CNA Exams in Georgia

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The process of becoming Nurse Aide in the state of Georgia involves taking and passing the NNAAP (National Nurse Aide Assessment Program) Examination.

The Georgia Medical Care Foundation works in association with Pearson VUE to develop the NNAAP Examination, and score and report the result of the examination. The Nurse Aide Competency Evaluation Service (NACES) works with Pearson VUE to administer and schedule the examination.

Eligibility Criteria

To become eligible to give exams and appear on the Georgia Nurse Aide Registry, candidates must fulfil following criteria:

  • Candidates must qualify both parts (Written and Skills) of the NNAAP Examination within 3 attempts and 1 year from the date of completion of CNA training program, whichever comes first.
  • Students must submit the completed application form (Application for Registration by Competency Examination), a photo identification, signed copy Social Security card issued by U.S. Government, examination fees, certificate (if applicable) or training completion form to NACES.

NOTE: NACES schedules students for testing only after receiving all required documents.

Candidates Eligible for the NNAAP Examination:

  • RN/LPN Candidates
  • New Nurse Aide Candidates
  • Out-of-State Trained Nurse Aide
  • Lapsed Out-of-State Trained Nurse Aide
  • Reciprocity Candidates
  • Candidates with Georgia Lapsed or Expired Registration

Application Form

  • Aspirants have to fill an Examination Application. Students can avail this application by contacting NACES,  from their nurse assistant training program or downloaded from the Pearson VUE website- .
  • Students can resolve their queries related to the Examination Application by dialling to a NACES Customer Service Representative at (866) 432-2865.
  • Students have to complete the Examination Application and mail it along with appropriate fees and required documents in an envelope to:

NACES Plus Foundation, Inc.
Georgia NNAAP
8501 North Mopac Expressway, Suite 400
Austin, TX 78759

  • NACES must receive the envelope at least 12 days prior to the examination date.

Examination Fees

Written Examination and Skills Evaluation


$ 107

Written Examination ONLY


$ 25

Oral Examination and Skills Evaluation


$ 117

Skills Evaluation ONLY


$ 82

Oral Examination ONLY


$ 35

Spanish Oral Examination ONLY


$ 35

Spanish Oral and Skills Evaluation


$ 117

  • Fee must be paid in the form of Pearson VUE voucher, certified check, company check or money order payable to “NACES”. If an employer makes the payment then chosen mode of payment must display candidate’s name.

NOTE: Cash and Personal Checks

  • Fees are non-transferrable and non-refundable once received by NACES.

Exam Scheduling

  • NACES schedules the examination once it receives all required materials.
  • NACES mails students’ Authorization to Test Notice within 48 hours at the address they mention in the application.
  • “Authorization to test Notice” is a yellow confirmation postcard which has got all vital information about the examination.
  • Students must call NACES at (866) 432-2865 if they do not receive Authorization of Test Notice within 10 business days.
  • Both the parts of the Nurse Aide examination take place at Regional Test Site. Students may call at (877) 244-1694 or visit to decide on the schedule of the test center most fitting to them.

Components of the Examination

The NNAAP Examination process involves – Written/Oral Examination and Skills Evaluation. Written Examination can be taken only in English whereas Oral Examination can be taken in either Spanish or English.

Written Examination: This section consists of 70 multiple choice questions.  Students get 2 hours to complete the written examination. No marking on test booklet is allowed. Students are given answer sheet to mark the answers of the asked questions.

Oral Testing: Students are allowed to give oral testing in place of written examination. This examination can be taken in both Spanish or English. The candidate has to chose the language while filling out the application. Oral testing is taken by those students who got difficulty in English. This section is comprised of 10 reading comprehensions items and 60 multiple choice questions.  The reading comprehensions are read thrice. In the case of multiple choice questions, they are read two times. This testing is taken with the help of cassette tape. Students get 2 hours to finish oral testing section.

Skills Evaluation: This takes place in a set up that looks similar to actual nurse aide work setting. All the necessary equipments that are needed to perform tasks are available at the Skills Evaluation area. There is a NNAAP Skills List that contains a list of skills that students are asked to perform during Skills Evaluation. A step, which is written in “Bold” font, is known as “Critical Element Step”. It is important to perform critical element step correctly in order to pass the skills. Students are asked to perform 5 skills. Hand-washing is one skill that is always asked. Remaining 4 skills are randomly chosen from the Skills List. Students cannot go back to the previous skill to rectify the mistake done in it once they move to a new skill. A “Recording Sheet” is given to students to record the data of the measurement skill. Measurement Skills involve- urine output, respirations, radial pulse, blood pressure and weight. A Nurse Aide Evaluator administers the Skills Evaluation. The role of “client” is played by volunteers who enact as a weakened elderly personality. Next, they are supposed to act as a client for other nursing assistant aspirants.

Special Exam Requests and ServicesCandidates who are diagnosed with disability may request for special arrangements for testing while applying for the examination. Pearson VUE is set to help hearing-impaired candidates and deaf by Telecommunication Devices for the Deaf (TDD).  TDD calling is available on a toll-free number- (866)274-4777 during all Pearson VUE hours.

Cancellation and Rescheduling

  • Students must call NACES at least 5 business days prior to the examination date to cancel the scheduled date and reschedule it. National Holidays, Saturdays and Sundays are not part of business days.
  • If students fail to notify NACES timely about their inability to attend the exam, then the paid examination fee is neither refundable nor transferrable. If they do, then fee is transferred to a new examination date.

On the Exam Day

  • Candidates must arrive at the test center 30 minutes prior to the scheduled testing time. If candidates reach the examination center late, then they are neither allowed to sit for the exam nor are their fee refundable.
  • Candidates must carry signature bearing two forms of proper identification to the center. Out of the two, one is photo identification and the other is Social Security (SS) card issued by U.S. Government. Armed personnel may use their current U.S. Military I.D. instead of SS card. If Military I.D. is used then it must carry SS number on it. Dependent or Military I.D. cannot be used in place of SS card but is acceptable as a photo I.D. which is a second important I.D. to appear for the exam.
  • Without proper identifications, students are not allowed to take the exam. Also, in such case, their fee is not refunded.

NOTE: None of the identifications must be expired. Birth certificates are not accepted.

 Proper Photo Identification includes:

  • Passport
  • Driver’s License issued by U.S. government
  • Voter I.D. card issued by the state of Georgia
  • Alien Registration card
  • Georgia issued identification card
  • For University students: Signature bearing Photo University I.D.
  • For High School students: Signed Photo I.D. of High School.
  • Signature bearing photo Military I.D. if not used in place of SS (Social Security) card.

NOTE: Name on students’ identification must be the same. It should be similar of the student’s application form. If the name differs, students must bring a proof of name change to the center site.

  • Students must wear slip-on, flat, non-skid shoes, loose fitting tops and tank top or loose fitting top with short sleeves.

Score Reporting

  • Result of the exam is not conveyed over the phone.
  • Any query related to the content of the exam or Score Report is handled by Pearson VUE, not by the Nurse Aide Evaluator. Hence, students may call Pearson Vue at (877)244-1694 for queries.
  • Students receive their Official Score Reports (indicating failed or passed) of the Written Examination and Skills Evaluation within 10 minutes of the finish of the examination.
  •    If a Score Report gets delayed, students must make a call to Pearson VUE at (877)244-1694.
  • Score Report indicating failing of students in Written Examination, Skills Evaluation or both provides information regarding re-taking of the failed examination. Students have to submit a new application or their official Score Report and re-take fees to NACES in order to retake both or either sections of the exam.
  • “Satisfactory” is written for passed skill and “Unsatisfactory” for failed skill. Students must get Satisfactory for all 5 skills in order to qualify the Skills Evaluation. A skill with ‘Unsatisfactory’ result provides   the cause for the failure.
  • Students who pass both –the Skills Evaluation and Written/Oral Examination, their name appear on the Georgia Nurse Aide Registry.