CNA Certification in Utah

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Candidates who want to appear on the Utah’s CNA registry are needed to pass the basic eligibility criteria for a certified nursing assistant training program.  A competency exam is held for students who complete their training course. Students pass on the state’s registry only after qualifying the exam.

Approval of the CNA courses and management of the state’s registry is under the control of the Utah Nursing Assistant Registry. The exam is conducted in association with D&S Diversified Technologies.

Eligibility Criteria

The state of Utah provides a list of basic requirements to CNA aspirants. Students can’t apply for the training programs without meeting those basic requirements. Here’s a list of requirements:

  • Age of candidates must not be less than 18;
  • They must read to the level of 9th grade;
  • They need to take a full health screening test that covers TB testing and drug screening, and a proof of immunization is also needed; and
  • They must provide a background check that involves criminal history check and fingerprinting.

How to Apply

Candidates who need not to attend the training, or are eligible to apply directly for CNA registry listing, get to enjoy state- given various allowances.  Such candidates include:

  • Out-of-state currently certified CNAs. They must be in good standing, and also provide an evidence of certification and possess reciprocity.
  • Licensed nurses with expired licenses. They must be in good standing and provide previous license. The license may belong to any state.   Licensed nurses get only one chance to qualify both sections of the examination.  In case of exam-fail, retraining is needed.
  • Students who complete their 1st semester of nursing school within the last 2 years. If they are unable to qualify any part of the exam within 3 attempts, then they must take the state approved training course again.
  • Expired CNAs of Utah who are in good standing and whose license is not expired for more than 1 year.

Other candidates, who do not fall in above of the above mentioned category, take the training program. The state approved training programs take minimum 80 hours that are divided between practical work of 16 hours and classroom learning 64 hours. Once the training is done, students apply for the exam.


Expenses on training programs in Utah comes approximately $ 800. Testing fees is not included in this amount. Expenses on training and testing of employed students are reimbursed. Students must work in a certified nursing home.

Testing fees are as follows:

Written testing only: $ 35
Skills testing only: $ 35
Skills retesting only: $ 35
Written retesting only: $ 35

Certification Renewal

  • The CNA certification needs renewal in every 24 months.
  • A proof of delivering paid (not voluntary ) nursing services for minimum 200 during the past 24 months under a guidance of a licensed nurse after obtaining the nurse aide credentials is needed to renew the expired license.
  • The notification of certification is mailed at CNAs’ addresses 45 days prior renewal date.

Must Know Facts

  • Aspirants working as a nursing assistant (uncertified) while pursuing certification, are required to obtain the CNA credentials within 120 days from the date of hired. If they are unable, then they are terminated from the nursing services.
  • Candidates need to take and qualify the exam within 12 months from the date of completion of the training course. Training loses its validity post 1 year, hence students require retraining.
  • All expired certified nursing aids must take exam within 12 months from the date of expiration of license; else they need to retrain all over again.