underprivileged candidates is to get capable employees for their organization. They consider that to give free training would be similar to hire a new staff and then train as a CNA. That is why they correlate the training fees with the salary, which they would have given to an untrained employee.

Internet education has also been proved to be quite aiding to those, who cannot pay for the training fees in the institutions. Many colleges and various health facilities also conduct such free online training programs for the deprived students. The online study can get you aware with the theoretical feature of the training, but for practical learning, you have to get associated with the institute that can provide you this learning for free.

A number of establishments may ask you to get appointed for them and avail the free CNA training. To get free CNA classes, you can also contact to your nearby government employment bureau. The state itself popularizes this news to reach the wide-ranging population of the state, in order provide aid to the unemployed or economically weak persons. The state will also give the privileged to the low-income individuals, unemployed, and military veterans to avail the training program at no cost.

You may also contact the ‘financial aid department’ that can give you the valid information of colleges and other regular education providers, offering free of charge nursing assistant training in Kentucky. You may go for receiving grants or scholarship benefit for these courses, whatever suits your needs. The financial assistance officer is available there to assist you, whether a financial package is obtainable or not.

The ‘Medical Center Scottsville’ is also a facility, which is being operated under the ‘Commonwealth Health Corporation’. If you can qualify the trainee position available at this facility, then the CHC can associate you with their free of cost CNA training program.  To apply at this facility, you may get their contact details to enquire about their education department on the website.

Kentucky also has some of the health service suppliers and nursing homes that offer free of charge CNA training to those, who concur to do a job with them for an aforementioned time. This duration of this contract can stretch from few months to around one year. Once, your time-period is over, you can switch your job with a bigger organisation for a better hike in the pay scale.

Here are the details of some of the Nursing homes that offer free of charge CNA training in Kentucky:

  • Beaver Dam Health Care Manor
    Contact Number: (270) 274-9039
    Address: – 1595, Highway 231 South, Beaver Dam, Kentucky-42320
    Fax: (270) 274-9039
  • Bedford Health Care Center 
    Contact Number: (502) 255-3244
    Address: – 50, Shepherd Lane, Bedford, Kentucky- 40006
    E-mail ID: 
  • Belle Meade Nursing
    Contact Number: (270) 338-1523
    Address: – 521, Green Dr., P.O. Box No– 565, Greenville, Kentucky-42345
    Fax: (270) 338-0248
  • Berea Health Care Center
    Contact Number: (859) 986-4710
    Address: – P. O. Box No-40, Berea, Kentucky- 40403
    Official Website:
  • Beverly Health and Rehabilitation, FrankfortAddress: – 117, Old Soldiers Lane, Frankfort, Kentucky-40601
    Contact Number: (502) 875-7272
  • Bon Harbor Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
    Contact Number: (270) 685-3141
    Address: – 2420, West 3rd Street, Owensboro, Kentucky- 42301
    Fax: (270) 684-4867
  • Bourbon Heights Nursing Home
    Contact Number: (859) 987-5750
    Address: – 2000, South Main Street, Paris, Kentucky- 40361
  • Boyd Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
    Contact Number: (606) 928-2963
    Address: – 12800, Princeland Drive, Ashland, Kentucky-41102
  • Georgetown Community Hospital
    Contact Number: (502) 868-1100
    Address: – 1140, Lexington Road, Georgetown, Kentucky-40324
    Official Website:
  • Georgetown Health Care Center
    Contact Number: (502) 863-3696
    Address: – 102, Pocahontas Trail, Georgetown, Kentucky-40324
    Fax: (502) 868-5254
    E-mail ID:
    Official Website:
  • Georgetown Manor
    Contact Number: (502) 368-5827
    Address: – 900, Gagel Avenue, Louisville, Kentucky- 40216
    Fax: (502) 361-0515
  • Glasgow Health and Rehabilitation Center
    Contact Number: (270) 651-3499
    Address: – 220 Westwood Street, Glasgow, Kentucky-42141
    Fax: (270) 651-3136
    Official Website: