CNA Certification in Kentucky

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It is a relatively easy process to obtain the credentials of certified nursing assistant in Kentucky. It involves attaining the training program which is reviewed and approved by Kentucky’s Nursing board, and qualifying the CNA competency exam of the state. It is the ‘Kentucky Community and Technical College System’ (KCTCS) that conducts the competency exam.

Eligibility Requirement

Candidates can appear for the nurse aide training only after meeting the requirements mentioned below:

  • Aspirants must have completed 16 years of age;
  • Aspirants should possess documents of a High School Diploma or equivalent GED;
  • Ability to understand and speak the English language;
  • Candidates must have taken and passed the Criminal background check that includes fingerprinting. History with no criminal record is essential; and
  • Candidate must be a negative TB skin test.

How to Apply

Taking the state approved training is vital to become eligible to sit for the exam. But, some candidates can get away from the training and appear for the exam directly or plainly apply to be on the state’s registry.  Escape from the training is possible if:

  • Lapsed or Inactive CNAs– individuals who were on the nurse aide registry of Kentucky in the past and have done paid work of at least 8 hours in the previous 24 months;
  •  LPNs or RNs holding the CNA certification for more 24 months; and
  • Graduate nurses or student nurses who have completed the study of at least 75 hours.

Students, who need to take the training, should reach to the helpful study guide by the KCTCS to know the training sites. Approved training courses must offer the classroom study of at least 59 hours and practical training of 16 hours in a state administered clinical setting. Once the training completes, students can apply for the competency examination comprised of two sections- Written test carrying 75 multiple choice questions and practical exam in which candidate has to perform randomly selected five nursing skills. It is only after passing the exam; aspirants come on the ‘Kentucky Nurse Aide Registry’.


A wide variation can be seen in the state’s training fees. It may go from $ 600 to $ 1000, including expenses on course books and materials. It takes a few months to undertake the training course.

To take the exam in the state, candidates are required to fulfil a special application. Students who are in a good standing receive a ‘Kentucky Medical Nurse Aide Test Roaster’, which permits them to apply for the exam. There are some schools that do not charge any examination fee for the first attempt of the exam and thereafter, $ 75 is charged for every attempt.

Certification Renewal

The CNA license loses its ‘active’ status within two years, thus needs to be renewed in every 24 months. Candidates can renew their CNA related credentials only if they provide a proof of at least 8 hours paid employment as a professional CNA in the last 24 months.

Must Know Facts

  • Candidates get 3 attempts within a year of nursing aide training to qualify the exam. Re-training is required if they fail to pass the exam in three attempts. Also, exam and re-exam is to be taken within one year after the completion of the training program.
  • Certification fees are paid by the employer if candidates are employed at licensed nursing facility during the training. This is stipulated by the Federal Laws.
  • Online CNA training program cannot be taken to earn the nursing aid credentials.