10 Essential Traits for Being a Great CNA

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A great CNA is one, who possesses some essential traits to help their patients recover fast. Patients look CNAs as angel of mercy. Practical and theoretical knowledge is, no doubt, handy while carrying this job; the following imperative qualities will make your task easier.
10 Essential Traits for Being a Great CNA

  • Calm

As a CNA, you have to work in strenuous conditions. Along with doctors and other nurses, nursing assistants also work with patients of different age, genders and regions. You may also have to perform unlikeable tasks, like changing soiled sheets, emptying bedpans, etc. Sometimes situations arise when a patient requires quick medication or emergency treatment. So, it’s very important for these professionals to remain calm under these pressurizing conditions.

  • Caring

A good nurse aide should have caring nature. All patients are not alike. They behave in different manner. You need to give time and pay attention to your patients. Some sufferers are very demanding and seek for special care. Never show anger or annoyance towards them.

  • Easy Going/ Flexibility

Healthcare facilities work 24X7. Emergencies may arrive at any time. A nurse aide may be called upon to work at nights, weekends or even during holidays. You must remain flexible to work anytime and in any shift.

  • Empathy

Empathy is a feeling that is not taught in educational institutes, it arises from within. It is the skill to feel the sentiments and pain of other person by keeping yourself in place of that person. This trait helps a nurse aide in providing better care to their patients.

  • Emotional Stability

A certified nursing assistant has to work with dying and terminally ill patients and also take care for those suffering from trauma caused by accident or debilitating diseases. Though empathy and compassion are the worthy characteristics for these professionals, emotional strength is also an imperative trait to face such challenging situations.

  • Good observation Skills

The job of a nurse aide demands the working professional to be diligently watchful and mentally alert to spot the conditions, critical for a sufferer. Any change in patient’s condition need to be observed carefully and reported to the in-charge nurse.

  • Sound Communication Skills

If you want to work as a nursing assistant, you must possess good interaction skills. Nurse aides are ought to interact with the patients, their family members, other nurses and doctors on the daily basis. These professionals should have the ability to understand what the sick persons are trying to communicate and providing care according to their requirements.

  • Compassion

Compassion is an indispensable trait for a healthcare professional. Certified nurse aides work in direct contact with the patients. Your compassionate behaviour towards the patients will make them feel better and assist them in getting well soon. You are required to provide the patients the requisite emotional and mental support to facilitate them in their recovery process.

  • Physical Endurance

CNAs are ought to be physically strong. They have to work for a long time in healthcare facilities. During emergency situations, they don’t get any break and ought to render duties even on holidays.

  •  Respectful

Most of the patients belong to old age and deserve appreciation and respect. As a working medical professional, you should not differentiate the sufferers on the basis of gender or religion. You must be respectful to your patients and treat them with dignity.