CNA Certification in South Carolina

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Aspirants can earn certification of a Certified Nursing Assistant in the state of South Carolina means meeting defined eligibility criteria, taking the training and qualifying the examination. The South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services review and approve the training programs. They work with Pearson Vue and conduct the examination that is in match with the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program standards.

Eligibility Criteria

To become eligible for the state approved training programs, candidates need to meet the specified guidelines. Here are the guidelines:

  • Aspirants has to be 18 years old or more;
  • They must undertake a full criminal background check and the check must involve fingerprinting at the federal and state level;
  • They must provide the proof of immunization, negative TB test and drug screening;  and
  • They must also carry documents of a GED or High School diploma.

How to Apply

Interestingly, some students can directly schedule the exam that is without taking the training of necessary hours. This benefit is enjoyed by the following candidates:

  • RNs or LPNs;
  • Candidates with military experience;
  • New nurse aides; or
  • Candidates who acquired the training from other states.

‘The South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services’ decides the testing eligibility and counsels studentsabout the method to use.

A list of the state approved CNA training programs is available for candidates who have no escape from the training at a link- .
Else, they can visit the City page at Pearson Vue to know the South Carolina NNAAP State approved Nurse Assistant training courses. Approved training programs need at least 80 hours of work with a clinical rotation of 100 hours.


Candidates who are not employed in any nursing facility need to bear training expenses on their own, and expenses are approximately between $ 1000 and $ 13000. Besides this, there are expenses on testing as well.

Testing fees are as follows:

Written and Skill testing: $ 101
Orally administered (Spanish) written and skill testing: $ 101
Orally administered (English) written and skill testing: $ 101
Oral Spanish retesting: $ 30
Oral English retesting: $ 30
Written retesting: $ 30
Skills retesting: $ 71

Certification Renewal

  • The certificate expires in 24 months.
  • If CNAs allow their license to remain inactive for 24 months or more, then they are needed to take a refresher course of 40 hours in order to renew the license.

Must Know Facts

  • Pearson VUE provides a free sample testing at-
  • The Federal Law prohibits candidates, who work as a certified nursing aide in nursing facilities, from paying examination fees.
  • Retesting is allowed but only 3 times. Students need to make a special exam- application while retesting. Retraining is the only option for students who fail to qualify the exam in three attempts.
  • It is vital to pass the exam within the time period of 2 years from the date of completion of the nursing assistant training course. Otherwise, candidates need to retrain for at least 40 hours to apply for the exam again.
  • In South Carolina, candidates without the nursing aide certification can work as a CNA in a clinical setting but only for 120 hours. They are terminated from active nursing services if they are unable to earn CNA credentials in those 120 days.