CNA Exams in Tennessee

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The Tennessee Department of Health has permitted D&S Diversified Technologies to cater to the needs of tests, scoring services and test scheduling procedures of Tennessee Nurse Aide Testing.  This department conducts the examination, classroom education, dining assistant programmes, and training of the aspirants.

The individuals, who desire to apply for the nurse aide test of Tennessee have to follow the below points, so that, they can become eligible to appear for the exam.

  • Incomplete applications (missing information, missing signature, illegible applications, missing or incorrect payment) will be returned back to the applicants.
  • Money Orders, Facility Checks, Facility Purchase Orders, Cashier’s Check, MasterCard, Visa or MasterCard are acceptable.
  • Personal checks and money in cash are not accepted.
  • Applicants, who wish to take test in less than ten business days from the date when D&S gets their application, will have to pay $19.50 Overnight Shipping and $15 Express Service Fee. Only an Express Service Fee of $15 is required to be paid by the candidates, who test at WebETest site.
  • Applications must be received 10 days before the requested test date, excluding Holidays and Sundays.
  • Your test date and time will be notified to you by D&S via mail or email.
  • Applicants should remain in touch with the website to ensure that no changes regarding their test have taken place.


To become an authorized CNA, below mentioned things are to be remembered:

  • The candidates must have a GED or diploma in high school.
  • The aspirants are required to have completed the age of 18.
  • You must have successfully completed the state approved nursing assistant training program.

Components of a CNA Exam

The Tennessee Nursing Aide examination comprises of two parts, which includes a written segment and a skill test segment.  Candidates can either opt for written or oral examination, but skill test is mandatory for all. The written/oral examination checks the theoretical knowledge of the aspirant and his/her command over the language. To determine the clinical skills of the applicant, the skill test is held. The order, in which the test is to be given, is selected by the candidate.

Written/Oral Test

The CNA written examination encompasses a multiple-choice layout, where, the applicant is given 90 (ninety) minutes to complete 75 (seventy-five) questions. The exam can be given in English or Spanish. The questions are formed on the below given subject areas and are included from the categories, defined in OBRA regulations.

  • Infection Control
  • Safety
  • Communication
  • Data Collection
  • Role and Responsibility
  • Care Impaired
  • Personal Care
  • Basic Nursing Skills
  • Mental Health
  • Disease Process
  • Resident Rights
  • Aging Process

Those candidates, who are not very comfortable in reading English or Spanish, or if English or Spanish is their secondary language, can also opt for Oral exam. The mode, in which the applicant wishes to take the exam, is decided and chosen at the time of filling up of the application form.

The candidates, who chose to take up the oral format, are provided with a cassette tape, scan form and test booklet. Out of all, ten questions will not be read to the candidate on the tape as these must be read and answered in English without the help of the oral aide. This is done to check the English proficiency of the candidate.

Skills Test

The clinical skill test comprises of five fundamental skills, on the basis of which, the nursing know-how of the aspirant is tested. Out of the five skills, Hand Washing is the first skill that a candidate requires to execute and rest four skills are selected at random from the list.

The candidates are required to score at least 80% to pass the test, and they are assessed individually on every step.  If you fails or does not complete any task or step, you will have to take another test with five tasks on it, which includes one of the tasks, you failed.

Points to Remember while Taking Clinical Skills Test

  • All candidates are given a print of General Instructions, which has to be studied immediately and thoroughly.
  • Listen carefully to the instructions, given by the invigilator.
  • Before you begin to perform any task, the scenario related to that task will be read to you. You can request your examiner to repeat any of the 5 scenarios anytime, if needed, during your clinical skill test.
  • The candidates will be provided thirty-five minutes to complete their five skills.
  • If an applicant makes any error at the time of performing a task, he/she should inform the same to the observer and then, repeat the incorrect task again within the allotted 35 minutes.
  • Once the skill-test starts, the examiner is not permitted to respond to any queries of the candidate.
  • The observer will tell you when fifteen minutes remain.
  • To qualify the skills test, you need to attain passing marks in each skills.

Exam Fee

Fees/Services/Tests TDH Funded Advance Pay
Written NA $30.00ea
Oral NA $30.00ea
Skills NA $60.00ea
Priority Fax Service $5.00ea $5.00ea
Express Service Fee $15.00ea $15.00ea
Express Overnight Shipping $19.50 $19.50
No Show $40.00ea No Refund
Reschedule $35.00ea $35.00ea
Cancellation $25.00e Partial Refund

ADA Accommodations

D & S Diversified Technologies Nurse Aide Testing program and the Tennessee Department of Health offer reasonable accommodation for the candidates, who suffer from any kind of disability, which may hamper the applicant’s competence to take the nurse aide examination.

Accommodations are made available in conformity with the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you are also a disable or suffer from any such limitation and want to apply for an accommodation, fill the form 1404TN, available on the below given website:

Submit completed forms to D & S Diversified Technologies.

On the Day of the Exam

To assure the proper execution of the nursing aide examinations, below given rules are to be followed on the day of the exam.

  • Applicants are required to appear at the test site 20-30 minutes before the scheduled time.
  • They must bring their government issued and non-expired self-attested photo ID along with them, which includes driver license, state ID, military ID, passport, and a Social Security Card.
  • If a candidate fails to carry any requisite documents, he/she will not be allowed to appear for the exam, and has to reapply for a new test date along with the testing fees.
  • The candidates have to compulsorily be in full clinical attire, clinical shoes, and properly tied hair or else, the candidate will be considered as a No Show and debarred from the exam.
  • The name and signature of the candidates must match the initials, entered in the database.
  • You should not bring or use ink pens for marking the answers.

Testing Policy

The following courses of action must be observed by the applicants at each test site:

  • If the candidate arrives late for the confirmed test, or does not bring apposite ID, he/she will not be allowed to take the test, and fees will not be refunded.
  • If a candidate becomes No Show on the day of testing, he/she will not be considered qualified for any kind of fees reimbursement.  He/she will have to reapply for the test along with the required fees.
  • Personal stuffs, like cell-phones, cameras, tape-recorders, etc. or other belongings are not allowed in the exam area.
  • Candidates are not allowed to wear any hooded apparel or hats due to security reasons.
  • Applicants are allowed only to bring the language translation dictionary (only paper hard back not electronic) that has to be shown prior to the examination to the invigilator.
  • Any notes, devices, papers or other objects, like bags, briefcases, books, etc. are not allowed. They will be collected and returned later.
  • Aspirants, who are found guilty of any misconduct, cheating, or creating a disturbance in the environment of the examination hall will be debarred from the test.
  • Candidates are not allowed to eat, drink or smoke in between the examination.
  • No visitors, guests or children are allowed at the testing site.
  • Clinical attire is compulsory.

Reschedule/Cancellation/No Show Policy


During the three attempts of CNA exam, a candidate can reschedule a new test site and date, without paying any charges, only once. But, for that, you are required to intimate it within 24 hours before the actual testing time (excluding holidays and Sundays). You will have to pay a reschedule fee of $35, in case; the reschedules are not made within the sixty days. Further reschedules by the applicant will be charged at the rate of $35. After 120 days, no repayment will be endowed.


Cancellations must be communicated to D & S via email or fax, in writing. Excluding Sundays and holidays, tests must be cancelled before twenty-four hours from the actual testing date. A complete refund minus a $25 cancellation fee will be given, if cancellations are made 24 business hours before the scheduled test date.

No Shows

Non-TDH funded candidates, who carry a No Show status for the scheduled test, will have to rescheduling the exam date by reapplying and repaying the fees again.

If an applicant No Show because of the following reasons, then, he/she must provide the following documentation within the given duration to be eligible for a reschedule:

  • Death in the family: You are required to present an obituary, in case, any family member of yours dies. It must be submitted within fourteen business days from a missed test date. Your name must appear in the obituary. Otherwise, you will be considered as a No Show.
  • Car breakdown: The candidate will be assumed as a No Show, if a testimony in the form of a tow bill is not faxed within forty-eight hours of the examination date.
  • Medical emergency: You will be deemed as a No Show, if you do not present doctor notes or prescriptions within 5 working days.

Exam Results

When the applicant becomes successful in passing both components (Written/Oral Test and Skill Test) of the nursing aide examination, he/she will be positioned on the Tennessee Nurse Aide Registry and will be given a score card from D&SDT. The registry issues a certification card to you, which you can receive within 4-6 weeks after qualifying the test.

If an applicant fails in either of the segments of the certification test, he/she must have to reapply to retake the certified nursing assistant exam. Procedures for reapplying and comprehensive test diagnostics are incorporated with failure notification letters.