CNA Training in Rhode Island

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CNA training plays a prominent role in preparing an efficient certified nursing professional in the state. Although, the time taken to complete the CNA training may differ depending upon the school or employer’s curriculum; still, it is imperative to go to 100 hours of CNA training in order to achieve the CNA certificate. Additionally, attending both portions of the training module is compulsory, which includes the classroom lectures and the clinical exercises.

The essential requirements, you must have before going for this training programs, include your age should be of 18 or more years and having a high school certification or a GED. You may also have to give in a criminal record check document or a fingerprint report, as this is significant to sit in the clinical training. English language is an obligatory requirement for this course.

People, who lack funds to pay the fees for this training program, can also obtain the CNA training for free in Rhode Island. Those, who desire to settle up their profession in the nursing field, can also find out various free or economical CNA training programs through local community centres.

Those, who get a CNA certification successfully and then, a job with the Medicaid or Medicare facility in one year, they can enjoy the complete reimbursement advantage for their training expenses. The complete training related expenditure is covered under this program for the successful candidates. The significant thing is that, you need to preserve all the CNA training related documentation, extremely cautiously to provide the employer.

By travelling to the local nursing homes, community centers, clinics and hospitals, rehabilitation centres, etc; you can come to know about the eligibility criteria and various organizations, regarding the free CNA training in the state. Many of these organizations want their trainees to get employed for them, in return of the free of cost training, which these institutions provide them. While, signing an agreement, you have to concur to work for a specified duration with the same employer.

Individuals, earning quite low wages or out of job at present, can also contact the local unemployment agency or income assistance office, in order to obtain the financial help.
The community and vocational colleges of every state have financial aid branches that render you the financial aid to begin with the CNA training. To gather more information, you can communicate with the program coordinator of the CNA training providers. The financial support provided to you will cover the entire training relevant costs. It may be either given to you as grants or scholarships.

The details below give you information regarding the Nursing settings of Rhode Island that might propose you CNA training for free:

  • Alpine Nursing Home Inc.
    Contact Number: (401) 397-5001
    Address: – PO Box No–457, Coventry, Rhode Island-02816
    Email Id: 
    Official Website:
  • Avalon Nursing Home Inc.
    Contact Number: (401) 738-1200
    Address: –57, Stokes Street, Warwick, Rhode Island-02889
    Email Id:
    Official Website:
  • Ballou Home for the Aged
    Contact Number: (401) 769-0437
    Address: – 60, Mendon Road, Woonsocket, Rhode Island-02895
    Fax: (401) 769-7481
    Email Id: 
    Official Website:
  • Bannister House Inc.
    Contact Number: (401)521-9600
    Address: –135, Dodge Street, Providence, Rhode Island-02907
    Official Website:
  • Bayberry Commons Inc.
    Contact Number: (401) 568-0600
    Address: – 181, Davis Drive, Pascoag, Rhode Island-02859
    Fax: (401) 568-3080
    Official Website:
  • Evergreen House Health Center
    Contact Number: (401) 438-3250
    Address: –1, Evergreen Drive, East Providence, Rhode Island-02914
    Fax: (401) 438-4813
  • Forest Farm Health Care Center
    Contact Number: (401) 847-2777
    Address: –193, Forest Avenue, Newport, Rhode Island-02840
    Fax: (401) 848-7403
    Official Website:
  • Grace Barker Nursing Center Inc.
    Contact Number: (401) 245-9100
    Address: –54, Barker Avenue, Warren, Rhode Island-02885
    Fax: (401) 245-3730
    Official Website:
  • Heberts Nursing Home Inc.
    Contact Number: (401) 231-7016
    Address: –180, Log Road, Smithfield, Rhode Island- 02917
    Fax: (401) 231-6149
  • Holiday Retirement Home Inc.
    Contact Number: (401) 765-1440
    Address: –30, Sayles Hill Road, Manville, Rhode Island-02838
    Official Website:
  • Jeanne Jugan Residence
    Contact Number: (401) 723-4314
    Address: –964, Main Street, Pawtucket, Rhode Island-02860
    Fax: (401) 727-2885
  • Kent Regency
    Contact Number: (401) 739-4241
    Address: –660, Commonwealth Avenue, Warwick, Rhode Island-02886
    Fax: (401) 732-3358
  • Laurel Healthcare Center
    Contact Number: (401) 821-0136
    Address: –51, Laurel Avenue, Coventry, Rhode Island-02816
    Fax: (401) 822-3120
  • Roberts Health Centre Inc.
    Contact Number: (401) 294-3587
    Address: –990, Ten Rod Road, North Kingstown, Rhode Island-02852
    Email Id: 
    Official Website:
  • Scallop Shell Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
    Contact Number: (401) 789-3006
    Address: –981, Kingstown Road, Peace Dale, Rhode Island-02879
    Fax: (401) 789-3562
    Official Website:
  • Scandinavian Home Inc.
    Contact Number: (401) 461-1433
    Address: –1811, Broad Street, Cranston, Rhode Island-02905
    Email Id:
    Fax: (401) 461-4005
    Official Website:
  • Shady Acres Inc.
    Contact Number: (401) 295-8520
    Address: –415, Gardner Road, West Kingston, Rhode Island-02892
    Fax: (401) 294-1050
  • Silver Creek Manor
    Contact Number: (401) 253-3000
    Address: –7, Creek Lane, Bristol, Rhode Island-02809
    Fax: (401) 254-1289
    Official Website: