CNA Certification in Mississippi

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Candidates, who own the dream of working as a Certified Nursing Assistant in Mississippi, must take the training program accredited by the ‘Mississippi State Department of Health Bureau of Health Licensure and Certification’. After taking the mandatory hours of CNA training, aspirants need to apply for the exam and pass it to appear on the state’s registry. It is only after getting enlisted in the state’s nursing aide, candidates can work as a CNA in Mississippi.

The examination held for the certification follows the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP) standards and monitored by the Pearson VUE.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants can apply in any of the Mississippi approved training programs only if they meet the following essential eligibility requirements-

  • The minimum age of the candidate must be 18;
  • Candidate need the evidence of a GED or High School graduation;
  • After completing the training course, candidate must seek the permission from ‘testing administrator’ to apply for the competency examination;
  • Candidates must not have any criminal history. For this, aspirants need to take the criminal background check; and
  • Candidates must pass the complete physical testing, including drug screening and TB skin testing.

How to Apply

Training is not required if candidates are –

  • Graduate  Nurses;
  • A lapsed CNAs;
  • Foreign or out of the state RN; or
  • Reciprocity CNAs

These candidates can directly take the exam to get enlisted in the Mississippi’s registry.

Those who are required to take the training must access to the official website of the state’s CNA certification-,10669,83,74.html
Mississippi approved training course takes roughly 3-to-6 months to finish. Candidates are allowed to work in a medical centre or nursing facility during the training.


To get the nursing aide training, aspiring CNAs need to spend nearly $ 1000. This amount is excludes the testing fees that the Pearson VUE charges for the examination. The required fees of the testing are as follows-

  • Written and Skills Test- $101
  • Written only- $ 32
  • Skills and Oral- $ 101
  • Skills only- $ 69
  • Oral English- $ 32

Certificate Renewal

If CNAs are out of the work for the past 2 years then their nursing aide credentials or CNA license lapses. In this condition, the renewal of the certificate is done. The certificate can be renewed if the candidate has worked for minimum 8 hours every 2 years. Though, the renewal is mailed to CNAs postal address before the expiration of the license, the blank renewal form can be reached at the Pearson VUE website.

Must know Facts

  • Aspirants get the time period of 2 years after the completion of the training to successfully qualify both the sections (Written and skills) examination, otherwise they need re-training and apply for the testing over again.
  • The state of Mississippi needs employability assessments.
  • Candidates, who are trained and are also employed by skilled nursing facilities, must earn the CNA license of the state within 120 days of the completion of the training course. If they don’t then they are taken out of the nursing service.
  • The state of Mississippi has made it mandatory for all long term nursing care facilities that do not hire ‘Certified Nursing Assistant’ students unless they are enrolled in the state approved training program or the Mississippi state approved certified nursing aides.