CNA Certification in Montana

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To become a Certified Nursing Assistant in the state of Montana takes enrolment in the CNA training course monitored by the ‘Montana Department of Health’, and then qualifying the exam handled by the ‘D&S Diversified Technologies’. After this, candidates are enlisted in the state registry.

Eligibility Requirements

Aspiring CNAs must meet the eligibility criteria to undertake the training. Following are those basic requirements-

  • The candidates must have completed 18 years of age;
  • They must provide the proof of the current immunisation;
  • They are required to take the criminal background check, including felony examination fingerprinting;
  • They are needed to take a complete physical body examination. They must result in negative drug and skin TB testing; and
  • They must possess the proof of the GED or the High School Graduation.

How to Apply

All aspirants are not required to complete the state approved training course. Following are the candidates who can skip the training programs and can straight away sit for the exams to get listed on the registry-

  • Nursing students– candidates who have finished the nursing course are allowed to sit for the examination;
  • Lapsed Candidates – candidates who got the certification that is expired for 24 months and they are enlisted as inactive in the state’s nursing aide’s registry.
  • Challengers– candidates whose practical learning and experience qualify them to sit directly for the exam; or
  • Endorsement – candidates-these are those candidates who earned the certificates of CNAs in states other than Montana.

Candidates, who can skip the training, can reach to the site to know the list of training programs that are approved by the state’s nursing board.

In Montana, CNA training programs requires hands-on training of 24 hours and classroom learning of 50 hours under the regulation of RN.  Hence, state approved training programs require at least 75 hours.


In Montana, it takes roughly $ 1000 to take the CNA training course. This does not include the testing fees and expenses on books.

Candidates must take evaluation check (Montana Nurse Aide Skills Competency Check List) before taking the state’s competency exam. The actual exam is divided between the two sections- written knowledge test and skills test.

The testing fees are as follows-

  • Written Test- $ 20
  • Skills Tests- $ 77
  • Oral Test- $ 31
  • Skills retest- $ 77

Certificate Renewal

License stays valid for 2 years from the issuing date of the licensure. The notification for renewal is sent to CNA around 2-3 months prior to the expiration. On the expiration of the certificate, candidates need to take the training course of 75 hours or can challenge the CNA testing.

No fees are charged on the license renewal. Added Fees will be there, if candidates hold inactive status i.e. stays out of employment (as a CNA) for more than 23 months.

Must Know Facts

  • According to the norms of the Federal Law, candidates employed at the Medicare approved skilled nursing facilities, are liberated from the CNA training and testing fees. Those expenses are reimbursed by the employer of the nursing facility.
  • While applying for the exam, an applicant needs to give a verification of the attained training or affidavit from the training instructor as an evidence of the completion of the training program. Plus, the person has to submit the photocopy of the graduation certificate.
  • If candidates are unable to qualify the exam in 3 attempts then they are required to take the training course over again. A booklet to prepare for the examination of nursing aide is obtainable at-