CNA Exams in Kansas

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The foremost step while going in the way of a becoming a Certified nursing assistant in the state of Kansas, is to undertake a state approved CNA training course that trains you all the essential skills and theoretical knowledge, necessary to succeed in the health care industry.

To qualify the state licensing exam and get registered on the ‘Kansas Nurse Aide Registry’, candidates must opt for training courses that are approved or accredited from the ‘Kansas Department of Health’. Many nursing aide training programs takes only a few weeks to complete, and then you can be eligible to attend a nursing assistant exam in Kansas. After passing the certification exam, you get a number of employment options, in this career.

The eligibility requirements in Kansas, states that the applicants have to be attend at least 90 hours of training classes.Around half of these 90 hours of training, students will have to spent time inside the classroom to gain textbook instructions that include medical terminology, strategies for hygiene, and how to provide emotional support to clients in the health settings.

The courses involved in the training often comprise how to change the bedding of the patient, clothing of a patient, how to help in grooming elderly or disabled patients in your care. Many of these skills might come in the licensing exam, so applicants must be better prepared to obtain the most out of every lesson that they can. The next step for a candidate is going to be to appear in the CNA board exam in Kansas.

Make sure, before undertaking the ‘Kansas Certified Nurse Aide’ state exam, you must have done the ‘Certified Nurse Aide program’, as the tests for CNAs are coordinated by the ‘Kansas Department of Health & Environment’ (KDHE).

Components of the exams

After completing the training, when you will plan for getting registered to schedule a CNA test in Kansas, at that point of time, it will be necessary for you to show the certificate of completion of the class. This will help you get registered in the CNA test, additionally there are often charges associated with the assessment. The test will be conducted in two sections. Written and skills evaluations. Every candidate must score at least 70% on every section of the exam, so that they can easily get added onto the ‘Kansas State Nurse Aide Registry’.

Written Examination:

The written examination requires you earn at least a 70% of marks from 50-60 questions in multiple choice format to qualify the test. Those, who receive 70% or above score in the written test, then will move on to the next step, which is the skills evaluation test. Those, who qualify both the sections, they are officially declared as a certified nurse aide, and their name will appear on the list of the ‘Kansas Nurse Aide Registry’.

Skills Evaluation:

The skill evaluation checks whether a candidate masters the practical skills section or not. This comprises 5-6 hands-on skills that have been taught in their clinical training. To get qualified in every section of the test is imperative.

Eligibility Requirements

Every candidate is required to submit a proof of their training and  approval of their background check. As, CNAs hold a status of trust, certain convictions like theft, ill-treatment or neglect of any human/property and assault of child/elder can mean that you are not appropriate for a CNA licensure in the state of Kansas.

Exam Fees

At least a fee of $20.00 is charged by every student to pay for the CNA exam in the state.

On the day of the CNA exam:

  • Enter the testing room 15 minutes earlier than the scheduled time of your exam. This will also permit you sufficient time to process your registrations properly.
  • Make sure that you have your photo ID along with you.
  • Candidates going for the exam should try to wear relaxing yet professional outfits.
  • Every candidate must try to achieve 70-75 percent or above to obtain the CNA certification.

Pre-preparation for the Exam:

Pre-preparation of the exam is essential before going for any test. You may also do the preparation of CNA test by studying thoroughly. Till the time your test date has not arrived, you may also work as a Nurse Aide Trainee, so that it will help you to gain some real life experience.

Exam Results:

Candidates, who are anticipating for the CNA exam results, must wait for about four to six weeks.


Those, who have successfully thrived in the exam, will obtain a CNA license number. They will also get listed on the Kansas CNA Registry records.


Candidates, who cannot make to the required scores of the exams or get failed, they will get notifications regarding the retake of the test and its procedures. Failed students can only try thrice within 12 months of duration. If they get failed in the third attempt, they will have to retake the whole nursing aide training programme.

Those, who are undertaking the CNA exam must:

  • Provide two sources of identification at the time of check-in and one has to be a photo ID.
  • Give their social security number for detection purposes.
  • Those, who get late or miss out the scheduled test, they must call at the testing location to request for a rescheduling.
  • Ask for a rescheduling form, which needs an additional amount of $20.00.

Individuals with any queries or concerns can contact the ‘Kansas Nurse Aide Registry’ at the below given details:

‘Kansas Nurse Aide Registry’
Curtis State Office Building’
1000 SW Jackson,
Topeka, Kansas- 66612
Fax: (785) 368-6368
Phone: (785) 296-1500

Once, the candidates are successful in the exams, then the employment areas eagerly anticipates for such candidates. The requirements for nursing aides are high in Kansas.