CNA Training in Iowa

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Certified nursing assistants have to perform their duties with extreme dedication, as a patient care technician. Working as nursing aides, they cater the daily requirements of every patient. To become a certified nursing assistant in Iowa, one must possess various skills, like sympathy, physical strength, flexibility, caring attitude and endurance. Similar to other state of U.S., the training for CNAs also keeps a great significance in Iowa, as well. For obtaining a CNA certification, you have to appear in the state accredited CNA training program in Iowa. Qualifying all those exams accomplished by the state is essential to get the CNA certificate.

Those, who possess a high school diploma or a General Education Development certificate, can apply for this training program. The state comprises some other prerequisites as well, which requires you to maintain spotless criminal record. Your criminal background check and fingerprinting report are required for attending the clinical training. Ability to speak, write and read English language is a mandatory requirement for any state in the U.S.

Students, nowadays considers the profession of a CNA is a secured one and a good way of earning great pay. However, some of them left far behind to begin with this career, due to shortage of sufficient money to pay the fees. Nonetheless, several options are accessible in the state, to obtain the CNA training for free. You just need to give over some time to search for these opportunities.

Those, who are already employed with any health care facility or a nursing home, but are not functioning as a CNA; they can enquire from their employer, whether they can work there as a CNA or not. If you have been a dedicated and loyal employee for your employer, then you own a fair chance to avail a free of charge CNA training by your organisation. Generally, in such conditions the employer asks you to work for an aforementioned period after your training is done. They give you a contract to sign; so that, you cannot leave the job in between. After your contract is over, you can switch to some other company.

The state offers several free of cost CNA courses, after experiencing the shortage of nursing professionals. The constant boost in the demand of nursing professionals has also encouraged various assisted health settings and nursing homes, to offer free of cost CNA training to the interested candidates.

In order to seek any financial assistance or scholarship facility, you can speak to the financial support department of any college or institution. Iowa has several colleges and universities that provide you scholarship advantage and grants to acquire the CNA training program at no cost.

The local nursing homes, long-term health care services, vocational teaching centers, long term rehabilitation facilities, clinics, etc are also available in the state, to offer you CNA scholarships or training programs without any charge. However, you need to be a bit cautious before getting enrolled for training programs in these facilities, as there are many unauthorized programs are also operated in the state. Therefore, make sure that the training program you are applying for that must be recognized by the state. You can also get in contact with ‘The Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals’, as the department has accredited various free of charge CNA programs in Iowa. You can acquire profound information regarding the free training from this place.

The Medicaid or Medicare facilities are the best places to apply for a job. Once you get your CNA certification, you can apply for a job at this place. If you get hired by this facility, then you can get your training fees reimbursed after applying for it. But, make sure, you have maintained all your fee receipts and other training related documents carefully.

After the completion of this training, your job prospects are quite excellent in the nursing field. As per the job related site ‘’; the CNAs in Iowa earn around $10.11 to $12.70 as their hourly wages. Certified nursing assistants, who have just begun with this profession, can make a median pay of $15,000 to $35,000 every year.

The list represents you the contact details of the Nursing homes of Iowa that might give you free of cost CNA training in the state:

  • Chautauqua Guest Home #3
    Contact Number: (641) 228-5351
    Address: – 302, Ninth Street, Charles City, Iowa- 50616
  • Cherokee Villa Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
    Contact Number: (712) 225-5189
    Address: – 1011, North Roosevelt, Cherokee, Iowa- 51012
    Fax: (712) 225-6498
    E-mail ID:
  • Childserve Habilitation Center
    Contact Number: (515) 270-2205
    Address: – 5900, Pioneer Parkway, Johnston, Iowa- 50131
    Fax: (515) 276-0140
  • Clarence Nursing Home
    Contact Number: (319) 452-3262
    Address: – Second & Smith Street, Clarence, Iowa- 52216
    Fax: (319) 452-3848
  • Clarke County Public Hospital
    Contact Number: (641) 342-2184
    Address: – 800, South Filmore, Osceola, Iowa-50213
    Official Website:
    E-mail ID:
  • Clc Altoona
    Contact Number: (515) 967-4267
    Address: – 200, Seventh Avenue Southwest, Altoona, Iowa- 50009
  • Clc Carroll
    Contact Number: (712) 792-9281
    Address: – 500, Valley Drive, Carroll, Iowa- 51401
    Fax: (503) 524-0888
  • Forest City Good Samaritan Center
    Contact Number: (641) 582-2232
    Address: – 606, South 7th Street, Forest City, Iowa- 50436
    Fax: (641) 585-5733
  • Fort Dodge Villa Care Center
    Contact Number: (515) 576-7525
    Address: – 2721, 10th Avenue North, Fort Dodge, Iowa- 50501
    Fax: (515) 955-7528
  • Fort Madison Health Center
    Contact Number: (319) 372-8021
    Address: – 1702, 41st Street, Fort Madison, Iowa- 52627
    Fax: 319-372-8163
    Official Website:
    E-mail ID:
  • Fountain West Health Center
    Contact Number: (515) 223-1223
    Address: – 1501, Office Park Road, West Des Moines, Iowa- 50265
    Official Website:
  • Franklin General Hospital
    Contact Number: (515) 456-4721
    Address: – 1720, Central Avenue East, Hampton, Iowa- 50441
    Official Website:
  • Friendship Home Association
    Contact Number: (712) 563-2651
    Address: – 714, Division   Audubon, Iowa- 50025
    Fax: (712) 563-2342
    Official Website:
    E-mail ID:
  • Friendship Manor Care Centre
    Contact Number: (641) 236-6511
    Address: – 79, Sixth Avenue, Grinnell, Iowa- 50112
    Fax: (641)236-6713
  • Monticello Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
    Contact Number: (319) 465-5415
    Address: – 500, Pinehaven Drive, Monticello, Iowa- 52310
    Fax: (319) 465-3205
    Official Website:
  • Montrose Health Center
    Contact Number: (319) 463-5438
    Address: – 400, South 7th Street, Montrose, Iowa- 52639
    Fax: (319) 463-5439
    Toll Free: (888) 684-1642
    Official Website:
    E-mail ID:
  • Morning Sun Care Center
    Contact Number: (319) 868-7751
    Address: – 200, Washington, Morning Sun, Iowa- 52640
    Fax: (319) 868-7742
  • Morningside Rehabilitation and Care Center
    Contact Number: (712) 364-3327
    Address: – 600, Morningside Avenue, Ida Grove, Iowa- 51445
  • Mount Ayr Health Care Center
    Contact Number: (515) 464-3204
    Address: – 1504, East South Street, Mount Ayr, Iowa- 50854
    Fax: (515) 464-3723
  • Muscatine Care Center
    Contact Number: (563) 264-2023
    Address: – 2002, Cedar Street, Muscatine, Iowa- 52761
    E-mail ID:
  • Nelson Manor
    Contact Number: (641) 792-1443
    Address: – 1500, First Avenue East, Newton, Iowa- 50208
    Fax: (641) 791-1667
  • Nelson Nursing Home
    Contact Number: (515) 472-6126
    Address: – 807-809, West Taylor, Fairfield, Iowa- 52556
    Fax: (515) 472-9928
  • New Hampton Care Center
    Contact Number: (641) 394-3151
    Address: – 530, South Linn, New Hampton, Iowa- 50659
  • New Hampton Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
    Contact Number: (641) 394-4153
    Address: – 703, South Fourth Avenue, New Hampton, Iowa- 50659
    Official Website:
    E-mail ID:
  • Westview Acres
    Contact Number: (641) 446-4165
    Address: – 203, Southwest Lorraine, Leon, Iowa- 50144
    Fax: (641)446-6604
    Official Website:
    E-mail ID:
  • Westview Care Center
    Contact Number: (641) 843-3835
    Address: – 445, Eighth Avenue Southwest, Britt, Iowa- 50423
    Fax: (641) 843-3836
  • Westview of Indianola Care Center
    Contact Number: (515) 961-3189
    Address: – 1900, West Third Place, Indianola, Iowa- 50125
    Fax: (515) 961-0354
  • Westwood Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
    Contact Number: (712) 258-0135
    Address: – 3201, Stone Park Boulevard, Sioux City, Iowa- 51104
    Fax: (712) 258-6768
  • Wheatland Manor
    Contact Number: (319) 374-1295
    Address: – 515, East Lincoln way, Wheatland, Iowa- 52777
    Fax: (319) 374-1107
  • Williamsburg Care Center
    Contact Number: (319) 668-2311
    Address: – 100, Care Street, Williamsburg, Iowa- 52361
    Fax: (319) 668-9672