CNA Exams in Montana

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To achieve a certification as a nursing aide in Montana, candidates are required to go for an approved training program, qualify both parts of the test, and fulfil the other criteria of the MT DPHHS (Montana Department of Health and Human Services).

As described in the OBRA regulations, a nursing aide competency program offers certain principles and values for nursing aide related skills and knowledge.The major aim of a Nursing Assistant Competency Evaluation Program in Montana is to assure that the candidates, who are aspiring to be a nurse aide, must understand these standards properly, and perform the tasks of an entry-level aide proficiently.

The state of Montana has accredited Headmaster LLP to give scoring and testing services for CNA testing. In Montana, the candidates, who do not get the opportunity to complete a MT DPHHS approved training program, can challenge the state exam one time without any training, just to qualify and apply for the Nurse Aide Certification.

Components of the Exam

The CNA Exams in Montana are divided into two parts- a multiple-choice knowledge/oral test and a manual skills test.

Written/Oral Test

The written test consists of 72 objective-type questions, which you need to complete within 90 minutes. The questions involved in the written test are selected from the topics, derived from the approved Montana test composition. The questions are taken from all the important categories, as described in the OBRA regulations. A minimum of 75% or above is required to pass the written portion of the test. At various sites in Montana, the facility of electronic testing (known asWebEtest©) is available. In electronic testing, Internet connected computers are used to conduct the examsWebEtest© reduces the shipping time of the examination materials that facilitates in quick availability of the test results.

Those, who wish to go for an audio (or oral) version of the test, can avail it only through online testing sites. While submitting the application, they need to request for it. The aspirants are also ought to pay an additional charge. The questions will be displayed on the computer screens, and candidates will hear the questions with the help of computer headphones. They can pause, rewind or play the questions, using control buttons.

  • The Test Proctor, available in the testing room, will hand out the materials and provide instructions for taking the test.
  • Applicants will be given a time limit of 90 minutes to finish 72 questions of the Knowledge test.
  • The proctor will also give a reminder when only 15 minutes remain.
  • You are not allowed to ask questions regarding the content of the Knowledge test. For example, “What does this question mean?”
  • You will need to fill the answer sheet, using the number 2 pencil.
  • No marking in the testing booklet will be acceptable.

Skills Evaluation

The main aim of the skill evaluation is to assess your hands-on ability as a Nursing Assistant. During the skills evaluation test, ‘Hand Washing’ will be the first task to be performed by every candidate. Then, you will have to perform four other tasks, given by your test evaluator. The scores depend on how efficiently, you demonstrate each task. Without missing any step, you have to score 80% or above in the test. If a candidate gets fail in the skill evaluation, he/she will have to go another test to perform the five given tasks. These tasks may also include the skills in which, you have been previously failed.

  • During the skills test, all of the five situations related with the five assigned nursing tasks will be read to you, just before you perform every task.
  • You must listen to all the instructions carefully, given by the Test Observer.
  • Make sure that you have understood all the instructions clearly before starting the test, as you will not be allowed to ask any question, once the test starts.
  • Every candidate will get 35 minutes of time to execute the five tasks.
  • To get qualified in the overall CNA exam, you must perform all the 5 tasks, correctly.
  • A reminder will be given when you will be left with 15 minutes of time.
  • While executing a task, if you realize that you have made a mistake, you must inform the Test Observer about it.
  • You can repeat any incorrect step during your allotted thirty-five minutes.
  • Be sure that you have not told the Test Observer about the completion of the task, as after that, no chance will be given to you to correct your mistake.
  • Also, you need to remember that once the skill test has started, the Test Observer will not answer any of your questions.
  • During your skill performance, you may ask the Test Observer to move anywhere in the class at any point of time, so that he/she may assist you to provide security to the patient.
  • A Test Observer holds the right to stop the demonstration of a skill for safety purposes.


Before going for scheduling an examination date, you must either successfully attend a Montana Department of Health and Human Services accredited CNA training program, or confront the state exam.

  • A complete testing application, along with required fees has to be submitted to Headmaster either by the candidate, employer or the trainer.
  • Completing the ‘Montana Testing Application Form 1101’ is compulsory for every applicant.
  • Once the Headmaster gets the candidate’s application request, it goes under the process.
  • Headmaster will email or mail the applicant a notice letter, notifying the applicant to contact the Test Observer to schedule a testing date and time.
  • Headmaster will have to deliver the applicant’s test materials to the Test Observer for admin purposes.
  • The applicant must try to contact with the Test Observer as soon as possible and take the test within 2 weeks, after receiving the Test Observer’s contact information.
  • In case, the candidate is unable to get in touch with the Test Observer and undertake the test within 2 weeks, he/she will be marked as a “No Show”. All the testing fees will be forfeited, and the candidate has to reapply and repay for the entire examination process.

Fee Payment

Make sure, you have gathered all the required documents before going for the examination. Additionally, these should be valid and up-to-date; otherwise, your exam application request may get cancelled, instantaneously.

  • No forms with incorrect information, signature or payment will be accepted.
  • If a training certification of pre-dated completion is received by the administration, then it will not be considered as valid and returned back to the candidate.
  • The name mentioned on the ID or the candidate’s certification must exactly match the name, printed on the application; otherwise, the forms will be returned back.
  • Candidates need to make a credit card payment, if the forms are faxed. A Priority Fax Service Fee of $5 will be applicable.
  • If a candidate makes the payments through personal checks or cash, then, it will not be accepted.
  • The mode of payments must be Money Orders, Facility Checks, Cashier’s Checks, MasterCard, Visa credit or debit cards.

On the Day of Exam

Candidates are required to follow the below given instructions on the exam day:

  • You should reach 30 minutes before the scheduled time.
  • Do not forget to bring the essential IDs and documents for the exam.
  • Your must present your valid IDs at the time of testing.
  • The FIRST and LAST names, printed on your IDs, should match your FIRST and LAST name on the application.
  • Gadgets, electronic devices and any other personal items will not be allowed inside the testing room.
  • If a candidate is found using any gadget or assistive-device, when the test is going on, he/she will be immediately eliminated from the testing. All the testing fees of such candidates will be forfeited, and the candidate will not be granted permission to test for a period of 6 months.
  • No candidate is allowed to carry personal belongings, like large bags, briefcases, study materials, papers, extra books, etc. into the testing room. If any such material is observed inside the testing room by the administrator, it will be taken instantly and returned back to the candidate, after the test gets over.
  • Candidates are also not permitted to take notes or any other resources from the testing room.
  • Eating, drinking or smoking is not allowed during the test.
  • If any candidate is observed causing an interruption or getting engage in any misconduct, he/she will be suspended from the testing process. This will be reported to his/her training program along with the MT DPHHS.
  • No guests, visitors, children or pets will be allowed to enter in the test site.
  • During testing, you are not permitted to leave the testing room.

If an applicant is found neglecting any of the testing policy, he/she will be considered as a ‘No Show’. Additionally, the paid testing fees will also not be reimbursed. After getting marked as ‘NO SHOW’ in the test, you will have to re-submit a ‘Scheduling and Payment Form’ with advance payment of fees.


Candidates, who are not prepared to take the CNA exam due to some exigency or any other causes, can cancel the scheduled test date. If you cancel a testing date and request for the repayment of the test fees, an amount of $20.00 will be deducted from the earlier submitted fees to process the refund. You may send the cancellation request to Headmaster in writing via USPS. You can also email at for cancellation.


There are certain rules for rescheduling the test exams, which are as follows:

  • For rescheduling any part of the CNA exam, contact the Test Observer one day before the scheduled test date.
  • If you do not notify the cancellation or rescheduling of your test on time, it will be taken as a “No Show” and your testing fees will be forfeited. After that, you will be required to submit a new test fees to get a new scheduled exam date.
  • In order to schedule a new exam date, a fee of $20.00 must be paid to the Headmaster.
  • Check “Reschedule Fee” option on the Payment & Scheduling Form 1402. Submit it to the Headmaster, along with the payment.

No Shows

A candidate will be considered a No Show, if he/she is not prepared to test or doesn’t arrive on time on the scheduled date and time. In this case, the fees already paid to Headmaster, will get fortified.

  • No Shows candidates are required to submit a new Payment & Scheduling Form 1402 and pay requisite fees to Headmaster for scheduling a new exam date.
  • A No Show candidate will be given free retest option only in case of any justifying circumstances or emergency situations.
  • Candidates, who want to avail the free retest option, must provide proof of the emergency.

Exam Results

Montana reveals the candidate’s exam result after 6:00 pm Mountain Time on their official website, after the exam scores are available. The results of paper exams are usually declared within 3-5 business days. If the test is conducted online at a WebETest© testing facility, then, the results will be declared on the next business day.


The exams results of those candidates, who have passed both the tests (written/oral and skills evaluation) of the CNA exams, will be forwarded to the MT DPHHS. Qualified candidates will be authorized by the MT DPHHS and provided a certification, once they meet all the requirements.


Candidates, who fail in either part of the test, can apply again to retake the failed portion. Such candidates will be mailed or emailed a failure notification letter (comprising the details of the test result and the procedure to reapply for the test) at their address of record.


  • For retesting, you need to fill a Retest Request Form (Form 1301).
  • Fill correct address on the top portion of the failure results letter.
  • You need to choose a test site in the Form from the regional testing site list.
  • Select the exam type and mode of payment in the form.
  • Sign at the bottom of the Retest Request Form.
  • Mail or fax it to Headmaster.
  • Remember to include credit card information, if you are faxing it.

Test Review

Candidates can also avail the option of reviewing their test results. For that, you need to submit a test review fee of $25. To apply for a review, you also need to provide a detailed explanation or reasons for the result review. The payment and the request must be submitted through mail or fax within ten business days of your test date (excluding Holidays, Saturdays and Sundays). Requests sent late or missing review fees will not be accepted. The entire review responsibilities for the results are taken by Headmaster.

In case of any query, you may contact to Headmaster at 800-393-8664 or log on to