CNA Certification in Maine

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Becoming a certified nursing aide in Maine means taking the state approved CNA training program and fighting the competency exam after finishing the program. After qualifying the exam, candidates are listed in the state’s Registry and permitted to opt for the profession of a nursing assistant, in the state. The ‘Maine Department of Health and Human Services’ approved and accredits the training program. Many technical schools, skilled nursing facilities and colleges of the state offer the training to aspirants.

Eligibility Requirement

Applicant become eligible for enrolment in the state approved training program, only if/she meets the following criteria

  • Minimum age of the applicants must be 16 or above;
  • Candidates must have taken the complete physical exam, including the drug screening test. He/she must be TB negative and approved for lifting as well;
  • Candidate must possess a proof of a GED or diploma of  high school graduation; and
  • No criminal background. Test is conducted using the fingerprint date to check the criminal background of the candidate.

How to Apply

  • Graduate nurses and student nurses having an evidence of the approved training program and submitted the proper documentation;
  • Reciprocity CNAs- individuals who are CNAs of other states and also in a good standing. They must possess evidence of the approved training programs and the appropriate forms that are required;
  • Graduate nurses from other states who have attended classroom the study of at least 35 hours and clinical training of 50 hours; or
  •  Military nursing assistants who got evidence of approved training and submitted appropriate required forms.

Rest all CNA credential seekers must enrol in the Nursing Certificate Aide program. The ‘Licensing and Regulatory Services’ provide two lists of nursing facilities that provide  state approved training courses to students.

All state approved training programs have got minimum 180 hours of training that is divided between the 70 hours in learning the clinical skills, 20 hours in the lab, and minimum 90 hours in the classroom. After completing the training hours, candidates become eligible to apply for the Maine CNA competency exam. This exam has two sections- a written (or oral) test and a practical test. Those who got the language related problem apply for the oral test, instead of the written exam.


The average cost of earning the nursing aide training in Maine comes nearly $ 1000 that includes expenses on books and study materials. Expenses on training and test are obtained from the employer if an employee is working in the recognised nursing home.

As after the training, exam is to be written. The exam fee is $ 45. Candidates are placed in the Maine’s Nursing Registry and get the job as a CNA in Maine, only after passing the exam.

Certification Renewal

The CNA certification becomes expired in every 2 years. The nursing aide credentials can be renewed if candidates provide the proof of being employed as a CNA for at least 8 hours within the past 2 years.  Reminder mail regarding the licensing licensure is dispatched to CNAs 30-60 days prior to the expiration date.

Must Know Facts

  • Any issue related to professional citation, criminal offenses, and other background linked issues can throw the employed CNA candidate out of the nursing service eligibility.
  • Candidates must take and pass the nursing aide exam within the 2 years of the completion of the training. If candidates fail to qualify the exam in those two years, then they are needed to attend the CNA training program again in order to become eligible to write the exam.
  • During the renewal of the license, the Nursing Aide candidates, who are working with nursing facilities, are supposed to submit the documentation that proves the completion of in-service education.