CNA Nursing Union

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Nursing professionals work in different hospitals, long term care units, nursing homes, adult care centers, home care settings, as a traveling nurse and in numerous other health care facilities.

CNA Nursing Union

In course of their employment, they come across numerous instances, where they face misbehaving, victims of sex advances, threatened with life by unruly patients, work with mentally unbalanced patients risking their own life, exploited by patients, other senior facility staffs and physicians, face abuses or ill treatments. They are also mad to work overtime without getting extra remunerations or they are over taxed with load of works due to inappropriate nurse patient ratio.

These problems faced by these nurses not only offer them mental trauma but also reduces efficiency of their working and they always stay in stress. How can they escape from such traumatic situations? How can they highlight their problems? How state or federal government can be goaded to ease their problems with legislations? In order to ease the working trauma of nurses in unsafe surroundings in these health care facilities and to protect their rights, nursing staffs have formed unions to highlight their problem and protect their rights.

Though there are numerous Nursing unions formed and working in different states of America, few unions can be termed as powerful association of these nurses, including American Nurse Association (ANA) and California State Nurses Association/ National Nurses Organizing Committee (CNA/NNOC).

American Nurse Association (ANA)

ANA is a renowned organization representing registered nurses (RNs) in the America through its 54 constituent member associations. The basic function of this association is to establish standards of nursing practice protect and promote the rights of nurses in the workplace in different health care centers or other facilities, look after the economic and general welfare of nurses.

California State Nurses Association/ National Nurses Organizing Committee (CNA/NNOC)

California State Nurses Association(CNA) was formed in 1903 in California as State Nurses Association (SNA). In 2004 National Nurses Organizing Committee was founded by CNA on requests from direct care Registered Nurses to improve their representation across the state with stronger voice and to improve Patient care standards.

It is also fastest growing union and 80,000 RNs are members of CNA/NNOC. In 2009, this union further joined with the Massachusetts Nurses Association and the United American Nurses, making its membership numbers a strong 150,000-member union.

This union is championing legislative and regulatory reforms, including the nation’s first mandated registered nurse-to-patient ratios in California, advancing the cause of direct care registered nurses, patient care protections and health care reforms. The Union is also acting to protect working nurses from long pattern of violence directed towards nurses in the workplace, physically assault, the wave of violent attacks and fighting to protect their retirement.