CNA Exams in Wyoming

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The Wyoming Board of Nursing works in association with the nationally recognised agency- Pearson Vue to conduct the CNA exam of NNAAP standards, to develop the score and prepare the result. The ARC (American Red Cross) helps Pearson Vue in scheduling and administering the exam.

Eligibility Criteria

The Wyoming Board of Nursing determines the eligibility requirements for the NNAAP Examination. Requirements are:

  • Aspirants must complete the state approved nursing aide training course that meets OBRA/CFR stated guidelines (Public Law 100-203).
  • Candidates who work in a healthcare setting get 120 days (or 4 months) to meet all eligibility qualifications and receive CNA documentations from the Nursing Board of the state.
  • Candidates who are not working with any healthcare setting get the full two years and 10 attempts to qualify the NNAAP exam after successfully completing the nursing assistant certification program.

Components of the NNAAP Examination

The NNAAP Exam evaluates the nurse- aide related knowledge, abilities and skills.  The Exam contains two parts- a Skills Evaluation and a Written (or Oral) testing. This examination is done to ensure whether candidates can perform the entry level nursing aide job safely and efficiently.

Written Examination-

  • The written section of the NNAAP contains 70 multiple choice questions.
  • Candidates who got difficulty in reading can take the exam orally.
  • Oral testing of the NNAAP Examination can be taken in Spanish or English.
  • The Orally administered exam contains 10 reading comprehension questions and 60 multiple choice questions.
  • Both the tests (Written/Oral and Skills) of the exam are taken on the same day.
  • The Skill Evaluation section of the exam involves performing five randomly chosen clinical skills of nursing aides. A registered nurse (Nurse Aide Evaluator) grades students based on their performance.
  • It is necessitate qualifying both the parts of the exam to apply for listing on the Wyoming Nurse Assistant Registry.
  • Candidates get two hours to finish the written exam and two hours for the Oral Examination.
  • Any kind of marking on the test booklet is not accepted.
  • Oral examination is taken via cassette tape and ear phones provided at the test centre. Candidates listen to the tape and respond accordingly.
  • There are two sections in the Oral Examination. It is mandatory to qualify both the sections of the oral test to pass the exam. In the first section, there are 60 multiple choice questions that are read twice. The second part consists of 10 multiple choice questions and each of the questions is read thrice.

Skills Evaluation-

  • This section of the exam is assessed by the Nurse Aide.
  • Candidates perform the nursing skills on volunteers who behave as a weak elderly person.
  • Students are asked to perform any 5 randomly chosen skills. Hand-washing is the prominent skill among those 5 asked skills to perform. And Measurement Skills (like respirations, radial pulse, blood -pressure weight or urine output) is one of the most commonly asked skills among the remaining four skills.
  • Students are given ‘Recording Sheet’ at the exam site itself to record the data of the measurement skills. Full credit is given to students only when they accurately record the data on the recording sheet.
  • Skills are to be performed correctly as per the given ‘Critical Element Step’ in order to qualify the Skills Evaluation.
  • After starting a new skill, candidates cannot go back to correct the mistake done in a previous skill.
  • Candidates must have the knowledge of operating a standing as well as a non-digital bath-room scale. Also, the knowledge to set both the scales to zero is essential.
  • Candidates must ask all queries before the evaluation of skills begin as Evaluators are not allowed to answer any query of the students at the time of evaluation.
  • Candidates nee not to bring any clinical equipment at the test site. Everything is available at the centre.
  • While performing the first skill during the Skills Evaluation, it is important for students to introduce themselves to client.

How to Register for the Exam

  • To apply for the examination, candidates must fill two applications-
  • The Application for Nurse Aide Exam Registration. This is submitted to the American Red Cross (ARC) for scheduling the examination.
  • The Application for Wyoming Nursing Aide Certification by Exam. This application is submitted to the Wyoming Board of Nursing.
  • Application must contain all required documentation; else it is considered incomplete and results in delay in the exam scheduling.
  • Incomplete applications are held for 1 year from the date of receiving the application. If candidates fail to earn certifications after one year then required fees, new fingerprint cards and new application are needed to be submitted.


  • Testing Fees sent to American Red Cross (ARC)-
Written Examination & Skills Evaluation  Both Exams $ 98
Skills Evaluation & Spanish Oral Examination Both Exams $ 98
Skills Evaluation & English Oral Examination Both Exams $ 98
Skills Evaluation Only Re-testing $ 65
Written Examination Only Re-testing $ 33
Spanish Oral Evaluation Only Re-testing $ 33
Oral (English) Examination Only Re-testing $ 33
  • Registration Fees sent to the WSBN 
Criminal Background Check Fees        $ 60
Application Fees        $ 60

Note:Students must pay both the fees Written (or Oral) Examination and Skills Evaluation when they apply for the testing for the first time.

Documents to be sent to the American Red Cross

  • A photocopy of the certification of the completion of the Nurse Aide training program approved by the state of Wyoming,
  • Completed application form, and
  • Money order, certified check or Company check for appropriate fees.

Note: ARC does not accept Credit Cards.

Documents to be sent to the Wyoming State Board of Nursing

  • Completely filled and notarized fingerprinting cards,
  • Completed application form and with a parent’s signature on the application if the applicant is a minor,
  • Copy of driver’s license or birth certificate,
  • Copy of Social Security card,
  • Personal statement if candidates answer “Yes” to any of the questions asked in the History Information section, and
  • Credit card number, Money order or facility check.

To receive fingerprint cards or additional applications, dial to the Wyoming State of Nursing at 307-777-8620.

Exam Retaking

Candidates who previously fail to qualify the NNAAP exam and their initial application was submitted within the last 1 year, then they are permitted to challenge  the examination again by sending appropriate fees and a photocopy of their failing score report.

Scheduling & Rescheduling the Exam


  • On receiving the required documents, application and fees, the American Red Cross schedules the exam.
  • Deficiency or Confirmation Letter is mailed to students within the two working days after receiving fees and all required documents at the address given in the application form.

Note: Call the American Red Cross at (866)257-5238 in case the confirmation letter is not received within 10 business days as the letter contains important information regarding the NNAAP Examination.

  • Permanent Sites for the Exam are: Afton, Casper, Cheyenne, Evanston, Gillette, Laramie, Powell, Riverton, Jackson and Sheridan.
  • To assist hearing- impairment and deaf candidates, Pearson Vue got the Telecommunication devices.

Cancellation & Rescheduling-

  • Candidates who are unable to attend the NNAAP examination on the scheduled date, then they must call ARC (American red Cross) at least 48 hours prior the scheduled date in order to reschedule the exam. If they don’t do so then their testing fees are neither refunded nor transferred to a new exam date.  Candidates are not allowed to give their application date too to other students.
  • Call ARC at 866-257-5238 (except national holidays, Saturdays and Sundays) between 8: 30 am and 4:30 pm.
  • There is no penalty and the examination fee is transferred to the next examination date if ARC is notified timely.
  • Candidates whose expenses are met by their employers must inform their employer about the exam missing and rescheduling.
  • The examination fee is not refunded once it is paid.

For the Exam Day

  • If the candidate does not reach at the test centre 30 minutes prior to the test- schedule, in that case, neither the test fee is refundable nor the candidate is allowed to appear.
  • To carry the gadgets or study aides at the examination hall is not allowed; if found with it, or performs any sort of misconduct, the candidate is debarred.
  • For proper identification, candidates must carry- Social security number, two (2) official forms and signature bearing identification   (driving license or a photo ID of school).

Note: Photocopies of the photo ID is unacceptable.

Reporting the Exam Score

The result of the examination is not announced over the phone. The Nurse Aide Evaluator faxes the scored answer sheet to candidates. The official score report indicates whether candidates have failed or passed the written examination and Skills Evaluation.

  • Score Report also carry information regarding re-taking both or either part of the Examination.
  • A new exam fee is charged every time whenever any part of the NNAAP Examinations is being taken.
  • Candidates have to mail appropriate test fees and a copy of failing score report to ARC before retaking the exam.
  • Candidates must qualify both sections of the NNAAP Exam within 10 attempts and within two years, whichever comes first.

Candidates’ name appear on the Wyoming Nurse Aide Registry once they qualify both the portions of the testing, and they become eligible to work as a professional CNA in Wyoming.