Sample Resumes for Fresher and Experienced CNAs

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Have you ever thought how important is a good resume for your career? A resume is your ID that tells potential employers what and who you are? You can use it to sell yourself to the prospective employers. A good resume will help you to differentiate yourself from rest of the candidates.

Sample Resumes for Fresher and Experienced CNAs

Here are the sample resumes for the fresher and experienced certified nurse aides.

CNA Resume Sample (For Freshers)

Peter R. Thompson
80, Box ElderBrigham City, Utah- 11199
Contact- (998) 431-8642
Career Objective

To serve the healthcare industry through my learned nursing skills and providing quality care for elderly patients.


  • 8 months hands-on-experience as a nurse aide extern
  • Familiar with disease control standards and medical terminology
  • Able to assist patients in their routine activities, like brushing, bathing, feeding, etc.
  • Ability to work in stressful situations.
  • Knowledge of taking patient’s vital signs.
  • Complete understanding of record keeping and documentation retrieval.

Education and Certification

Nursing Assistant Certification- year 2012
High School Diploma- year 2008

Certified Nurse Aide Extern

  • Provide nursing care under the direction of a Registered Nurse.
  • Help patients in walking, exercising, brushing, combing, bathing and feeding.
  • Measured pulse rate, temperature and other essential parameters of the patients.
  • Administer medicines.
  • Report the status of patient to the doctors and RN.
  • Maintain an infection-free environment.

Volunteer Experience

Worked as a volunteer at Mount Loreto Nursing Home just after receiving CNA certificate and provided personal care to the elderly.

Additional Skills

  • Time management and strong interpersonal skills.
  • Multi-tasking and detail-oriented.
  • Excellent command over medical terms.
  • Exceptional interaction skills in Spanish and English.

CNA Resume Sample (For Experienced)

Sara Henge
2873, 12th Avenue Road, P.O. Box-229, Billings, Montana- 59107
Contact- (406) 381-6821
Career Objective

Seeking a CNA position in a reputed healthcare organization where I can use my nursing skills and compassionate nature to serve the elderly.

Key Qualifications

  • 4 years of practical experience as a certified nurse aide.
  • Ability to learn new nursing skills and concepts, quickly.
  • Very quick in measuring vital signs of the patients.
  • Good command over medical terminologies and infection prevention standards.

Special Skills

  • Proficient in MS Excel and MS Word.
  • Excellent physical stamina.
  • Ability to handle nursing equipments.
  • Ability to prioritize and organize work.
  • Outstanding skills to communicate with sufferers and their family members.

Professional Experience

June 2010- Present
Discovery Care Center- Hamilton, Montana
Certified Nursing Assistant

  • Given remedial intakes and oversee injections.
  • Notify the RNs and doctors of the patient’s condition.
  • Promoted and defend patients’ rights.
  • Get essential signs, weights and specimens of the patients.
  • Maintained vigorous and healthy environment for the residents.
  • Provide everyday care to the sufferers.
  • Maintain the zone dirt free and tidy.

April 2009- June 2010
Teton Medical Center- Choteau, Montana
Nursing Assistant

  • Maintained the comfort and security of the patients.
  • Provided nursing care as per nursing care procedures and policies.
  • Assisted patients with dressing, bathing and grooming.
  • Measured and recorded fluid output and intake of the patients.
  • Maintained homelike environment for the patients.
  • Performed restorative nursing with residents.
  • Provided post-surgical care to the patients.

Education and Certification

BS in Nursing- Missouri River Medical Center, Fort Benton, Montana- year 2009
Nursing Assistant Certification- year 2006
High School Diploma- year 2005

Use these samples to prepare your resume and be ready to get an interview call.