CNA Exams in Delaware

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If you are planning to go for the nursing exam in the state of Delaware, after the completion of your courses, you have to send an application along with the testing fees payment. You also need to provide a proof of state approved CNA program in Delaware. You will get all the information regarding the exact date of testing and location, within a couple of weeks. You also have to be well-dressed while going for the examination, as it will obtain few hours.

All the candidates, who have completed an approved nursing training course in the state of Delaware, must undertake the competency exam within 30 days after completion. The “Certificate of Completion” is a prerequisite of testing, and it should be acquired from an approved training program. It must also be dated in 24 months of the existing testing date.

Those, who cannot get qualified in the nursing test, in the first go, can attempt for the test two more times. Candidates, who are not able to succeed in the CNA test even after the third attempt, they have to undergo the entire CNA training program once again, before attempting for the test anymore. Fail candidates must qualify the nursing test in the duration of 90 days after completing the facility program, so that they can continue to be allowed in the staffing calculations.

Components of the Examination:

The components of examination comprise written and performance based questions, and certain skills to perform. You may check out the sample, available on ‘Prometric’.

Even if, you will qualify the test and got to know just after finishing it, still you will have to wait for a minimum of 10 days, to receive your CNA certification, after the date of the test. Just then, you will be considered as certified and will be enlisted on the ‘Delaware State Registry’ for nurse aides.

Written Examination:

The first part of the test will be the written knowledge examination, which contains 60 questions that you will need to reply within 1.5 hours.

Some of the major concerns, you need to be familiar with, to describe in the written CNA tests are:

  • Verbalize perceptive of anatomy, pathophysiology and physiology of general disorders in the elderly.
  • Explain the effects of aging on the different organs and systems inside the body.
  • Illustrate the signs and symptoms of regular disorders.
  • Explain the pathophysiology of general disorders.
  • Scrutinize report and document situation changes using correct medical terminology.
  • Recognize fundamental medical emergencies and how to act in response appropriately.
  • Assist the client with exercise schedule as specified in the care chart.
  • Recognize ways to avoid contractures.
  • Efficiently converse with the Rehabilitation Department.

Skills Evaluation:

The second part of the test is the clinical skills presentation. For this, you will get 35 minutes to display your nursing skills in front of the Nurse Aide Evaluator. It is essential to show that you are proficient enough in five practical applications of the job.

Some of the essential parts of the ‘Train‐The‐Trainer’ Programs, which you might prepare, are:  

  • Training Course Content
  • Communication methods/techniques
  • Role of the Trainer
  • Demonstration/ Presentation skills
  • Teaching a process/course of action
  • Teaching methods
  • Training presentations
  • Developing an official training plan
  • Course Management Information

Eligibility Route; Documentation needed:

Request for the CNA Certification for:

  • 18 or above years
  • Comprehensive training accomplishment, from an approved training course.
  • Fresh Nurse Aide- Signature of the Training Instructor in an official document.
  • Nursing Student- A legitimate letter from your school indicative of successful completion of your course.
  • Lapsed Nurse Aide- Substantiation of past certification.
  • Out of State Certification- A photocopy of current GNA or CNA certificate
  • LPN or RN- A copy of diploma.

For the CNA exam:

A nursing aide, who has got employed or received an employment offer from a government, recognized nursing facility; the nurse aide will be provided the study materials for free and will not be charged for any segment of the program including tuition, tests or other required course materials.

Exam Fees

The approved nursing training programs can differ in prices in Delaware; however, it ranges in between $800 to $1000, which included books and other study related materials. The courses take few months to complete and then the candidates can pertain for the test.

The separate Testing comprises:

Oral & Skills: $118
Written & Skills: $108
Written retake: $40
Skills Exam only retake: $68
Oral only retake: $50