CNA Training in North Dakota

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CNAs proffer multiple imperative responsibilities within the healthcare settings to the ailing persons. The role of nursing staff requires them to work as a intermediary between the sufferer and the doctor. Those, who have received CNA training from a state level certified training program, can get ample opportunity to earn higher pay packages in the state. The CNA training course takes a rigorous duration of 75 hours to complete, including the practical and academic knowledge, both.

Prior to going for this training course, make sure, you own a high school certification or a GED credential. Your criminal background must be clear in order to appear for this training course. Aptitude in English language is a must for all the candidates.

The ‘Division of Health’ Facilitiesacknowledges the CNA training programs throughout the North Dakota. The training cost might fluctuate from $350 up to $1000 in the state. Nevertheless, to those, who cannot have enough money to fill in the training fees into any expensive institution, North Dakota gives them a number of reasonable options, as well. Financially weak students can seek aid from various adult care centers, nursing homes, health-care communities and other medical facilities, to obtain the economical or at no cost CNA training. After, submitting a financial help application, you will become liable to receive a scholarship or grants, from these facilities. The ‘Division of Health Facilities’ can also provide you detailed knowledge regarding different  organisations or institutes, which proposes such reasonable training programs in the state.

For obtaining on the job CNA training, you alsocan gather information from various assisted living and adult care centers, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, etc. These establishments most of the times give CNA training at no cost, only to those, who are interested in working with them and are ready to sign a bond of an aforementioned time.

The list given here represents the details of Nursing homes, sited in North Dakota that might help the deprived students with free of charge or low-priced CNA training:

  • Arthur Good Samaritan Center
    Contact Number: (701) 967-8316
    Address: – 150, County Road 34, Arthur, North Dakota- 58006
    Fax: (701) 967-8961
    Email Id:
  • Ashley Medical Center
    Contact Number: (701) 288-3433
    Address: – 612, Center Avenue, North Ashley, North Dakota- 58413
    Email Id:
    Official Website:
  • Baptist Home Inc
    Contact Number: (701) 223-3040
    Address: – 1100, East Boulevard Avenue, Bismarck, North Dakota- 58501
    Fax: (701) 223-3053
  • Benedictine Living Center
    Contact Number: (701) 463-2226
    Address: – 609, 4th Avenue Northeast, Garrison, North Dakota- 58540
    Fax: (701) 463-2650
  • Bethany Homes
    Contact Number: (701) 239-3000
    Address: – 201, South University Dr, Fargo, North Dakota- 58103
    Email Id:
    Official Website:
  • Bethel Lutheran Home
    Contact Number: (701) 572-6766
    Address: – 1515, 2nd Avenue West, Williston, North Dakota- 58802
    Fax: (701) 572-7579
    Email Id:
    Official Website:
  • Bottineau Good Samaritan Center
    Contact Number: (701) 228-3796
    Address: – 725, East 10th Street, Bottineau, North Dakota- 58318
    Fax: (701) 228-2885
  • Central Dakota Village
    Contact Number: (701) 252-5660
    Address: – 501, 19th Street Northeast, Jamestown, North Dakota- 58401
    Fax: (701) 251-2643
    Email Id:
    Official Website:
  • Knife River Care Center
    Contact Number: (701) 873-4322
    Address: – 509, Central Avenue North, Beulah, North Dakota- 58523
    Fax: (701) 873-7693
  • Lakota Good Samaritan Center
    Contact Number: (701) 247-2902
    Address: – 608, 4th Avenue Southwest, Lakota, North Dakota- 58344
    Fax: (701) 247-2608
  • Larimore Good Samaritan
    Contact Number: (701) 343-6244
    Address: – 501, East Front Street, Larimore, North Dakota- 58251
    Fax: (701) 343-2153
  • Lisbon Area Health Services Nf
    Contact Number: (701) 683-6400
    Address: – 905, Main Street, Lisbon, North Dakota- 58054
    Fax: (701) 683-4345
    Official Website:
  • Luther Memorial Home
    Contact Number: (701) 786-3401
    Address: – 750, Main Street East, Mayville, North Dakota- 58257
    Official Website:
  • Lutheran Home, Good Shepherd
    Contact Number: (701) 947-2944
    Address: – 1226 1st Avenue North, New Rockford, North Dakota- 58356
    Fax: (701) 947-2290
    Email Id:
    Official Website:
  • Manorcare Health Services
    Contact Number: (701) 237-3030
    Address: – 1315, South University Dr, Fargo, North Dakota- 58103
    Fax: (701) 237-4296
    Official Website:
  • Prairieview Health Center Inc.
    Contact Number: (701) 442-3222
    Address: – 83, Lincoln Avenue, Underwood, North Dakota- 58576
  • Presentation Care Center
    Contact Number: (701) 246-3786
    Address: – 304, John Street, Rolette, North Dakota- 58366
  • Prince of Peace Care Center
    Contact Number: (701) 349-3312
    Address: – 201, 8th Street North, Ellendale, North Dakota- 58436
    Fax: (701) 349-3944
    Email Id:
    Official Website:
  • Rock View Good Samaritan Center
    Contact Number: (701) 862-3138
    Address: – Highway- 37, Parshall, North Dakota- 58770
    Fax: (701) 862-4102
  • Trinity Homes
    Contact Number: (701) 857-5800
    Address: – 305, 8th Avenue Northeast, Minot, North Dakota- 58701
    Fax: (701) 857-5908
    Email Id:
    Official Website:
  • Valley Eldercare
    Contact Number: (701) 787-7900
    Address: – 2900, 14th Avenue South, Grand Forks, North Dakota- 58201
    Fax: (701) 787-7959
    Email Id:
    Official Website: