Places Where CNAs Can Work

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More and more people are getting certifications and training for becoming CNAs due to the high pay, flexible work timings, and job opportunities. Here are some fields in which CNAs can work

Places Where CNAs Can Work

Living Homes

CNAs can work in living homes. A lot of people with mental impairments, cerebral palsy and Down syndrome need special care. These companies hire people who don’t have the CNA license but know the basics of health care. Students who are still working to get their license can work in living rooms to earn some extra money as a part time worker.

Nursing Homes

Nursing homes only employ qualified CNAs because their job description includes giving medicines, assisting patients in going to the bathroom, helping them in taking a bath, changing sheets, helping aged patients to walk, etc. There are usually two shifts in nursing homes, namely day shift and night shift, but CNAs can work overtime too. One needs a lot of commitment and passion to work as a CNA in nursing homes as they can even call you during weekends and holidays.


CNAs are hired by hospitals to attend tasks that RNs and doctors can’t like assisting patients in going to the bathroom, giving medicines and maintain their charts. Only the experienced CNAs are hired here. The working hours are not that flexible and the work load can be immense. Still a lot of CNAs prefer to work in hospitals because the pay is really good.


A lot of people don’t know this but CNAs can work privately too. Privately hired CNAs get paid a lot. They are usually hired by individuals who need help with everyday tasks like bathing, changing, brushing, combing hair, and even cooking if a patient is on a dietary restraint. A lot of people only hire CNAs so that they can give company to elderly and sick patients.