CNA Certification in Florida

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Candidates, who are wishful about working as a CNA in Florida will be glad to know that there is no need of taking formal training to sit for the CNA exam. But candidates have to take certain steps to get employed as a CNA in the state. Let’s learn what they are.

Eligibility Requirement:

Candidates must meet the eligibility requirement before they enrol in a training program required to earn the nurse aide certification in the state, Florida. Following are the requirements set by the ‘Florida Department of Health

  • Minimum age of the applicant must be 18 years.
  • Own a proof of GED or possess a High School Diploma.
  • Candidates must have done a Level 2 background screening which involves fingerprinting.
  • No criminal record.

How to Apply:

If candidates meet the eligibility requirement, then they need to use either of the ways to take CNA certification in Florida

  • If candidates have attempted for the exam three times and failed every time, then the candidates are no longer qualified for this method. In this case, they have to go for taking the state approved training program;
  • Attend the state approved training program and score passing marks in the examination;
  • Next option is to enrol for a CNA program of nursing home and then qualify the state CNA exam; or
  • Candidates may use “reciprocity” from other states. By doing this, they can seek the approval of the ‘State’s Board of Nursing’.

At the website of ‘Department of Health’, all the state approved training programs are listed.

The ‘National Council of State Boards’ require candidates to take training program of at least 75 hours, divided between the classroom and clinical lectures. Most of the programs run for around 6-12 weeks. On the job training too is offered by some of the nursing homes.


In Florida, training for CNA certification costs between $ 400 and $ 800. This fees amount is exclusive of other fees that come along while earning the CNA certification.

In Florida, a large part of population consists of Spanish speaking people. Considering this, the exam is held in both the languages- English as well as Spanish. There is no difference in the cost, exams in both the languages cost same.

Prometric administers the CNA exam. There are two parts of the exam- Written and Clinical. The written section carries 50 MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions). Out of the 19 clinical tasks, candidates have to choose and perform any 3 tasks.

Costs are as follows:

  • Processing fee- $ 25
  • Criminal background check- $ 40.50
  • Written and Skill Test- $ 93
  • Oral Written test and Skill test- $ 97

Certificate Renewal

Life Span of the CNA certification is two years. In every two year, for sustainable legitimacy of the certificate, CNAs of the state need to renew the license. The renewal agency sends a reminder mail to candidates 120 days before the expiration of the license.

Must Know Facts:

  • It costs $ 25 to change the given address with the state registry.
  • CNA certification remains valid in Florida only if CNAs give nursing services for at least 12 hours every calendar year.
  • Aspirants must qualify the examination within the time period of 24 months after completing the training program.
  • There are certain misdemeanours and criminal offenses that restrict the aspirants from appearing in the CNA examination. In this case, candidates can apply for an exemption.
  • Candidates who are without the CNA licensure but are allowed to work as a CNA in Florida for up to 120 days if-
    • They have enrolled in or finished CNA training program;
    • They have qualified the CNA exam but haven’t received the certificate yet; or
    • They have confirmation of valid CNA in another state.