Top CNA Training Institutes in USA

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Top CNA Training Institutes in USA

American Red Cross

The American Red Cross has been offering training programs for the last two decades and is considered one of the best institutes to offer CNA training throughout the world. In this program, the students only have to cover the cost of their application fee, books, and learning materials, and don’t have to pay any tuition fee to the institute. Students who apply for the free CNA training programs are supposed to work as a professional CNA for a given period of time.

York College

The curriculum has theoretical instruction, practical applications in a clinical setting, as well as internships. Throughout the program, the students are prepared to appear for and pass the Certified Nursing Assistant Examination for the New York State Department of Health. The program is highly affordable as one can complete the program for under $1300.

Career Colleges of America

Career Colleges of America offer courses on safety measures and infection control, nursing and patient health, dealing with the patients and communication. Each course is presented in a clinical setting as well as the classroom. The training program costs $2,400.

Century College

Century College offers online CNA programs that are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. The program is suitable for students who have a fixed schedule as they can learn through the help of online discussions and lectures. For the practical parts, the students are required to come to the college. After completing the program, the students are supposed to take the national certification exam to become a professional CNA. The fee for the online program is $185 (per credit hour).