CNA Training in South Carolina

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No student can become a certified nursing professional and earn an excellent pay scale, without undergoing the CNA training program in South Carolina. The state of South Caroline approves these training programs for those, who are interested in obtaining a CNA certification. Various establishments offer these training programs in the state. However, it is entirely your accountability to check, whether the course you are enrolling for, is a state recognized or not.

Basic qualification requires a high school certificate or a GED for this training course in the state. To show your clean criminal record documentation is also mandatory for undergoing this training program in South Caroline. In order to attend the clinical part of course, you have to submit your fingerprints reports, as well. Knowledge of English language is also imperative to read, write and speak.

To attend the ‘National Nurse Aide Assessment Program’ assessment, it is essential for you to have attended the training from the state’s acknowledged program. Students are taught the fundamental nursing skills, under the comprehensive training sessions, which takes around 80 hours to complete. The training curriculum also prepares them for the ‘National Nurse Aide Assessment Program’ test. During the classroom tutorials, trainees will learn about various nursing related subject areas. Whereas, the laboratory sessions, makes them aware of the clinical functions and gives them thorough hands-on practices required in the clinics. While, working in the direct contact of the actual patients, the supervision of an instructor, a registered nurse or a doctor is a must for the students.

At some of the institutions, the CNA training fee might cost you higher, but the state has proposed many free of charge training courses for the potential CNAs, as well. For that, you have to keep on searching at your nearby training assistance centres.

Many people choose to avail the online option for the CNA training program, as it does not costs much, or it is free. In South Caroline, you may choose from a number of such online courses, which are offered by many state recognized institutions. Those, who are require to obtain a free of charge CNA training online course and work as a non-medical worker, can go for this option. The online education facility only provides you the theoretical knowledge of the training. For practical learning and exercises, you have to splurge some money on an institution that can offer you the practical portion.

Nowadays, the state is facing an enormous demand of CNA professionals for various work settings. To acquire the free of charge CNA training in South Caroline, you can also contact the adult care and local community centers, nursing facilities, vocational colleges, rehabilitation centers, etc. These facilities aid the deserving and poor candidates by offering them CNA training at no cost. But, after the completion of the training, the candidates have to get employed with the organisation, which has provided the CNA training for free.

This employment is done on the contractual basis by the consent of both parties for a fixed time-period. However, prior to getting registered with any of these facilities, you must enquire about the state recognition of these programs.

The Medicaid or Medicare facilities provide great relief to those, who get a job with them, within a year. These organizations of South Carolina give the entire reimbursement of the CNA training expenditure to the deprived students. To receive all the repayments of your training expenses, you have to submit the fee receipts and expenditure credentials to the administration.

Scholarships are also provided to the financially weak students in the state. To cover the whole expenditure of this training course, you can also be provided the help as grants. To avail any of these, you have to discuss with the financial aid division of the educational bodies, which provides such facilities. The local placement agencies and community centers can also direct you in this context, by providing you the details about the organizations that sponsor free of cost or low-priced CNA training programs in South Caroline.

The list below represents the information of nursing facilities in South Carolina that might offer free of charge CNA training to the in need students:

  1. Agape Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
    Contact Number: (803) 739-5282
    Address: –300, Agape Drive, West Columbia, South Carolina-29169
    Official Website:
  1. Allen Bennett Memorial Hospital Snf.
    Contact Number: (864) 848-8200
    Address: – 313, Memorial Drive, Greer, South Carolina-29651
    Fax: (864) 848-8510
  1. Anne Maria Rehabilitation and Nursing Center
    Contact Number: (803) 278-2170
    Address: –1200, Talisman Drive, North Augusta, South Carolina-29841
  1. Carolina Village Health Care Center
    Contact Number: (864) 330-8230
    Address: –2993, Van Valin Drive, Rock Hill, South Carolina-29732
  1. Carriage Hill Plantation
    Contact Number: (803) 643-3694
    Address: –550, East Gate Dr, Aiken, South Carolina-29804
    Fax: (803) 641-6229
  1. Central Carolina Health and Rehabilitation
    Contact Number: (803) 254-5960
    Address: –2451, Forest Dr, Columbia, South Carolina-29204
    Fax: (803) 252-0352
  1. Charleston Nursing Center
    Contact Number: (843) 884-8903
    Address: – 921, Bowman Road, Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina-29464
    Fax: (843) 849-5289 
  1. Cherokee Co. Ltc Facility
    Contact Number: (864) 487-2717
    Address: –1434, North Limestone Street, Gaffney, South Carolina-29340
  1. Chester County Nursing Center
    Contact Number: (888) 959-5948
    Address: –1, Medical Park Drive, Chester, South Carolina-29706
  1. Edgefield Health Care Center
    Contact Number: (803) 637-5312
    Address: – 1, Wa Reel Dr, Edgefield, South Carolina-29824
  1. Ellen Sagar Nursing Home
    Contact Number: (864) 427-5187
    Address: –1817, Jonesville Highway, Union, South Carolina-29379
    Fax: (864) 427-2666
  1. Fountain Inn Nursing Home
    Contact Number: (864) 862-2554
    Address: –P.O. Box No-67, 501 Gulliver Street, Fountain Inn, South Carolina-29644
    Fax: (864) 862-6650
  1. Medford Place
    Contact Number: (843) 398-7000
    Address: –105, Medford Drive, Darlington, South Carolina-29532
    Fax: (843) 398-7022
  1. Methodist Manor
    Contact Number: (843) 664-0700
    Address: –2100, Twin Church Road, Florence, South Carolina-29505
    Fax: (843) 669-9008
    Official Website:
  1. Morrell Memorial Convalescent Center
    Contact Number: (843) 383-5166
    Address: –900, North Marquis Highway, Hartsville, South Carolina-29551
    Fax: (843) 383-9072
  1. Mountainview Nursing Home
    Contact Number: (864) 582-4175
    Address: –340, Cedar Springs Road, Spartanburg, South Carolina-29302
    Official Website:
  1. Mullins Nursing Center
    Contact Number: (843) 464-8211
    Address: –518, S Main Street, Mullins, South Carolina-29574
    Fax: (843) 464-1330
  1. Myrtle Beach Manor
    Contact Number: (843) 449-5283
    Address: –9547, Highway 17 North, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina-29572
    Fax: (843) 497-0880
    Official Website:
  1. N Greenville Hospital Sac
    Contact Number: (864) 834-5132
    Address: –807, N Main, Travelers Rest, South Carolina-29690
    Official Website:
  1. Newberry Co. Memorial Hospital Tcu
    Contact Number: (803) 276-7570
    Address: –2669, Kinard Street, Newberry, South Carolina-29108
    Fax: 803.276.6885
    Email Id:
    Official Website: