CNA Practice Test for Real Exam Preparation

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CNA Practice Test for Real Exam Preparation

The United States of America is facing acute shortage of nurses, nurse educators and CNAs in different types of health care settings and jobs in other service sectors are also scarce due to nation’s economic situation.

CNA Practice Test for Real Exam Preparation

The shortages and diminishing employment opportunities have led many individuals to seek employment in the health care center, because this sector is still booming and offering increased employment opportunities to viable job seekers. Further, any individual can complete 4-6 weeks CNA training and earn Certification by passing CNA Test to get employment easily.

But, it is also fact that many students meet failure in passing the CNA exam for Certification first attempt due to various reasons.

Reasons for Failure to Pass CNA Exam

Certified Nurse Aide students are unaware of actual CNA Exam procedures.

Students are ignorant of the competency evaluation question types and styles.

Ignorance among students leads to their lack of confidence and nervousness to appear in the exam, which results in either very low scoring in the first attempt or failure in the test.

Ways to Pass Actual CNA Exam in First Attempt

How can students pass the competency evaluation test in first attempt only? The students can appear for CNA Practice Test, which can prepare them for the actual CNA Test and, through the knowledge thus gained from the Practice Test assist them in preparing for the real test and also in passing the actual exam easily.

By gaining the knowledge on the testing questions and skills, students can practice these skills on their near family members for perfection. The knowledge also offers them opportunity for prior real test preparation, which also boosts their confidence level and removes nervousness to sit in the real test. Practice Test also offers guidance and tips for the real exam.

Features of Practice Test

Practice Test is designed and prepared identical to actual Certified Nurse Aide Exam.

Practice Test is basically offered Online.

Campus based community colleges, few states nursing boards, state contracted testing agencies and private entities offer the Practice Test.

Multi Choice questions and skills asked to students are identical to actual competency evaluation test.

The time period for completion of the test and testing procedures are similar to actual test.

Few agencies offer Free Practice test, where students can download and print for appearing in the test, whereas some Practice requires payment of nominal fees to get eligibility to sit in the practice test.

Each multi choice Practice Test questions asked by these test providers has 4 answers and candidates are required to tick the best answer.

CNA Practice Test Requirements

Completion of respective state CNA Training Program.

Possession of PC and Broad Band connection for appearing online practice test and to download and print the online offered Practice test questions and skills.

Pay nominal testing fees as required by the test providers.

Complete Practice Test written questions and skills on nursing field that is essential for everyday cares to patients and, theoretical questions and skills that are instructed during training program.

Who Offers Practice Test?

CNA Practice Test is offered by few states nursing boards, state contracted testing agencies, such as Prometric, D & S – Headmaster and Pearson Vue and private entities.

Pearson Vue offers NNAAP Practice Written Exam in 26 states, where 70 multi choice questions are required to be answered within 2 hours. NNAAP Nurse Aide Practice Written Exam Packet can be easily downloaded from Pearson Vue site.

Prometric offered Practice exam has 50 multi choice questions and offered in the states, where they are contracted by the states to offer actual CNA exam.

D & S Headmaster has also prepared their own Practice Test packets for the states they are contracted by the states Board of Nursing to administer competency evaluation test.

Similarly, Illinois Board of Nursing administers their Practice Test through Illinois Nurse Aide Testing, where 10 multi choice practice test questions are asked.

In the same way, private test providers and other state entities offer CNA Practice Test, which are prepared and designed identical to actual CNA Exam.

Therefore, by appearing in the Practice Test, you can easily find out where you excel and which field needs further preparation and perfection. With the skills and knowledge about the questions, guidance and tips, you can easily prepare for the actual exam and pass the test in the first attempt scoring high.