CNA Exams in Nevada

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The training processes of certified nursing assistants is regulated and certified by the Nevada State Board of Nursing or NSBN. The NSBN requires certain criteria to be fulfilled by a candidate in order to train as a CNA. Successfully completing the training, and passing the Nursing Assistant Competency Test are the essential steps towards becoming a nurse aide. In order to conduct the whole process appropriately, the NSBN made a contract with Prometric Inc. This agency develops and administers the entire process of the competency exam.

When the NSBN considers you as an eligible candidate to undertake the competency test, it will send a notification to the Prometric,regarding this. After that, you have to contact the approved college to direct and schedule your test. Before the scheduling process, you also need to pay a predetermined testing fee, so that, your appointment date for the exam can be confirmed. Bring the necessary identification to the test center and take your exam.


To become an eligible candidate for the CNA competency test, you must follow the below given instructions:

  • Receive the application form by requesting online at www.nursingboard.state.nv.usor calling at the NSBN.
  • Submit a completely filled and signed application to the NSBN.
  • Candidates are required to pay an application fee of $50.
  • Applicants are also required to submit a copy of their training completion certificate (valid for two years from the date of issue) from a state-accredited training program that should meet the latest OBRA requirements.
  • You may also submit a transcript proving the completion of “nursing fundamentals.”
  • You are also ought to provide your fingerprint report, approved by the NSBN.

Components of Exam

The Nursing Assistant’s Competency Exam incorporates two separate tests. One of the tests is a Written Test that checks your theoretical knowledge and, the other one is the hands-on skills test, wherein your clinical skills are verified. Candidates may take the test in any sequence, they want.

You will be given only three opportunities to undertake and qualify both the sections of the exam. Upon failing either part of the exam thrice, applicants will have to go for re-training in order to get permission for re-testing.

Written Test

The Written or Knowledge test includes 60 multiple-choice questions. This evaluates your nursing knowledge. Candidates will get 90 minutes to finish the test. Your Knowledge/Written test will be conducted on a computer. Every candidate will get a tutorial prior to the starting of the test.

Oral Test

For some of the candidates, theWritten Test may also be taken in the oral form. Every candidate will get a headset during the Oral Test. After hearing the questions carefully, you will have to mark the right answer in your answer sheet. Candidates can replay the questions many times, if required.

Mainly, the oral examination is conducted for candidates with reading disability or restricted reading skills. Administration provides complete help from their side to such candidates. Those, who want to avail the Oral Test examination, must notify the same to the test site while scheduling their exam appointment, and not on the testing day.

Skills Test

The clinical exam is a planned and scheduled test, wherein every candidate is assigned five skills to perform in front of the Nursing Assistant Evaluator or NAE. Candidates will be given scores on the basis of how effectively they perform the given skills.

The time granted for completing all the given clinical skills ranges from 31 to 40 minutes, depending on the skills, you have been assigned to perform, as some skills may take more time to complete than others. The NAE will frequently remind you about the time, you are left with, once you have started your skills test.

Points to Remember while Taking Clinical Skills Test

  • Each candidate is provided with a copy of General Instructions regarding the nurse aide clinical skills test.
  • The given instructions describe the fundamental rules of the test and other considerations for the candidates.
  • To qualify the skills test, a candidate is required to obtain passing scores in all the five assigned skills.
  • You must try to match up with the checkpoints, listed in the checklist of every skill.
  • The NAE will observe your performance keenly and compare it to the checkpoints, mentioned in the skill checklist.
  • To know more about the clinical skills checklist, you may visit the below given Prometric site:
  • As per the clinical rules, candidates may also get the leverage to make necessary amendments, while conducting a task.
  • Before making a correction, you must inform the NAE that you need to make a correction in your skill.
  • Once you indicate the NAE about the completion of the skill, you will not be allowed to go back and correct an earlier performed skill.
  • The NAE can address a safety issue many times.
  • The clinical skills test is administered by the NAE, but, he is not permitted to coach, teach or discuss your performances or results with you or anyone else.
  • The NAE owns the right to stop you from performing a skill, if the patient or volunteer is under risk.

Pre-Preparation of the Exam

Students can do the pre-preparation of the CNA exam through online sample test or practice exam. These practice tests helps you to become comfortable with the computer-based process for testing. Online practice tests are designed in the similar format as you will find in the actual certification exam. A fee $10 is required to be paid for each online practice test. You may also visit  for exploring about the nursing assistant’s practice test.

Scheduling & Testing

For scheduling and testing, you need to contact one of the approved testing center locations. Then, the test center will organize their procedures for scheduling a testing date. However, before your appointment gets confirmed, you need to pay the test fees at the test center. You have to get qualified in the competency exam within one year from the date of sending your application to the NSBN. Remember, every time you attempt for the test, you need to pay a new testing fee.

Mostly, testing happens once in a month at various locations of the state. Some of the testing sites also provide the local candidates an opportunity to take their written test on any day of the week. Candidates can undertake both the tests (written and skills) on the same day.

The test sites are responsible for verifying an applicant’s eligibility, prior scheduling test for him/her. Candidate’s applications that have not been checked and approved by the NSBN will not get them scheduled for any test.

Candidates with disability issues are needed to submit a copy of professional credentials of the disability, enclosed with their application form, to obtain the required testing arrangements. Such candidates must notify at least thirty days in advance to get all the required testing arrangements. No additional charge will be taken from candidates for these facilities.

Exam Fee

You can pay the test fees to the college (from where you are willing to take test) through cashier’s check or money order. No cash or personal checks will be received.

The tests and pertinent fees are described in the given table:

Clinical Skills & Written/Oral Tests $120
Retake Only for Clinical Skills $90
Retake Only for Written or Oral Test $30

Test fees, once paid to the facility, are non-transferable and non-refundable.

On the Day of the Exam

Follow the below mentioned instructions on the day of the exam:

  • Arriving at least 15 minutes earlier at the testing location than your scheduled exam time always helps to sign in properly. The staff member also needs some time to verify your documents or IDs.
  • To get permission for test, you must also show at least two non-expired and valid IDs.
  • One of the identification must include your latest photograph and signature.
  • It must also match the name exactly in the same manner as written on the application, provided to the NSBN.
  • It must be government-issued or approved, like a state-issued identification card, driver’s license, passport or military identification.
  • The second type of identification must also have your name and signature, like a library card, Social Security card, hunting license or a credit card. Copies of identifications will not be taken.
  • It’s compulsory to provide the Social Security number.
  • Make sure that you do not forget to provide right identification on the day of exam; otherwise, you will not be allowed to take the test.
  • Then, you will have to give another test fee, prior to rescheduling your exam.
  • In case, you get late for the testing appointment, you will not be given entrance to test and also, your test fees will be forfeited.
  • To reschedule test for one more time, candidates are required to give another fee.
  • Flats, non-skids, or closed-toed shoes can be worn.
  • Any personal or unauthorized items, such as cell phones, pagers, PDAs, cameras, photographic equipment, recording devices, watches, hats, drinks, food, outerwear, purses, backpacks, briefcases, and notebooks will not be allowed in the test center.
  • No visitors or family members will be allowed to enter in the testing area.
  • You are not permitted to carry any kind of weapon inside the testing premises.
  • If a candidate is caught conducting any delinquency/disruptive or violent behaviour, then he/she will be dismissed immediately from the test.

Any failure or negligence in following these examination guidelines and security procedures may lead to the disqualification of the candidate from the exam. Prometric and many other test sites’ staffs hold the right to videotape and audiotape the test sessions.

Exam Results

Applicants, who have attended the computerized tests, will be provided a printed Score Report, just after finishing the exam. Their Score Reports will reveal whether the candidate has passed or failed in the test. The test site’s staff is not allowed to talk about your performance or results with you. All test results are conveyed to the NSBN within five days of the test date.

The NSBN has authorized the test sites to choose whether the candidates will be provided the results on the same day or the results will be send later through mail.


If you fail any of the tests in CNA exam, you will not get certification. This will cause you loss of your paid fees. You will have to re-pay another fee to reorganize your exam.


After passing both the skills evaluation and written test, the names of the candidates get listed on the Nevada Nursing Assistant Registry, and a certificate is offered to them.

In case of any query regarding the CNA exams, you may request for more information at:


7941, Corporate Drive


Maryland- 21236

Fax:  800.813.6670

Phone:  866.837.1416


If you have any question regarding the applications and certifications, then you can enquire at:

Nevada State Board of Nursing

2500, West Sahara Avenue,

Suite-207, Las Vegas,

Nevada- 89102-4392


Phone: 702.486.5800; 888.590.6726