CNA Exams in New Hampshire

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New Hampshire maintains certain requirements for individuals, who are attempting to become a CNA. New Hampshire Board of Nursing (NHBON) is a regulatory board, which is responsible to maintain the healthy life of the citizens, residing in the state. It provides various educational courses and training facilities to become a CNA. For this, one has to qualify a certification test and enrol on the nurse aide registry of New Hampshire.

The aspirants need to register themselves for the authentic CNA classes. The nursing assistant program must comprise of a minimum 75 hours of classroom lectures and 25 hours of hands-on training. The training should be focused on the clinical activities of a nurse aide in a medical setting.


For appearing for certified nurse assistant exams, one has to meet the below mentioned eligibility criteria.

  • Qualifying a criminal background verification process.
  • Undergoing a full physical check-up, including a negative TB check, immunization, and no drug test.
  • Candidates must be of 18 years or above.
  • Graduated with a minimum qualification of GED or a high school diploma.
  • Passing fingerprint test.

On the Day of Exam

  • Candidates must arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled exam.
  • Candidates must possess 2 identification forms, one must be a photo ID, driving license, passport or government issued Photo ID.
  • Improper identification forms will not be accepted.
  • Late candidates will not be allowed to enter the examination hall.
  • The name on the application must resemble the name mentioned on IDs.
  • If you are recently married or divorced, you will have to bring a marriage certificate or divorce decree.
  • Wear a watch with a second hand.
  • Appear in a proper uniform.
  • Carry a blue or black pen.

Examination Rules and Regulations

Here are the rules and regulations of CNA exams, which every applicant must compulsorily follow.

  • Electronic devices, like pagers and cell phones are not allowed in the examination hall.
  • During the testing process, these electronic items are needed to be turned OFF.
  • Eatables are not permitted in the exam hall.
  • No smoking breaks are allowed.
  • Bathroom facilities will be allowed in between written and clinical exams.
  •  Candidate will be dismissed for creating disorder in the exams.
  • Guests, family members, and children are not allowed to visit the exam center.
  • If English is not your primary language, you will be allowed to carry an unaltered translation dictionary.
  • Electronic dictionaries are not permitted.
  • Cheating is not allowed.
  • If you are found cheating, your exam will be cancelled at that moment.
  • Sharing the information after finishing the exam is punishable.

Written Test

The CNA written exam consists of multiple choice questions. The examiner will hand over the materials to each candidate in the examination hall. Candidates will be provided 90 minutes to take the exam. There will be 60 multiple choice questions in the exam paper. The examiner will intimate the candidates about the remaining time in the exam. You are not allowed to ask questions about the contents mentioned in the test, like “What does this question mean?” Candidates are required to mark the answers correctly on the answer sheet provided. Any question unanswered will be considered as wrong. Candidate must obtain 70% or above marks to pass the written exam.

Oral Test

The test can also be given in oral form, which is offered through audio CD. The candidates, taking the oral exam, are provided with a copy of the written test and they have to follow along with it. The questions are read two times only.  After the completion of the exam, all test materials are required to be left in the test room. If one opposes, it will be a matter of prosecution and will be reported to the NH Board of Nursing.

The Clinical Skills Exam

When it comes to the clinical test, one must review all the skills in their textbook. The examiner will explain you where the equipment is located and will answer questions about the equipment. Once you are started with the clinical skills, you will not be allowed to ask any question. While performing any skill, if you perform any mistake, intimate it to the examiner and then, perform the skill correctly. The test is not only about your ability to perform the assigned task, but also to check your ability to take instructions from the examiner. You will also be evaluated on your understanding of indirect observations. Here are the indirect observations, you are tested on: Knocks on door

  • Leaves call bell in place
  • Checks ID of residents
  • Follows infection control practices
  • Provides privacy
  • Safety
  • Communicates procedures to the resident
  • Completes all assigned tasks
  • Introduces self

Helpful Tips

  • Review and practice all the clinical skills in your textbook.
  • Listen attentively the instructions specified by the exam evaluator.
  • Consume required time to perform each skill correctly.
  • Be courteous while working with the actor, enacting the role of the resident.

Test Evaluations

Candidates will be asked to finish an evaluation on the testing site at the end of the examination. The evaluations conducted will be kept confidential and will not have any effect on the scores of the competency exams.

Test Results

Candidates will be provided results verbally on the day of your test. These verbal results, which a candidate receives, are unofficial. If a candidate chooses Excel Testing, the results will be provided through an official email. Once the Excel Testing gets your result, it verifies it and sends to you within 3 business days. Your LNA program and NH Board of Nursing will also receive a report. If you successfully pass both written and oral tests, you will be listed on the NH Nurse Aide Registry.


If a candidate fails in the written or oral exams, he/she may retake the failed portion of the exam. For this, one has to contact the LNA Training provider or Excel Testing at 603-647-4900 for getting information about another test site. You will not be allowed to retest until 2 days after taking the previous exam. If you do not qualify a portion of the exam, the examiner will provide you counselling after the completion of exam about any failed results. If you fail the clinical skills portion of the exam, your score report will reveal that in which skill, you did not perform up to the mark.

Duplicate Score Report

In case, you misplace your original score report or you require a duplicate copy of it, visit the below mentioned website:

Download a duplicate score report request form from this site. You need to mail your completely filled form along with $20 to the address mentioned on the form. Once the form and payment is received, your duplicate copy will be sent to you.

Tips for Success

  • Before taking a test, get a good night sleep.
  • To know the location and parking details, visit the exam center ahead of time.
  • Have a nutritious and healthy meal before taking the exam.
  • Bring a translation dictionary, if English is your second language.
  • To keep your nerves in control, practice deep breathing.
  • Think about a successful test day.