CNA Certification in Connecticut

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Obtaining the CNA certification in Connecticut is relatively trouble-free. Take the CNA training, pass the examination and earn CNA certification. The Connecticut DPH (Department of Health) supervises the entire process of obtaining CNA certification. DPH works through Prometric agency to design and conduct the competency exam for CNA certification.

Eligibility Requirement:

  • Age must be 18 or above.
  • Own proof of GED or high school graduation.
  • Free from any criminal or felony record in the past.
  • A complete physical screening in order to have proof that immunizations against TB infection is completed and drug screening is done.

After meeting the above mentioned requirements only, a candidate becomes eligible to take CNA training program.

How to Apply:

There is no need to attend the Connecticut CNA training program if a candidate:

  • has earned a CNA certification of other state with the clinical training of at least 100 hours.
  • is a  graduate or student nurse who has completed at least 100 hours of study.
  • has completed CNA training and exam within the period of 24 months.
  • is an expired CNA who was earlier on the state registry.
  • has taken the training of at least 120 hours in other state and is also in   a good standing, can directly register himself/herself as a CNA in the state registry.


In Connecticut, CNA training runs for several months and costs around $ 1000. Besides tuition fees and expenses on study material, there is testing fees which is paid by candidates to Prometric before appearing for the examination.

  • Written and Skill test: $ 108
  • Orally taken written and practical test: $ 118
  • Written retesting: $  45
  • Skill retesting: $ 63
  • Oral written/ skill retesting: $ 55

CNA training programs run for around 100 hours which are divided between classroom and clinical lectures. After completing the training they apply for the exam through the Prometric site. The exam includes teo sections- Written and Practical. The option of ‘oral’ examination is available for those who suffer from language anxiety. The ‘English’ is the only language in which the exams can be given.

Must Know Facts:

  • Candidates can work as a CNA for up to 120 days while taking the CNA training program in Connecticut. In this duration, the applicant must finish the CNA training and pass the exam. If he/ she don’t, they can’t continue working as a CNA.
  • Candidate must take and pass the CNA exam within the one year of the completion of CNA training.
  • A license can be renewed only if a candidate works for at least 8 hours a day for the past 24 months. In every 2 years (from your last working day as a CNA), license renewal is needed. Employer fills out the ‘Employment Verification Form’ to renew the CNA credentials, if the candidate is eligible.
  • If an aspirant is employed at nursing home during the training, then the expenses of certification testing, training, books and other study materials are borne by the employer.