Transferring a CNA License to another State

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Have you completed your training and certification? But, it’s not necessary that you will get the job in the same state from which you have acquired your certification. Every state requires you to hold a local CNA license, before you are recruited to work with nursing homes and hospitals. It means you will have to transfer your certificate to the state you are planning to shift, from the state you acquired it from.

Transferring a CNA License to another State

The process of transfer of CNA certification from one state to another is termed as ‘reciprocity’. Through this process, the new state note down your name on their registry, after reviewing and approving your nursing credentials (training and exam).

Documents Required to Apply for Reciprocity

For the certificate transfer process, you need the following documents:

  • Driving License (or any other photo ID document)
  • Social Security Card
  • A recent pay-slip proving that you have worked in a medical facility within the last 2 years.
  • Present CNA state approval.

CNA License Transfer in the States Having Reciprocity Arrangements

Some states have mutual reciprocity arrangements. The states, having such arrangements, do not require you to take the certification test, again.  The reciprocity process will take place in the similar way as in case of license renewal. Candidate will have to submit his/her educational proofs, employment proofs, social security number and a background check report. The maximum time is taken in the fingerprint and background check (it takes around 4 to 8 weeks to complete these tests).During the time when your certificate is under the process of checking and transferring, some states allow you to carry your job. Certified nurse aides can also do job in both the states in shifts of one or more hour, but not more than 3 hours at a time. To make sure that you fulfil your state requirements, you will also have to work one day each month.

CNA License Transfer in the States Not Having Reciprocity Arrangements

If the state, you are going to shift to, don’t have reciprocity arrangements, you will have to complete the training and qualify the state certification examination, again. It’s good to contact the nursing authority of the state to get detailed information about requirements for transferring the certificate.

Procedure of CNA License Transfer

Candidates need to follow the given below steps to get their nursing assistant certificate transferred:

Step 1– Contact the Right Nursing Authority

In order to find out the license requirements, contact the current state’s nursing registry. Try to contact with them early, so that you can get enough time to make requisite arrangements.

Step 2– Reciprocity Arrangements

Check out whether your current state and the new state, where  you are going to transfer, have mutual reciprocity arrangements or not. If such arrangements are available, then things will go easy for you. You will have to provide the necessary documents and the transfer process would be similar to the renewal process. The state may also allow you to work, while the transfer is under processing.

Step 3 – Fulfil the Additional Requirements

In case, there is no reciprocity arrangements, you ought to retake the training classes in the concerned state and pass the certification exam to obtain the license and getting your name listed in the nurse aide registry.

Step 4 – Complete the Application

Request an application for Enrolment by Reciprocity in states, having reciprocity arrangements. Fill it and attach a photocopy of required documents. Enquire whether you will have to forward the duly filled application form to the Nurse Aide Registry of the new state by yourself, or whether your home state Nurse Aide Registry will send it.