CNA Certification in Tennessee

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To become a Certified Nursing Aide in the state of Tennessee is not something unachievable task. It requires taking the training and passing the competency exam. The Tennessee Department of Health approves the CNA certification program. The testing is taken through the D&S Diversified Technologies. The final step is to appear on the state’s registry.

Eligibility Criteria

To become eligible for enrolment in a certified nursing assistant training program in Tennessee means fulfilling the given below requirement:

  • Candidates must be educated to the 9th grade level;
  • They must provide an evidence of immunizations and undertake a health screening test that involves a drug check and TB test;
  • The age should not be less than 16 years; and
  • A complete criminal background check is necessary. This test involves fingerprinting data and provides a proof of no felony arrest record.

How to Apply

It is not crucial for all eligible aspirants to take the training. The state of Tennessee offers luxury to ditch the training part and take the exam or fill the exam registration form straight away. Following people come under this category:

  • Military medics can apply for the exam with the form- “DD-214”;
  • RN or LPN students, who have completed the two courses in basic nursing fundamentals. They must have skills that are taught to candidates in  CNA program;
  • Lapsed CNAs with an inactive status of license for less than 24 months; or
  • Reciprocity CNAs (except from Georgia, North Carolina and Florida) and are in good standing.

All approved programs need at least 75 hours of work, out of which minimum 16 hours are dedicated for clinical work.

Candidates apply for the examination eligibility after completing the required hours of training. They receive confirmation after their application is accepted. The testing contains the written exam and performing clinical skills. Without passing both the sections of the exam, students can’t appear on the state’s CNA registry.


Obtaining the CNA certification in Tennessee brings the expenses (without the testing fees) approximately $ 800. Testing and training expenses are reimbursed to candidates who work in a Medicare approved nursing facility.

Testing fees are as follows:

Written testing: $ 36
Oral testing: $ 36
Skills testing: $ 54

Certification Renewal

  • The CNA certification demands renewal in every 2 years.
  • Renewal is free.
  • Proof of paid employment of the minimum 8 hours as a certified nurse assistant during the past 24 months is needed for renewal.

Must Know Facts

  • It is imperative to qualify the exam within 3 attempts. To failures, it is required to retrain in order to appear for the exam again.