CNA Exams in Idaho

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The CNA certification procedures of the state of Idaho are little diverse from other states. The ‘Idaho Department of Health and Welfare’ supervises the CNA training programs. The state registry has united with the Prometric, to administer the CNA exams.

The state does have exams in two segments, but it is not directed in the same way like other states exams. Before, getting admissions for the written exam, the candidates have to be acknowledged into a recognized training program. They also have to give the clinical skills exam first. Candidates need to undergo a 120 hour of CNA training program, in order to become a licensed CNA in the state of Idaho. Candidates, who want to sit in the CNA certification exams, their qualifications must meet the criteria required for appearing, in the state nurse aide certification tests.

Components of the exams

The CNA program includes 80 hours of the theoretical part and 40 hours of hands-on practice. The hours get divided into the class lectures and the clinical practices. For attending the skills evaluation exam, a candidate has to learn, all the necessary skills that are essential to get employed as a CNA. These skills sessions will instruct you about taking and recording the medical measurements, accurate feeding methods, grooming and caring of elderly and disabled patients, performing all the daily requirements activities of patients at the same time assisting your nurse in charge.

Written Examination:

The written examination involved in the CNA certification comprises multiple-choice of questions.

Skills Evaluation:

The skills evaluation requires candidates to present certain assigned skills in the given time, step by step.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to meet the essentials of a certified nursing assistant training program in Idaho, the candidates must have:

  • Completed a minimum of 18 years or above in age.
  • An evidence of a GED or a high school graduation certification.
  • A criminal background verification report including fingerprint details and a crime arrest verification.
  • Submitted an inclusive health screening reports to confirm that all immunizations are completed and up to date. This will also clarifies that a drug screening and negative TB test are completed, and the applicant is in positive health.
  • Successfully qualifies the Manual Skills assessment within six months of finishing their training program, as well. The written exam must be completed in 12 months after the training period.

Applying for CNA Certification in Idaho

Once a candidate completes their training classes successfully, as pet the state’s federal requirements, it is mandatory to test what he/she has learnt so far. The CNA exam will be parted in two sections including the practical skills and written tests on the basis of the knowledge acquired in their training sessions. The score results will be typically disclosed, after the end of the exams. Those, who have passed, will be considered, as certified and get placed on the ‘Idaho State Nurse Aide Registry’. Students, who have failed will have to undergo a retest exam within certain duration as mentioned by the examination administration.

Exam Fees

Once your CNA program will be completed successfully, you will be permitted to attend the CNA Examination. The charges of CNA Test are $30. Most of the facilities will also require pre-registration of the candidates. There are also the provisions to cover all the training and examination fees by the employer, you are working for. The testing fees are:

  • Written exam: $29 and the site fee.
  • Oral exam: $39 and the site fee.

Application for the CNA Exams:

Once your classes are finished, while going for the evaluation test, the nursing aides have to compulsorily register and obtain a programmed time to come out for the testing. Registration can be completed online, on the phone or personally.

On the day of the CNA exam:

Do not forget to provide a legal form of recognition during the test. Students will also be told to carry a state certified fingerprint ID card. Students are also asked dress well. It is also advised to the students to reach at least 30 minutes earlier, then the scheduled examination time.

The testing centres in a specific area can also be searched online. However, there might be many other places of teaching and medical establishments also available, which will be authorized as testing locations.


You will get the test results right away. Those who pass the tests will receive their hard-earned CNA certification and appointments on the state registry in some time. After qualifying the exam, the ‘state of Idaho’ will enlist you in the ‘Idaho Nurse Aide Registry’. You will obtain a CNA license, upon completion which will sustain for 2 years. After two years,  it will be expired, and you have to go for its renewal. Once your registration is updated, then you can be permitted to begin applying for CNA jobs, as well.

Helpful Resources That You May Find On Web Are:

Prometric1260 Energy Lane
St. Paul, MN 55108
Phone: 888-843-2341

Idaho State Nurse Aide Registry

Idaho Department of Health and Welfare–Division of Medicaid Bureau of Facility Standards
PO Box 83720,
Boise, ID 83720
Phone: (800)748-2480
Fax: (208) 334-6629