CNA Certification in Louisiana

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To earn the respect as a CNA in Louisiana, takes enrolling in a nursing aide training program and passing the competency NNAAP examination. The ‘Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals’ reviews and approves the training program. The NNAAP exam is administered and managed through ‘Pearson Vue’ group.

After qualifying the exam, aspirants appear on the Louisiana’s nursing aide registry which is handled by the ‘Louisiana Board of Examiners of Nursing Facility Administrators’.

Eligibility Requirement

To enrol in a CNA certification program in Louisiana, candidates must-

  • Have completed 18 years of age;
  • Have a proof of GED or diploma of high school graduation;
  • Have taken a complete physical test that involves drug screening, TB testing and verification of immunization; and
  • Have undergone a criminal background check that cover felony records and fingerprint data.

After fulfilling the criteria, candidates can apply for the state approved training.

How to Apply

Some candidates do not need to take training before the exam. This comfort is available only to the following individuals-

  • Lapsed CNAs- Individuals who are in a good standing and have also been appeared in the registry in the past  and have taken a short re-certification course;
  • Graduate nurses or student nurses who provides the suitable documents; or
  • Reciprocity candidates- CNAs from other states who are in a good standing and submit the required documentations.

Other candidates, who do not fall in the above mentioned criteria, need to attend the state approved training program. Approved training programs of Louisiana are of at least 80 hours that are divided between the classroom and clinical hours.  After the completion of 80 hours training, aspirants are eligible to apply for the NNAAP exam, administered through the Pearson Vue.   There are two parts in the NNAAP exams- Written and Practical. Testing can be taken orally if candidates got language issues or suffer from testing anxiety.


In Louisiana, the cost of taking the state approved training program varies from & 600 to $ 1000. Training takes quite a few months to complete. Besides the training fees and expenses on study materials, there are fees for the testing as well-

  • Both written and practical test- $ 90
  • Orally administered written and practical test- $ 100

All the fees of training and testing are borne by the employer if aspirants are working in licensed nursing home at the time of training.

Certification Renewal

Renewal period of the CNA credentials is 24 months from the last day when the candidate worked as a CNA. Certificate can be renewed only if a candidate has paid employment of at least 8 hours in the past 2 year.

Must Know Facts

  • Candidate who is either employed or got the employment offer from the employer of the skilled nursing home, is liberated from paying the fees that comes along earning the nurse aide credentials in the state Louisiana.
  • Candidates can still work as a CNA in the state without the possession of nursing aide credentials, for up to 120 days during the training program. It is mandatory for them to take training, win certification and get licensed during this period in order to continue to work as a professional nursing assistant in Louisiana