How to Find the First CNA Job?

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Have you completed all the requirements, necessary to work as a certified nursing assistant? Are you worried about your first job? Are you nervous how to search the first job? If yes, you are at the right place. Continue reading the article to get assistance in finding a nurse aide job and begin your career.

How to Find the First CNA Job

  • Search in Newspaper

Several health care facilities give advertisements of nurse aide vacancies in the “classified” section of the newspapers. Therefore, go through it and start applying soon. You can also search for those individuals, who are looking for a personal care aide. Place an ad offering your services, in the local newspaper.

  • Online Classifieds

There are various legitimate websites that will help you in finding the job.  Some of the sites are Simply Hired, Indeed, CNA Jobs and Monster Job. These websites displays jobs listing state-wise.

  • Contact a Career Counsellor

A career counsellor may assist you in finding the first nursing job by pointing you in the direction of healthcare facilities that recruit new CNAs on a regular basis.

  • Contact Local Healthcare Facilities

Visit nursing homes, hospitals or clinics in your locality and inquire if there is any opening for nurse assistants. You can also call home health aide agencies to get detail about how to apply for home health aide jobs.

  • Friends or Family Members

Take help from your family members and friends in finding a job. They may contact any person in their network, who can assist you in beginning your career.

  • Search Nursing Publications

Magazines, like ‘Nurseweek’ includes advertisements and directories of local clinics and hospitals, where you can search for a job. Such publications also incorporate information about current trends and career advancement in the nursing industry.

  • Local Nurses

Contact the nurses, already working in your nearby hospital or health setting. They are aware of internal happenings and recent vacancies. In case of any opening, they can also provide your reference directly to the HR department. These nurses also have connections with colleagues in other medical facilities and they may also give your reference to a clinical department that requires nurse aides.

  • Visit Career Center of Your School/College

The career center of the school/college, from where you have undertaken your certification, may provide you placement assistance. You can also seek advice related to your career goals and outlook from the nursing counsellor of the center.
Thus, a range of job resources are available to assist you in job hunt. You just have to be proactive and devote some time in searching for these resources.