CNA Certification in Arizona

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If you’re in view of relocating and working as a CNA in the thriving state, Arizona then you’re required to obtain the CNA certification of the state. For this, you need to attend the training program and pass the writing exam.

Eligibility Requirement

  • Complete AZBN (Arizona board of Nursing) approved CNA certification training program. The training is given at many colleges, several high schools and some nursing homes of the state.
  • No criminal background. Provide official fingerprints as proof of criminal background check. All forms related to CNA certification can be availed from the AZBN website-
  • Score the qualifying marks in the state nursing examination.


It costs between $ 400-600 to earn CNA credentials in the state. Besides this, some testing fees is also charged.

There are two sections in the exam- written and skill. Exam is held only in one language that is ‘English’. But in an orally administered examination there is option for those who suffer from testing nervousness or have intricacy with the language.

The AZBN requires classroom training of 120 hours and hands on training of 100 hours.  The entire program takes nearly 6 weeks or more to terminate.

The result of the exam can be checked on the ‘D&S Diversified Technology, LLP’ website.  Only after scoring the passing marks, you will become certified CNA and get registered in the state registry to work legally as a CNA in the state.

Fees for the tests:

  • Written- $ 28
  • Skill Test- $ 80
  • Oral written – $ 38

The same fees are charged if exam is taken again.

Both payment and application forms are obtainable online on the D&S website.

Reduced Fees

When candidates obtain their CNA training program and testing through an accomplished nursing facility, they get to enjoy lesser fees-

  • Oral written – $ 24.59
  • Written- $ 19.06
  • Skill test- $ 50.95

Requirements for candidates who have gained their training and CNA certification from other states-

  • Proof of completion of 120 hours training programs or of 75 hours if approved and accepted by that particular state.
  • Along with this, worked for at least 45 hours as a professional CNA.
  • LPN or RN program graduates and holders of license can write written exam and earn the certification to work as a CNA in Arizona too.

Must Know Facts

  • Write the exam within 24 months of the completion of the state approved training program.
  • Validity of the CNA certification lasts only for a year. Hence, you need to renew the certificate by giving proof of being employed as a CNA, submitting the annual renewal form documented properly by your administrator and paying the $ 2 as a renewal fee.
  • If you’re guilty of any crime and the state court has not discharged you, then you violate the eligibility criteria for the certification.

Along with documentation provide a set of fingerprints at the time of application.