CNA Exams in District of Columbia

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Pearson VUE® is a nationwide recognized leading source of assessment services to authoritarian agencies and national associations. The ‘Department of Health’ in the District of Columbia and ‘Health Regulation Administration’, has given Pearson VUE®, the contract to develop, keep score and report the grades of the NNAAP assessment for the ‘DC Nursing Assistant Registry’. In collaboration of the ‘American Red Cross’ (ARC), Pearson VUE will be operational to plan and direct the NNAAP Examination.

Components of NNAAP Examination

There are two segments of the assessment procedures, the Written Examination and the Skills Evaluation. Both of these exams will be conducted on the same day. In order to get certified and enlisted on the ‘Nursing Assistant Registry’ of the District of Columbia; you must qualify both the parts.

Written Examination-

While, undergoing the Written Examination, you will have to answer 70 multiple-choice questions in English. Candidates, who are not comfortable in reading English, they can also get the option to explain the answers through a Spanish or English Oral Examination instead of the Written Examination.

Oral Examination-

The Oral Examination may be either taken in Spanish or English language, which comprises 60 multiple-choice questions along with 10 reading comprehensive queries. And, if you are one of the candidates, who want to give Oral Exam in Spanish or English, then you must provide the application for that at the time of submitting the application.

Skills Evaluation-

During the Skills Evaluation examination, you have to perform five randomly picked nursing skills. Candidates will be given 25 minutes of duration to complete all the skills. A nursing assistant evaluator will be present to rate down your performance.

Eligibility Criteria-

Those, who want to know whether they are eligible to appear in the NNAAP Examination for certified nursing assistant’s certification in DC or not, they should check that they must come under the given eligibility routes:

  • You must have accomplished a Department of Health certified training program from the state of DC within the previous twenty-four months.
  • You also have to attach a photocopy of your training accomplishment certificate.
  • You must have finished equal practical nursing course or registered nursing “Fundamentals of Nursing” training along with a clinical section, within 30 months in USA. You must also submit an official copy of the school record.
  • A RN or LPN, with license valid within 36 months. You have to provide a copy of RN or LPN license.
  • Those, who got trained outside the country of United States as an RN or a LPN in last 36 months, also need to provide a copy of their foreign credentials qualifications.

Examination FEES

The fees structure provided below have been applied for the National Nursing Assistant Assessment Program in the state of the District of Columbia.

First time written examination & skills evaluation fees: $117*

First time English oral examination & skills evaluation fees: $127*

First time oral examination & skills evaluation for Spanish fees: $127*

Re-test examination for Written Examination & Skills Evaluation fees: $105

Re-test examination for English oral examination & skills evaluation: $115

Re-test exam for Spanish oral examination & skills evaluation fees: $115

Re-test exam for written exam ONLY: $40

ONLY for English Oral Examination fees: $50

ONLY for Spanish Oral Examination fees: $50

ONLY for Skills Evaluation: $65


  • Candidates may download the registration page from the website of Pearson VUE to apply for the exam. Candidates can also get the application form by their employer of a nursing facility or from nursing training program, by making a call to the American Red Cross.
  • Fill the registration form accurately with the help of your training program mentor, nursing facility director or administrator or employer. Include a photocopy of your legitimate training certificate along with the examination fee.
  • You are responsible for completing the registration form. You may ask someone from your nursing assistant training program or employer for assistance to complete the registration form.
  • Those, who wanted to attend the Oral Examination, they must tick the “Oral” in box number2, in their registration form.

Exam Scheduling

The American Red Cross schedule the Testing in DC for the nursing aides. After receiving your registration form, required credentials and fees; the American Red Cross will schedule your testing. They will not prepare your schedule for the test, till the time all the required materials, registration forms, fees and documents are not received by them.
Candidates will receive their admission letter via an email sent by ‘The American Red Cross’ to the address, they have mentioned in their registration forms within 2 to 5 working days.

Special Exam Request

According to Pearson VUE, the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act shall be obeyed in accommodating the candidates, who are in need of special arrangements, due to their physical or mental disability. In order to get comfort while undertaking the examination, due to their disability, Pearson VUE has designed exceptional provisions for candidates seeking for special arrangements for examination due to their disabling condition. Such candidates may apply for special testing services.

Such candidates can apply at any test sites, as they have access for candidates with disabling conditions. Candidates, who want to submit an individual request for exact testing arrangements, because of their impaired sensory, physical, or speaking skills or any other disability; they can provide request in written that must include the name, the testing location, home address, Social Security number and a detailed explanation of the special requirements they need.

On the Exam Day

Make sure, you arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled time for the test. The times for skills evaluation test are estimated. You have to register yourself for the written and the skills exams, both. Candidates also must bring along proper identification with them on time.

When you go to appear in the examination, you MUST carry the following mentioned items with you:

  • Two-forms of identification with signature, one should be for photo identification.
  • Three-No. 2 pencils (Sharpened)
  • Social Security number of candidates
  • Eraser

No other supplies will be sanctioned.

Proper identification

Candidates must bring 2 forms of signature bearing official identification to the test site (one of them must be for photo identification). Photocopies of Ids will NOT be permitted. Some of The valid and proper identifications are:

  • Driving license
  • Social Security card with Official Signature or affidavit mentioning that you have submitted an application for the Social Security number.
  • Clinic card
  • Library card
  • Credit card
  • State-issued identification card
  • Alien registration card
  • Passport
  • Make sure that the name mentioned on your identification must exactly go with the name you have mentioned on the application, to get register for the test.
  • Driving license

•Social Security card Signature-bearing or affidavit confirming that you have provided an application for the Social Security number.

  • Clinic card
  • Library card
  • Credit card
  • State-issued identification card
  • Alien registration card
  • Passport

Absence policy

In view of the fact that sometimes unexpected situations might also occur, therefore, the American Red Cross also provides a resolution to consider excusing candidates, who cannot be present in the exam, due to serious illness or any type of emergency.

  • The information and request for an excepted nonappearance must be provided a minimum of prior two working days or within one day after the planned examination. You have to submit proof of the situation, as well.
  • The name printed on your identification must match the name you are using to get registered on the application for the examination. In case, your name does not match the name appearing on the ID, then you MUST provide an evidence of your name change. For example, a copy of an official credential, like a marriage license, divorce decree, etc to the test centre.

Cancellation and Rescheduling

  • Candidates, who are not able to appear in the examination, they must call the ‘American Red Cross’ within a minimum of 3 business days prior the testing date to re-schedule. (NOTE: Saturday, Sunday and national holidays are offs and does not come under business days).
  • Applicants, who do not inform the American Red Cross in advance at least prior to 3 business days of the examination date to rearrange, and do not come for their scheduled examination; then they will be entirely responsible for the non-reimbursement or lapse of the examination fees. Examination fees of such applicants will nor be reimbursed, neither it will be transferred, to any other examination date. You will also not be allowed to bestow your examination time to any another person.
  • Those, who will notify the ‘American Red Cross’ on time, they will not be penalized, and their fees will also be transferred to the new examination date.
  • If the test fees have been paid by the employer, then such candidates must inform their employers regarding their absence in the examination and re-scheduling.
  • Those, who do not inform their testing location about their absence on the day of their scheduled examination, it will be counted as a “no-show” for such absent candidates, and it will also be counted as one of their attempts to qualify the examination among the three chances.


Applicants, who do not succeed in any of exams among the three or in all including the written, Oral or the Skills Evaluation; their Score Report will give in detail  information regarding the re-take of any of the exams. However, a new examination fee will be charged every time you go for re-take of any segment of the NNAAP Test. Candidates again undergoing the re-take of one part or all parts of the exams, they must give in an original and complete registration form along with the re-take fee.

According to the ‘State and federal laws, an applicant is allowed to give three attempts to qualify both the tests including Skills and the Written (or Oral) Test. If the applicants fail in any of part or both parts all the three times, then, they need to undergo the state-approved training program again successfully and re-take all the parts.

You must complete and qualify all the parts within the duration of 24 months to get registered on the Nursing Assistant Registry of DC.


Candidates, who have successfully passed all segments of the exams including the Written, Oral English or Spanish and Skills Evaluation, then their names, will be posted on the Nursing Assistant Registry of DC.

Successful students will receive a ‘Registry Certificate’ or ‘Notice of Enrolment’ via an email by Pearson VUE, within around three weeks, after their successful completion of all the Examinations.

Such candidates can show this card to their employers. Make sure, you do not do any amendments into your Registry Certificate, as this could have an effect on your rank as a nursing assistant.