5 Things You Didn’t Know About a Certified Nursing Aid

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Certified nursing aids assist nurses and other professionals in the medical field to carry out their duties. They are tasked with caring for a patient, making sure that he or she comfortable and safe, especially under the circumstances of an injury or illness.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About a Certified Nursing Aid

Apart from this, you may not know the following five things about certified nursing assistants:

1. If you have the common misconception that a career as a CNA is not an important career, so why you should become one, think again. Certified nursing assistants are an important part of the medical field and play a vital role in the healthcare teams that looks after patients and clients. They make a difference in people’s lives with their presence with people of all ages effected by their care and concern at one point in their life.

2. Just in the United States, 1.5 million jobs are held by nursing aides, psychiatry aides, and of course, certified nursing aides.

3. Over the next few years, the demand to hire a certified nursing aide will grow. In fact, in ten years, the number of jobs available as a certified nursing aide is expected to rise by an estimated 18%.

4. Certified nursing aides have been in the field of caring for people since World War I. The program was created by the American Red Cross to train people to help the nurses tend to the soldiers during the war. Back then, it was referred to as the Volunteer Nurses’ Aide Service.

5. In 1987, Congress passed the Omnibus Reconciliation Act, ensuring that everyone that was trained to assist nurses will be hired to work alongside them in the healthcare and medical facilities.

Do you still think that the profession of a CNA is a bad one? If you aspire to work alongside doctors and nurses, go to a CNA school to receive your training.