CNA Training in Minnesota

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Individuals, who are willing to work as a CNA in Minnesota, have to qualify a CNA training program. The state conducts an approved CNA examination in Minnesota for applicants, who want to get CNA qualifications. The training curriculum takes around three to four weeks for completion. However, before you get a rush on, you need to gather certain essential credentials to become eligible for the training sessions. Credentials stating a clean criminal record and your fingerprints reports are required at the time of selection in this training program. English language is considered to be quite imperative for the CNA training in the state.

People, who can spend money to avail the CNA training in Minnesota, can find ample options. However, those who lack sufficient funds also hold various choices in this state. Various local job placement offices or employment agencies are available to direct you in this circumstance. However, before opting for any such free of cost programs, you have to make sure that these programs should be state recognized by Minnesota.

Every college or educational institution holds a financial aid department for offering financial assistance to the deprived students. However, meeting the essential requirements as defined by the department will be mandatory for them to receive the financial help. Students can apply for the help, either in the category of grants or as scholarships. There are also some colleges available in Minnesota, which provides credits to the apprentices, when they finish the entire training course.

Since, it is a health related program, it comprises clinical sessions, as well. After being divided into two parts; the training comprises classroom tutorials and practical exercises. In the theoretical aspects, students learn various subject matters, which include first aid essentials, medical definitions & terms, regular patient-care, CPR training, etc. Whereas, the clinical practices, prepare students to know, how to check temperature, pulse rate, blood pressure, wound dressing, prepare patient records, feed the patients, insert food tubes, insert and remove catheters, etc. Many trainees also gain the opportunity to earn for providing their services to the clinics. The 75 hours of training also prepares you to handle the documentation procedures, along with providing different psychological and hands-on skills. After learning these skills, you will need to be prepared to perform these skills at your CNA examination.

You also need to attain CPR skills as included in your training curriculum. You can also acquire the CPR skills from your nearby ‘Red Cross Association’, in case your school does not proffer CPR certification. You may contact an approved testing site in Minnesota, as there are many training institutions that may serve you approved testing sites. You can found this at ‘Minnesota Nurse Aide Registry’ website. Minnesota also conducts practice test for candidates, who want to see their potentialities, before the CNA examination. The practice test assists you on how much you still need to practise your skills and knowledge.

The state of Minnesota also conducts many Employer-Sponsored training programs for those, who are looking for a job and want to get a well- trained CNA, as well. Such employer-sponsored program normally continues for around three to four weeks. Candidates working in a healthcare facility on a non-medical job position can discuss with their employer about offering CNA training to them. There are possibilities for such establishments, to provide you state certified CNA training for free. They may also give you on the job training experience with pay. However, for that you might have to sign a predetermined agreement for certain duration with your employer.

Minnesota also supports the working staffs by making it compulsory for all the nursing homes certified by the state, to give the entire training costs back to the workers, who have been working for a minimum of 90 days. Make sure, that you have maintained all the fee receipts and training related credentials carefully to get the reimbursements.

You may also come across some of the high schools in Minnesota, which offer vocational training to the candidates, who are not interested in going to the college or any other institution.  Therefore, you too may explore about such schools to receive free of cost certified nursing assistant training to the eligible students.  You might have also known the fact that many adult education schools and community colleges too proffer CNA training in the state.

For your assistance, we can suggest you names of some famous nursing facilities that provides such training to the aspirant.

The ‘Benedictine Living Community of St. Peter’ is Catholic-based establishments and a division of ‘Benedictine Health System’. It provides a number of long-term care services, which comprises assisted living, nursing home, independent senior housing and skilled nursing. Benedictine also conducts CNA classes and proposes training to those, who like to become a certified nursing assistant in the state. Those, who have attended the training program from the ‘Benedictine’s living facilities’ can apply for a job position, as well; once they have qualified the licensing examination.

You may contact on the given address for more information regarding this:

Benedictine Health Center
Skilled Nursing
1907 Klein St.
St. Peter, MN 56082
Phone (507) 934-2203
Fax (507) 934-8392

The ‘Comfort Services LLC’ is another great institution of Minnesota that offers CNA training programs to potential students. The classes are conducted in three schedules for students, which includes daytime weekday sessions, evening weekday sessions and weekend day sessions. The courses offered here are designed to be finished within one month. Individuals, who have been caught up in any against the law activity or have lawbreaking behaviour, can not apply at Comfort Services LLC for any program.

Comfort Services LLC
515 West Lake St. Suite C
Minneapolis MN, 55408

Some more addresses that can facilitate you with this type of free CNA courses in the state:

  • Angels Care Center
    Address: – 300, North Dow Street, Canon Falls, Minnesota-55009
    Contact Number: (507) 263-4658
  • Annandale Care Center
    Contact Number: (320) 274-3737
    Address: – 500, Park Street East, Annandale, Minnesota-55302
    Fax: (320) 274-3631
    Email ID:
    Official Website:
  • Anoka Care Center
    Contact Number: (763) 421-2311
    Address: – 1040, Madison Street, Anoka, Minnesota-55303
  • Apple Valley Health Care Center
    Contact Number: (952) 236-2000
    Address: – 14650, Garrett Avenue, Apple Valley, Minnesota-55124
    Email ID:
    Official Website:
  • Appleton Municipal Hospital
    Contact Number: (320) 289-1580
    Address: – 30, South Behl Street, Appleton, Minnesota-56208
    Official Website:
  • Barnesville Good Samaritan Center
    Contact Number: (218) 354-2254
    Address: – 600, Fifth Street Se Box No. – 129, Barnesville, Minnesota- 56514
    Fax: (218) 354-2153
  • Barrett Care Center Inc
    Contact Number: (320) 528-2527
    Address: – 800, Spruce Avenue, Barrett, Minnesota-56311
    Email ID:
    Official Website:
  • Battle Lake Good Samaritan Center
    Contact Number: (218) 864-5231
    Address: – 105, Glenhaven Drive, Battle Lake, Minnesota-56515
    Fax: (218) 864-5498
  • Bayshore Health Center
    Contact Number: (218) 727-8651
    Address: – 1601, St Louis Avenue, Duluth, Minnesota-55802
    Email ID:
    Official Website:
  • Belgrade Nursing Home
    Contact Number: (320) 254-8215
    Address: – 103, School Street Box No. – 340, Belgrade, Minnesota-56312
  • Benedictine Health System
    Contact Number: (800) 833-7208, (218) 786-2370
    Address: – Duluth, Minnesota, 55805
    Fax: (218) 786-2373
    Official Website:
  • Country Manor Health Care and Rehabilitation Center
    Contact Number: (320) 253-1920
    Address: – 520, First Street Northeast, Sartell, Minnesota-56377
    Email ID:
    Official Website:
    Fax: (320) 253-2848
  • Courage Residence
    Contact Number: (763) 588-0811, (888) 846-8253
    Address: – 3915, Golden Valley Road, Golden Valley, Minnesota-55422
    Fax: (612) 520-0577
    Email ID:
    Official Website:
  • Crest View Lutheran Home
    Contact Number: (763) 782-1626
    Address: – 4444, Reservoir Boulevard Northeast, Columbia Heights, Minnesota-55421
    Fax: (763) 782-0857
    Email ID:
    Official Website:
  • Crestview Manor
    Contact Number: (218) 948-2219
    Address: – 649, State Street, Evansville, Minnesota-56326
    Fax: (218) 948-2004
  • Crossroads Care Center
    Contact Number: (507) 376-5312
    Address: – 965, Mcmillan Street, Worthington, Minnesota-56187
    Fax: (507) 376-9536
    Email ID:
    Official Website:
  • Crystal Care Center
    Contact Number: (612) 535-6260
    Address: – 3245, Vera Cruz Avenue North, Crystal, Minnesota-55422
  • Evergreen Terrace
    Contact Number: (218) 326-3431
    Address: – 2801, South Highway 169, Grand Rapids, Minnesota-55744
  • Fair Meadow Nursing Home
    Contact Number: (218) 945-6194
    Address: – Box No. – 8, 300 Garfield Avenue Southeast, Fertile, Minnesota-56540
  • Fair Oaks Lodge
    Contact Number: (218) 631-1391
    Address: – 201, Shady Lane Drive, Wadena, Minnesota-56482
    Fax: (218) 632-5028
  • Fairfax Community Home
    Contact Number: (507) 426-8241
    Fax: (507) 426-7340
    Address: – Tenth Avenue Southeast, PO BOX No- 131-M, Fairfax, Minnesota-55332
    Official Website:
  • Fairmont Medical Center Mayo Health
    Contact Number: (507) 237-8500
    Address: – 835, Johnson Street P.O. Box No– 835, Fairmont, Minnesota-56031
  • Greensview Health Care Center
    Contact Number: (218) 694-6987, (218) 964-6552
    Address: – 416, Seventh Street Northeast, Bagley, Minnesota- 56621
    Fax: (218) 634-3490
  • Guardian Angels Care Center
    Contact Number: 763-441-1213
    Address: – 400, Evans Avenue, Elk River, Minnesota-55330
    Official Website:
  • Harmony Healthcare
    Contact Number: (507) 886-6544
    Address: – 815, Main Avenue South, Rr #1, Box No. – 173, Harmony, Minnesota- 55939
    Email ID:
    Official Website:
  • Haven Homes, Maple Plain
    Contact Number: (763) 479-3655, (763) 479-1993
    Address: – 1520, Wyman Avenue, P.O. Box No. – 369, Maple Plain, Minnesota-55359
    Email ID:
    Official Website:
  • Lewiston Villa Nursing Home
    Contact Number: (507) 523-2453,
    Address: – 505, East Main Street, Lewiston, Minnesota-55952
    Fax: (507) 523-3699
    Email ID:
    Official Website:
  • Lexington Health and Rehabilitation Center
    Contact Number: (651) 645-0577
    Address: – 375, North Lexington Parkway, Saint Paul, Minnesota-55104
    Fax: (651) 642-9262
  • Linden Healthcare Center
    Contact Number: (651) 439-5004
    Address: – 105, West Linden Street, Stillwater, Minnesota- 55082
    Fax: (651) 430-2127
  • Little Sisters of the Poor
    Contact Number: 651-227-0336
    Address: – 330, South Exchange Street, Saint Paul, Minnesota-55102
    Email ID:
    Official Website: